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Sanborn Junior

Summer Camps for Boys and Girls

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The two-week Sanborn Junior program is a Colorado summer camp designed to provide an outstanding outdoor mountain camp experience for children who have completed the second through the fourth grades, generally ages 8-10.

The 15-day Sanborn Junior program provides a perfect initial camping experience for younger children.

Safety and Security

Sanborn Junior offers a wide variety of age appropriate activities and adventures that make each day challenging, fun and exciting for our junior campers. While encouraging initiative and independence, our caring, professional staff creates an environment that is rich in individual attention.

“She gained independence and self-confidence through challenging and novel experiences. The changes from her normal home friends to friends from across the country opened her mind to different life styles and choices.”

Mother | Millburn, NJ

Parents and children alike can feel entirely comfortable with Sanborn as their choice for summer camps. Our facilities are comfortable, our staff is exceptional, and an RN is onsite at all times providing 24-hour per day infirmary care. Located on 6,000 acres of beautiful wilderness in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado, we are only 35 miles from the city of Colorado Springs.


Camp provides an ideal balance of time for free play and a host of fun programmed activities. These include hiking, horseback riding, overnight camping experiences with the magic of a campfire and a million stars overhead, and all the memorable moments of time spent in nature.


Sanborn Junior provides boys and girls between 8 and 10 with the experience of being away from home in a safe environment for a shorter time period while promoting increased independence, engaged community living, and relationship building.

“He was definitely more independent! He learned how to make friends and was proud of his accomplishments.”

Mother | Austin, TX

Although we never forget the camps’ focus on providing fun and adventure, we know that experiencing the wonder and beauty of natural wilderness and learning new skills in the outdoors enhances young peoples’ self-confidence and teaches a number of foundational skills that will serve each child well throughout life.

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Camps are For Fun!

Of course the most important part of summer camp for children is simply having fun! While parents might appreciate the personal growth their child experiences at Sanborn Junior, it is the outdoor fun and adventure they have that keep the smiles on their faces — and keep Sanborn boys and girls coming back year after year!

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