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Certification Stipends

In addition to the salary, staff members are also eligible to receive a certification stipend based on current, nationally-recognized certifications earned OUTSIDE of previous Sanborn training environments. These stipends will be awarded to hired staff once we:

  • Receive a copy of the current certification(s)
  • Determine if the accrediting body is aligned with our certification requirements
  • Discuss overall need/value of certification and/or experience for camp program

Previous certifications earned at Sanborn Western Camps will not be eligible for the additional stipend.

  • WFA $100
  • WFR $150
  • WEMT/EMT $200
  • Lifeguard $150
  • Single Pitch Instructor $150

If you have other certifications you feel will be valuable to the camp program, we would be happy to discuss those with you during the interview process.