High Trails Activities

At High Trails, campers can participate in many different activities such as horseback riding, canoeing, mountain climbing, backpacking, camping, fishing, swimming, ropes courses, trips, photography, and much, much more.

You might spend Monday and Tuesday on a horseback riding two-day trip, create a work of art in pottery on Wednesday morning, dig for fossils on Wednesday afternoon, and climb a Colorado Fourteener on Thursday and Friday. Every week is different and the choice is up to you!

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Available Activities

Most campers select a variety of program options. Counselors are skilled in teaching beginners so it’s easy to try things you’ve never done before and develop the sense of pride, confidence and self esteem that comes from mastering new challenges.

Other activities

From archery to high ropes, there is plenty of adventure to be had to High Trails Camp for Girls.

  • Fishing
  • Tennis
  • Games
  • Campfires
  • Storytelling
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Telescope Viewing
  • Volleyball
  • Mountain Biking
  • Drama
  • Ropes Course
  • Pottery
  • Photography
  • Archery
  • Skit Nights
  • Paddleboarding
  • Creative Writing
  • Canoeing
  • Technical Rock Climbing
  • Challenge Course
  • Rock Scrambling
  • Singing
  • Tipi Village Activities
  • Quick Homestead
  • Witcher Ranch
  • Fossil Digging
  • Free Choice

The Power of Choice

High Trails is all about choice. You get to decide what trips and activites you want to pursue and what experiences you want to fill your summer with. Staff members help you determine which adventures best fit your interests, then you plan your own schedule.

We encourage free choice at camp because we feel that’s how girls best discover their true interests, passions and strengths. “Free play” and teachable moments are utilized in all areas of the program. A hike at High Trails isn’t about getting from here to there; it is about the animal tracks on the trail, the impromptu, camper-led yoga session in the Aspen grove, and the opportunity to sit quietly and watch the deer in the meadow. Our entire program is based on living within the natural world and gaining appreciation and understanding for the Earth and it’s inhabitants.

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Horse Riding Programs

If horses are your passion, we have lots of programs, trips and activities for you! With over 100 horses (55 at High Trails and 55 at Big Spring for boys), plus skilled wranglers and gifted instructors for beginning, intermediate or advanced riders, High Trails is the place to be if horses are your love. Unlike some other horse camps, here you can custom create your own experience and choose from many different activities. If you want to focus your summer exclusively on horses, mostly on horses, or have lots of other activities mixed in, that is your choice…it’s up to you.

We offer instruction, trail rides and two arenas for teaching and coaching specific maneuvers and challenges. Once basic skills are mastered, we offer a variety of special events and activities like swimming with horses, bareback rides, arena games, cattle drives, and the ever popular “FUN RIDE” with our Ranch Manager (aka Super Cowboy Sam). We also have a boy-girl competition in pole bending, ring spear, and barrel racing, plus Sunday afternoon time for honing special skills.

Overnight Horse Trips

We offer ½ day, full day and multi-day trips into the beautiful Colorado Rockies with overnight camping. For details on these trips, please visit our horse riding camps page. We also maintain a working cattle ranch that has been in operation since the 1850s, and use some of our rides to help move cattle. These cattle drives are always a huge hit with campers and staff. Any way you look at it, it’s a summer full of adventure, fun and friendship in a great community that brings campers back year after year. Won’t you join us?

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