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Big Spring Camp Director

Reports to: SWC Director

We are looking for a proven leader with 3 to 5 years of previous Camp Director, School Administrative or similar related experience. Seeking an individual who has demonstrated skills and experience in responsive youth development, outdoor education and adventure programming. This individual must be capable of building a strong sense of rapport and support with stakeholders of all ages and backgrounds and must possess a desire and capacity to build and nurture these relationships over an extended period of time. The ideal candidate is a creative self-starter, leader and coach who brings wisdom, energy, collaboration, confidence, strong personal values, excellent problem solving skills and decisiveness to the position. Strong experience working in positive, progressive male-centered spaces is preferred.

Essential Functions:

Managerial Responsibilities

  • Teach, mentor, coach and inspire a year round team of 3-4 individuals (Assistant Director, In-camp Program Director, and Trip Program Director).
  • Complete an annual review for each of the year round team members.
  • Teach, mentor, coach, supervise the summer seasonal staff of roughly 75 members including nurses, senior leadership team members, wranglers, counselors and assistant counselors.
  • Understand, train and implement the crisis management plan as needed.
  • Attend the fall and spring board meetings. Collaborate with the Director team to prepare a written board report and oral presentation for the fall board meeting.

Communication & Marketing

  • Oversee and participate in camper recruitment and retention via individual contact and group marketing events including coordinating the Sanborn Road Show.
  • Be the main point of contact for parents and camp families.
    • Year round parent relationship building through day to day phone calls and emails.
    • Collaborate with parents on topics related to behavior issues, homesickness, medical issues, and dietary needs and other things that might arise.


  • Provide vision and direction to both the year round team and seasonal staff members in regards to the creation and quality of both the in-camp and trip program.
  • Oversee summer program budget and approve expenditures.
  • Coordinate how the program is delivered with program directors.
  • Maintain a high level of enthusiasm and optimism while creating a fun and rewarding experience for both campers and staff members.
  • Oversee all aspects of the camp assuring safety of all campers and staff members including but not limited to safety programs, crisis management and emergency procedures.
  • Ensure that the camp facility and program remain within the ACA requirements
  • Respond to and manage evacuation emergencies, search and rescue, and medical response teams that arise during the summer.


  • Oversee and participate in interviewing and hiring year-round and seasonal summer staff.
  • Oversee and train staff on risk management and prevention.
  • Participate in and lead sessions for pre-camp trainings and staff trainings.
  • Lead weekly staff meetings for the summer leadership team and entire summer staff team.

Camper Experience

  • Instill an appreciation for of the Sanborn Mission
  • Read all camper profile documents and relevant forms when submitted and follow up with families as needed.
  • Create a welcoming environment that offers a sense of community and belonging; Know each campers name and encourage the growth and development of each individual
  • Create camper bunk assignments in a meaningful and thoughtful manner.
  • Engage with and support campers needs in the areas of mental, emotional, social and physical health, conflict resolution, community living and relationship development.

Facilitites & Support Services

  • Year round collaboration with cooks on quality and menu development/meal selection and regulatory compliance
  • Communicate with the Maintenance Director about facility needs during the summer and projects that need organized or completed prior to summer.

Professional Development & Growth

  • As the leader of a national residential camp, SWC directors are expected to attend and be leaders in professional conferences and organizations. Professional conferences may include ACA Rocky Mtn./National, WAIC, NOLS Wilderness Risk Management, Campminder.
  • SWC leadership are expected to earn and maintain certifications in relevant areas. Examples include MESH, WFA, WFR, EMT, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Risk Management, and various outdoor skills as needed.


  • Bachelor Degree in related field.
  • Previous Camp Director, School Administrative or similar related experience.
  • Must undergo an extensive background check.
  • Valid driver’s license and driving record which meets SWC’s insurance carrier.


  • Experience with programs such as NOLS, Outward Bound and or Outdoor Education.
  • Experience in residential care of children and adolescents strongly preferred.

Physical Requirements of the Position

  • Ability to use the computer for extended periods with appropriate rest periods.
  • Ability to hike, backpack, camp in the backcountry, and ride a horse for extended periods with appropriate rest periods.
  • Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.

Benefits Salary Range: $46,000 - $53,000 Housing & Utilities included: Required to reside at Camp from May through the end of August, but year round housing is provided. A hybrid of remote and in person work scheduling is also an option in the off season.
Extensive benefits package including, dental & health insurance, phone plan, monthly health and wellness bonus, food during months of operation.

Please send an applicable cover letter, resume and list of 3-5 references to: