Annual Giving & Scholarships

Sanborn Western Camps /Colorado Outdoor Education Center is a 501 © (3) organization. All donations to the annual fund are tax deductible.

The Sandy & Laura Sanborn Scholarship Fund

Each year, about 50 campers are able to attend Big Spring or High Trails with partial- or full-tuition assistance provided by the Sanborn Scholarship Fund. In addition, 13 schools receive grants to help their low-income students attend the High Trails Outdoor Education Center with their classes.

These outstanding campers enrich the community in many ways providing extreme enthusiasm, positive attitudes, and a desire to take full advantage of all camp has to offer. They bring diversity and new perspectives; the friendships that form are deep and heart-warming.

Scholarships Available

If you would like to explore the options at Big Spring/High Trails for your child or grandchild in 2019, but are hesitant for financial reasons, please contact us early next fall for an application for the Sandy and Laura Scholarship Fund. This fund is available for tuition assistance for campers who have completed from fifth grade through ninth grade prior to the summer of 2019. The form is simple to fill out, but it is important to let us know of your interest early.

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The Program Excellence Fund

The Program Excellence Fund allows us to continue to renovate and replace our aging facilities, as well as to provide resources for program innovation and organizational sustainability and specialized staff training. During the past ten years, these funds have allowed us to build new swimming pools at High Trails and Big Spring, a new Health Center at High Trails, and several other significant facility improvements. They have also helped us to acquire essential water rights and to purchase our new outcamp property at the base of Mt. Antero. We couldn’t do it without you!

Greatest Need

Funds designated as “Greatest Need” allow us to address our critical needs each year.

We are incredibly grateful to the many alums, camp families, and friends who have contributed to the Sanborn Western Camps/Colorado Outdoor Education Center over the years.

Donations may be made via check, credit card, or marketable securities. Please contact Jane Sanborn () or Jerry McLain () with questions.