Forms How-To

Summer will be here before we know it and we are looking forward to another great camp season. All of our camper forms are electronic and accessible via the Camp InTouch Online Community. The mailed Getting Ready Guide is designed as a reference to provide information on how to access your online account and complete all the necessary forms for your camper. Please read it and reference it as you begin to prepare for camp and complete the forms that need the most lead time – i.e. airline reservations, doctor appointments, equipment decisions, etc. Completed forms are due by May 1 for all campers in all sessions.

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Complete instructions for filling out the Medical Forms are included in the Getting Ready Guide. The parent/guardian authorization for treatment must be printed, signed and returned. Without this authorization, camp nurses and other health professionals will be unable to treat your child if the need should arise. Regulations require that we have written authorization from a licensed health care provider to give your child any prescription or over-the-counter medications. All medications must be in original containers and labeled with the camper’s name and dosage. We are required by law to have complete medical forms for each camper.


See the step-by-step guide included in the Getting Ready Guide for complete instructions on how to fill out the transportation form. This form needs to be filled out even if you plan on driving your child to camp. If your child is flying please carefully read the detailed travel information. Fees for luggage/luggage shipping, and for transportation to and from the airport can be entered on the “Additional Options Form.”


Safety is our primary concern in providing a successful camp experience at Sanborn Western Camps. By following strict safety practices and hiring an outstanding staff, Sanborn has an excellent safety record. In addition to the parent(s), campers aged 12 and older are also asked to sign. Final acceptance to camp is contingent upon receipt and review of this liability release form.


The information you provide on this form is important in cabin/tent placement and in helping us meet your goals for your child. Please fill it out completely even if your child has been here before. The information on this form is important to your child’s counselors, nurses, and the camp directors. Please upload a recent photo as well.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS FORM (Equipment Purchase/Rentals & Camper Expense Account)

Please remit payment online or via check after completing your purchases/equipment reservation requests. Any unused funds will be refunded after the end of camp.

  • Equipment Rentals: Sleeping bags, backpacks, riding boots, bed linens and blankets may be rented from camp. Please note: Junior Campers do not need fullsize backpacks. To reserve these items for your child, please include them in the Equipment Rental section of the “Additional Options Form” online.

  • Equipment Purchases: If you would like to purchase a Crazy Creek chair or daypack for your child, you can reserve these items on the “Additional Options” form. Smaller camping equipment items (waterbottles, wool socks, utensils, etc.) will be available for campers to purchase through the Camp Store. We no longer sell sleeping bags or full sized backpacks.

  • General Spending: In this section you can allocate money for your child to purchase small equipment items like water bottles, sierra cups, camp clothing (logo t-shirts/sweatshirts, etc) and treats from the store. Please see the description on the “Additional Options Form” for a suggested amount to add to their spending account.

Once the “Additional Options” form has been submitted, you can add items to the form but if you would like to remove items from the form, please call us at 719-748-3341.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these important forms. We sincerely appreciate the time and effort required to prepare your camper for a great summer. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions or concerns.