Hammocks are no longer limited to napping in the backyard. Today you will find hammock gatherings everywhere. There are Instagram and Facebook groups dedicated to “hammocking” and nearly every college campus seems to have a designated place for people to hang with each other. This past week I thought I had wondered into a Himalayan base camp due to the colorful hammocks hanging on every ridge and porch at Sanborn camps. They are a great low-tech way for our campers to relax and bond over the day’s activities.

It’s time to find a couple of trees and join them!

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Travis Monroe
About Travis Monroe

Travis spent the past 30+ years working in government finance for several of Oklahoma’s governors as well as public television, teachers’ pension and ultimately the state’s bonding authority. His summers have been spent in the Rocky and Cascade Mountains, backpacking, climbing, rafting, reading and drinking coffee. He earned his WFR on a NOLS course in 2016 and is currently transitioning to a career in experiential education. Photography is one of his hobbies.