News from Camp: September 1, 2018

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It is much too quiet around camp, the fields, hills, and lodges are filled with wonderful memories from the summer of 2018, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to spend the summer with so many outstanding campers and staff.

Following the end of our Second Term, we held a very special Alum Reunion. Over 400 camp alums and their families joined us for four days to help us celebrate our 70th anniversary. We climbed mountains, rode horses, hiked to many favorite places, ate snickerdoodles and chippy-dippy bars, and had a great time. Most importantly, we renewed old friendships and made new ones. Just like camp!

One of our tasks during the weeks following camp is to collect and distribute all the lost and found items. We have now mailed every major article which has a name to the owner. We still have some jackets, boots, and other items of clothing which do not have names. Please let us know if your camper is missing something and we will do everything we can to track it down and send it to you.

Our outdoor education program staff has arrived and we will begin welcoming sixth graders to High Trails Outdoor Education Center on September 4. Among the summer staff who have returned to teach during this program are Lindsey Rushmeyer, Anna Middleton, Logan Qualls, Noah Fisher, Nick Hall, and Ashton Eckerstorfer. Beryl Kreuter and Teresa Day have returned as a nurses and Sarah Krumholz, Carlotta Avery, and Logan Parr will provide leadership for the program.

An outstanding hay crew led by Ranch Manager Jim Larsen has been working hard to bring in our hay crop this year. The cattle and horses are very grateful for their work because the hay will provide their nourishment through the winter months. Maren MacDonald, Sarah Slusher, and Alex Oberg have been vaccinating the horses, and preparing them for their winter pasture at Fishcreek.

Year Round Directors Mike MacDonald, Ariella Rogge, Elizabeth Marable, Mark Rutberg, Mike Adler, Anne Shingler, Martie Adams, Jessie Spehar, Jane Sanborn and Jerry McLain are hard at work making plans for the summer of 2019.

We are already thinking about next summer and have established our dates. The first term at Big Spring and High Trails will be Sunday, June 9– Tuesday, July 9, 2019. The second term will be Friday, July 12 – Sunday, August 11. The four terms of Sanborn Junior will be June 9 – June 23, June 25 – July 9, July 12 – July 26, and July 28 - August 11. We have sent this information to current camp families and will send additional information in October to former camp families, and prospective camp families. If you would like to receive our catalog or know of someone who would, we will be happy to mail them at any time.

Each month we will post news from camp and photos from the summer of 2018 on the website, so keep checking it out! Right now, a few gold leaves are showing on the Aspen, and the sky is incredibly blue. A large herd of elk is hanging out at Potts Spring and the horses are wondering why no one comes each day to ride them. We wish all of our camp friends a great beginning to the school year and hope that everyone will keep in touch.

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Photos from the 70th Reunion by Angela Livingston

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Jane began her career as a counselor at High Trails and has worked with the camps and COEC since graduating from Colorado College with a degree in English and Education. She served as the Director/Program Director of High Trails from 1970-99, and as the Executive Director of COEC for many years. She retired as Executive Director in October 2017, and assumed the role of Director of Development. Jane is also active in the American Camp Association and has served in many leadership roles. Currently, she is the Program Chair for the ACA National Conference and sits on the National Public Policy Committee.