Special Events

Special Events and Evening Programs provide some of the most memorable times at camp.

Each Junior Term includes Opening and Closing Campfires with singing, games, skits and s’mores. Other evening events include skit nights, games nights, and opportunities to join with the full community at Big Spring or High Trails in fun activities.

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Everyone looks forward to our Vespers Service each Sunday evening. Big Spring Junior campers join the older boys on the top of Little Blue, while High Trails Junior campers walk to our special “Sunday Rocks” site. Both camps sing, read quotes, and enjoy the sunset together. The services are non-denominational and focus on topics like friendship, adventure, and the beauty of nature.

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On Saturdays, High Trails and Big Spring come together for a special event which may be a Carnival, Country Fair, our Gymkhana/Rodeo or other themed activities, and Sanborn Junior campers will join the older campers for the events scheduled during their term at camp. Saturday evening often ends with an exceptionally fun themed dance.