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Lodging & Facilities

High Trails Campus

Participants in the Sanborn Gap Semester will use the campus at High Trails as our home base for the duration of the program. Located at the center of our 6,000 acre property, High Trails provides a comfortable base camp in the midst of true nature. Located in Florissant, CO, we are about an hour’s drive west of Colorado Springs, and two hours from Denver International Airport. While many days are spent out in the field, nearly as many are spent sleeping in a real bed in our cozy cabins. The lodge and other buildings are open for use as well, making a flexible and welcoming campus perfectly suited to support our adventures and learning.

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The Lodge

All meals on campus are prepared by our dedicated kitchen staff. The kitchen serves only the High Trails campus, and our talented cooks can accommodate most dietary needs and restrictions.

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After an initial period of social distancing in individual living spaces across campus, paricipants will move into their permanent cabins. Groups of 2-4 will live on each side of our spacious new Juniper or Ponderosa cabins, each less than three years old. Each cabin has a common room with a fireplace, a front porch, and a large bathroom with individual showers, toilets, and sinks.

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Other Services

Laundry: On-site laundry service takes care of dirty clothes after each adventure

Transportation: Transportation provided to and from either Denver or Colorado Springs airports for program start and end

Program Equipment: Participants will come prepared with some personal gear and the program will provide much of the necessary equipment for all our adventures (complete packing list available after enrollment)

Teaching Spaces: Other buildings on the High Trails campus will serve as heated, indoor teaching spaces for hands-on and classroom style learning

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