Camp Dates

Month Long Sessions

First Term:
June 11-July 11

Second Term:
July 14-Aug 13

Sanborn Junior

First Term:
June 11-June 25
Second Term:
June 27-July 11
Third Term:
July 14-July 28
Fourth Term:
July 30-Aug 13

Fifteen Days Of Fun And Adventure
At Sanborn Junior!*

*This example schedule shows many of the activities Sanborn Junior campers experience while at camp.  Actual schedules differ by session and include many other all-camp activities, slightly different in-camp activities, and trips occurring on slightly different days to keep the program fresh and exciting. 

Day One: Move in, meet your counselors and new friends, explore the camp, go for a swim in the pool, and roast marshmallows after dinner.

Day Two: Feed the barnyard animals before breakfast then look for deer, elk, birds’ nests and squirrel homes on a hike to Top of the World. In the afternoon meet zany characters such as Herman the Bear, Lucinda Lightning, and Barney the Backpacker while you learn backpacking skills during Mountain Odyssey.  A fun Opening Campfire in the evening will include skits, games, and singing.

Day Three: It’s the cabinside or unit overnight to Quick's Homestead! Spend the day at the Quick Homestead exploring, dipping candles, making apple cider and biscuits and trying other pioneering crafts.  Then cook pizza and s’mores over a campfire and enjoy a sunset hike to nearby C-bluff.  If the weather is good, you can sleep in the field with your friends and count the shooting stars from your sleeping bag.

Day Four: Spend the morning returning to camp with some super explorations along the way. In the afternoon, paint with watercolors, make animals from clay, or stamp designs on leather at the Crafts Shop. Finish off the day with a skit night.

Day Five: For Juniors finished with the fourth grade, an all-day horseback ride adventure awaits!  For Juniors finished with the first, second, or third grades, a fun scavenger hunt, nature crafts or mud and muck hike will occupy your morning.  Later, you can begin your rock collection by digging for quartz crystals at the Crystal Beds and finish the afternoon with a swim in the pool or game of tennis.

Day Six: You are off to the Bat Caves and Fossil Beds! Climb the fun rock formations, have a great picnic lunch, and visit the giant petrified tree stumps and famous fossils at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. Then hop on the vans to return to camp for a swim before dinner.

Day Seven: Head down to the stables in the morning for
another trail ride. Explore Horsethief Pass or Maverick
Meadows on your favorite horse. During the afternoon, choose from a variety of activities including rock scrambling, crafts, sports, hikes and more. Also prepare
for an exciting hobo or bandito cookout with great food, stories, games, and more.

Day Eight: Spend the morning with the wranglers learning about horseback riding and enjoy a trail ride to Hidden Valley. During the afternoon make the magical substance "flubber", blow giant bubbles, and have fun with the many adventures and fun projects at the Interbarn.

Day Nine: Play trot tag and other games on your horseback adventure this morning. During the afternoon, search for wild strawberries to use in homemade ice cream then eat it while you enjoy a giant Beach Party at the pool—relays, games, diving, and more! Spend an evening at the Observatory looking at the moon and planets through the telescope and learning to find the Big Dipper and the Milky Way in the night sky.

Day Ten: Leave for your Native American overnight!  Hike to the replica Ute Indian Tipi Village and practice your hand at archery and the atlatl, make beef jerky, fire up the sweat lodge, go on a medicinal plant scavenger hunt, make rain sticks and dreamcatchers, and play many Native American games.  That night, sit around the campfire while your counselors tell you many Native American legends about the animals, plants, and stars all around you.

Day Eleven: After a leisurely campfire breakfast, return to camp for hot showers and a dip in the pool. Choose from tennis, swimming crafts, archery, or a Watermelon Treasure Hunt for your afternoon program.

Day Twelve: Head down to the stables for a long trail ride to Fishcreek with lots of horseback adventures along the way. Spend the afternoon making plaster casts of animal tracks, building a terrarium, or exploring the dinosaur bones and pond creatures at the Interbarn.

Day Thirteen: All-day trip to the South Platte River. Have a picnic lunch between exciting float trips down the river! There will also be fishing, tubing and nature explorations. In the evening, play a fun game of elbow tag, dodgeball, or Giants, Elves, Wizards.

Day Fourteen: A great last day! Options include swimming, photography, hikes to favorite places, crafts and more. A special Closing Campfire highlights the evening!

Day Fifteen: Exchange addresses with friends and go home with special memories of a summer you’ll never forget