Camp Dates

Month Long Sessions

First Term:
June 11-July 11

Second Term:
July 14-Aug 13

Sanborn Junior

First Term:
June 11-June 25
Second Term:
June 27-July 11
Third Term:
July 14-July 28
Fourth Term:
July 30-Aug 13

Boys Summer Camp - Big Spring Ranch

Big Spring Ranch is our Colorado boys summer camp, offering a variety of activities such as backpacking, riding, canoeing, fishing, swimming, plus incredible trips, including the adventure of climbing a 14,000 peak and camping overnight in the Rockies.

Boys of all ages thrive in the enthusiastic, energetic summer camp community at Big Spring Ranch. They spend their days building confidence, strength and resourcefulness in fun, challenging adventures. Sports are played in a non-competitive environment emphasizing teamwork. Teenagers thoroughly enjoy themselves and our SOLE leadership experiences.

Proud of their accomplishments, the boys learn appreciation for the outdoors, themselves and each other in a 12,000 acre natural mountain wilderness.

Our boys summer camp offers a great deal of freedom, allowing campers to discover their own preferences, initiative, resourcefulness and self-responsibility. The facilities are comfortable, the food and staff are great, and important social and emotional skills are developed at the same time. Our camp is definitely a maturing experience, even though our focus at the camp is on fun. It’s an ideal boys' summer experience any way you look at it!

Request an information packet or call 719-748-3341.

"The Big Spring summer camp experience is worthwhile in every way--being away from home, independence, mountain living, camping, socialization, meeting other children
from all over, thought-provoking conversations and experiences, adventure-living, etc." -Chicago, IL-

"This is something he looks forward to each year. It gives a dimension to his life that is unique . . . . The good influences carry over for a long time after camp is over.
It reinforces some of the values I try to teach." -Sioux Falls, SD-

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