Special Events

Special Events and Evening Programs provide some of the most memorable times at camp. The girls enjoy getting together with the entire camp for campfires, skit nights, talent shows, games nights, the Junior Counselor Dinner and more. One favorite evening program at High Trails is the “Miss Sanborn Pageant” where the campers dress their counselors as something unique and humorous like a s’more or a water bottle, and the contestants are judged on costume, talent, and answering a question.

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Everyone looks forward to our Vespers Service each Sunday evening. Everyone walks to our special “Sunday Rocks” site, where we sing, read quotes, and enjoy the sunset together. The services are non-denominational and focus on topics like friendship, adventure, and the beauty of nature.

On Saturdays, High Trails and Big Spring come together for a special event which may be a Carnival, our Gymkhana/Rodeo or other themed activities. Many campers also enjoy our “Hike the Pike” event where they may choose to hike up to 6 miles in order to raise money for a charity the camp donates to. Saturday evening often ends with an exceptionally fun themed dance.