Camp Dates

Month Long Sessions

First Term:
June 11-July 11

Second Term:
July 14-Aug 13

Sanborn Junior

First Term:
June 11-June 25
Second Term:
June 27-July 11
Third Term:
July 14-July 28
Fourth Term:
July 30-Aug 13


What Parents are Saying...

"Camp opened a whole new world of nature, friendship and challenge."
- Overland Park, KS

"She told us that she tried things that she never would have tried at home. She made great friends and has wonderful stories! This camp was worth every penny! I think it is going to help her self-esteem so much when she starts junior high this year."
- Tucson , AZ

"He loves the camp's locale and the opportunity to be an outdoorsman. After two summers I've never heard him be negative about anyone or anything. It's as if he is spending one month every year in paradise."
- Tulsa , OK

"You made him feel welcome before he arrived at camp and you all calmed any concerns we had as parents before he went to camp."
- Boulder , CO

"She grew so much—emotionally, spiritually—her happiness is palpable. Her counselors were such wonderful, nurturing, fun young women. Thank you for another magical and perfect summer."
- Winnetka , IL

"Camp was absolutely life changing for him. Big Spring is wonderful!"
- Albuquerque , NM

"The amount and quality of the programs offered were beyond my expectation. The counselors were well-trained, patient beyond reason, and my daughter loved being around them. She made friends with every girl in her cabin and said there wasn't one girl she didn't like."
- Cheyenne , WY

"He continues to grow and mature and the “core values” will make him a better citizen…and son!"
- Pittsburgh , PA

"I know Sanborn's camping experience is one of the treasured memories of my childhood but had no idea that it could make such a change in my children."
- Oviedo , FL

"She gained horsemanship and outdoor skills; the experience nurtured independence and love of the outdoors."
- Bozeman , MT

"He loved camp and in particular loved always having friends around to play with. It was his own time separate from his siblings."
- Cherry Hills Village, CO

"Wow, has she ever had a GREAT time. These life-changing experiences of joy, growth and independence are so good for her."
- Scottsdale, AZ

"She loved camp. She felt very proud of herself and all the activities she did. She felt that she really did grow taller from walking with the trees."
- Longmont , CO

What Campers are Saying...

"Sanborn is my second home. I don't just friends here, I have family."

"There is something about Sanborn and the mountains that is unattainable anywhere else on earth. The greatness of the landscape humbles you and makes you grateful for life at the same time."

"I want to come back to camp because it offers a place totally different from home that is the best getaway ever. It's an inspirational place and it builds self-esteem."

"Some kids get homesick at camp, but I get camp sick at home."

"My two favorite trips this year were tech rock and Pikes Peak . Pikes Peak was just so fun and tech rock was really cool, it was something I could never do in New Orleans."

"I love it at camp and I would love to see my friends again. I have been going here for three years straight, and I'm NOT stopping now."

"I learned how to horseback ride, look for fossils and roast a golden brown marshmallow."

"In nature, I can be myself instead for the stranger the city turns me into."

"What is great about camp is the camaraderie we all share as we live so close together in these special weeks. The memories and friendships we make at Sanborn will last a lifetime."

"The mountains are a place where you can forget about the congestion and commotion of city life and focus on what life really has to offer."

"I am coming back to camp because I have more and better friends here than any other place on earth, each summer is an adventure, and each summer I push myself farther."

"I want to come back to camp so I can go for one month and choose all of my activities."