News from Camp: October 1, 2019

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We are enjoying spectacular Indian Summer days here at camp. The golden Aspen are at their peak and are stunning against the bright blue sky. We’ve been spying on the herd of elk at Potts Spring and have also seen deer, porcupines, wild turkeys, bobcats, and, of course, the fat black Abert squirrels. Many of our summer birds have headed south and the year-round bird residents are beginning to show up at our feeders more regularly.

Our High Trails Outdoor Education Center Program with sixth graders from District 20 in Colorado Springs has been underway since early-September. Students, teachers, and high school students who serve as counselors participate in fun Discovery Groups such as Prospectors, Explorers, Trappers, Woodsmen, and Homesteaders. Our fun, role-playing curriculum consists of active, outdoor lessons in natural science and local history.

The horses are grazing happily in Fishcreek where they are exceptionally appreciative of the lush green grass. They miss taking rides every day with their many friends but are already looking forward to next summer.

The office is a busy place, too! We are working on publications for this winter and keeping track of the flood of enrollments for next summer. The summer of 2020 will be our 72nd and we are looking forward to sharing adventures, friendships and lots of fun. Many returning families have already enrolled, and additional enrollment information will be going out throughout the month of October. If you know of interested families, we’ll be happy to send our brochure. They can also request information from our website.

The COEC Board of Trustees will meet later this month. This dedicated group of camp alums meets twice each year to provide oversight and help to our Senior Leadership Team as we move forward to carry out our mission and implement our strategic plan.

We hope you are having a fantastic Autumn!

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Jane Sanborn
About Jane Sanborn

Jane began her career as a counselor at High Trails and has worked with the camps and COEC since graduating from Colorado College with a degree in English and Education. She served as the Director/Program Director of High Trails from 1970-99, and as the Executive Director of COEC for many years. She retired as Executive Director in October 2017, and assumed the role of Director of Development. Jane is also active in the American Camp Association and has served in many leadership roles. Currently, she is the Program Chair for the ACA National Conference and sits on the National Public Policy Committee.