2017 Summer Slideshows

1st session 2017 was spectacular! Everyone had so many adventures, made new friends, and conquered challenges - from camping out for the first time to climbing the 14,000 foot peaks or riding many miles on horseback. Enjoy the slideshow from the summer and we hope it brings back all the great memories. When we publish it on the internet we can’t include music with it, so create an awesome camp song playlist of your own to play along with the photos! Thanks everyone for a most fantastic session and we will see you next summer!

2nd Session 2017 was complete with awesome campers, fantastic staff and so many more adventures! Together we climbed 14ers, learned to backpack and trekked through hundreds of miles, we rode horses across streams and through amazing country, and we grew in ways we never thought possible. You did amazing things and we are so proud of you! The countdown until summer 2018 had officially begun!

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Jessie Spehar
About Jessie Spehar

Jessie began her career at camp as a counselor in 2006 and returned each subsequent summer, taking on more responsibilities each year, including those of Camp Photographer and Supervisor of Canoeing and River trips. She joined the year-round team in 2013 as Marketing Director for the camps. Jessie has a B.A. in Elementary Education and an M.A. in Special Education and taught for 4 years before joining the COEC full-time staff. Stuffing M&Ms into marshmallows prior to roasting them, sitting in a canoe or her SUP board on top of the water and photographing everything are some of Jessie’s biggest joys.