Camp Dates

Month Long Sessions

First Term:
June 11-July 11

Second Term:
July 14-Aug 13

Sanborn Junior

First Term:
June 11-June 25
Second Term:
June 27-July 11
Third Term:
July 14-July 28
Fourth Term:
July 30-Aug 13
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Reports From Camp

If your child is flying, we will e-mail you by 8 pm of opening day to let you know that your camper has arrived safely at camp and to provide the name of his/her living unit. It is important that we have an accurate e-mail address.  Please login to our online community to update and confirm your current contact information.

Counselor reports, which contain information concerning participation, citizenship, health, and personal happiness, will be mailed to parents throughout the term. Please keep directors informed if you have any concerns about your child’s experience. Visit our website, , and blog each week to receive general reports about the program at camp, fun information for parents and photos of camp activities.

Taking Care of Your Child

Your child’s safety is our first priority and we take the responsibility of selecting and training our staff very seriously. Sanborn Western Camps meets and exceeds the requirements of our state child care licensing agency and our own professional accreditation organization, the American Camp Association. We do background checks on all staff members. Our staff is well prepared to work with children, and we have strict guidelines for all staff concerning appropriate interaction with children. The Colorado Department of Human Services requires us to notify parents and guardians that, if child abuse or neglect is suspected, you may contact the Teller County Social Service Department at 719-687-3335. Further, if a parent or guardian suspects a licensing violation, a complaint can be registered with the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care, 1575 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203-1714, 303-866-5958.