Camp Dates

Month Long Sessions

First Term:
June 11-July 11

Second Term:
July 14-Aug 13

Sanborn Junior

First Term:
June 11-June 25
Second Term:
June 27-July 11
Third Term:
July 14-July 28
Fourth Term:
July 30-Aug 13


Building friendships that last a lifetime...

One hundred and fifty girls ages 9-16 at High Trails are divided into living units according to age and grade level. Campers and staff annually come from over forty states and a dozen countries, creating a community of richness and diversity
Cabin counselors must have at least two years of college and are selected each summer for their experience and interest in working with children as well as for their skill in outdoor activities. Many return to camp for several summers, and all attend a week-long training prior to the arrival of campers.
Ridge Leaders
Ridge Leaders are older staff members who have much camp experience. They lead trips taken off the ranch and help with many other programs.
Each camp has two nurses and a health center. Working with doctors in Woodland Park and Colorado Springs, nurses provide excellent medical attention.
Each camp has four wranglers who work with the horseback riding program. They have lots of experience with horses and love teaching campers how to ride.
Assistant Counselors
Assistant Counselors are staff members who are entering their sophomore year in college. In addition to helping out with the program and trips, A.C.s set the tables, wash the dishes and help keep everything running smoothly in the lodge.