Camp Dates

Month Long Sessions

First Term:
June 11-July 11

Second Term:
July 14-Aug 13

Sanborn Junior

First Term:
June 11-June 25
Second Term:
June 27-July 11
Third Term:
July 14-July 28
Fourth Term:
July 30-Aug 13

Parents-> Getting Ready For Camp-> Luggage and Shipping

Luggage and Shipping

With the additional costs for luggage carried by airlines, it may be more convenient and economical for you to ship your child’s belongings to camp ahead of time. We are considered a “business” and receive FedEX and UPS on a regular basis. Our physical shipping address is:

Camper’s Name
Sanborn Western Camps
High Trails (girls) or Big Spring (boys)
2000 Old Stage Road
Florissant, CO 80816
phone 719-748-3341

Ship luggage at least 10 days before camp begins to assure timely arrival. Please try to keep box weight to 50 lbs. or less to avoid additional shipping charges and to make it easier for camp staff to transport your child’s personal items to the assigned tent or cabin. Trunks and duffle bags should be in a cardboard box to minimize damage and avoid additional charges. Check with the shipper to confirm any restrictions or extra fees that can be avoided by a simple change in the way these items are packaged.

Luggage Return

Unless we are informed otherwise, we will return ship your child’s luggage promptly at the end of camp (1-2 days plus shipping time) and will make every effort to use the same carrier that you used to send these items. We will insure items shipped home for $500 unless you request a higher amount. We also ship lost and found items with camper’s name back to the camper as soon as possible by the best available method. Shipping fees and insurance will be charged to the camper account.

Marking Camper's Belongings

Please put your child’s name on all clothing and equipment your child brings to camp, including the clothing he or she wears. Don’t forget to mark shoes, jackets, tennis racquet, backpack, etc. Review with your camper all items packed and tape the equipment list in the top of the luggage with items checked and additional equipment noted on the list. This will help your camper keep track of his/her possessions.