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Upcoming Events & Reunions

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We are super excited to announce that registration is now open for our giant Sanborn Alum Reunion August 17—20, 2023. Make plans now to help us celebrate our 75th anniversary!

We’ll be doing lots of fun camp things and, just like when you were at camp, you get to sign up for your favorite activities—hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, tubing on the river, mountain climbing, and much more. And, since there won’t be any counselors pushing you out of the tents and cabins, you can even choose to “bug out” of the planned activities and just hang around with your friends.

There will be delicious home-cooked meals with plenty of those tasty baked desserts you remember—snickerdoodles, chippy-dippy bars, red velvet cake, and more. And, we will even break out some adult bug juice in the evenings!

We’ll enjoy plenty of singing, laughing and stories, stories, stories. Bring your families—we will, of course, have plenty of activities for the kids. (It is camp, after all.)

Most of you will have received an announcement about the Alum Reunion in the mail by now—you can send in that form with your deposit check. Or you can sign up via this link which includes information on all of the housing options and costs.