Big Spring 2019 Summer Staff

Big Spring Leaders

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From Left to Right: Mike Macdonald, Mike Adler, Logan Parr, Martie Jones, Mark Rutberg, Noah Fisher

Ridge Leaders

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Conner White

Hey guys! My name is Conner White, and I will be coming back to Big Spring for my second summer. I am a junior at Arkansas State University and I am currently studying International Business. I am an avid rock climber, so on most weekends I am climbing around Arkansas, but I also enjoy just being outside in general. I am also a pretty serious reader and Sci-Fi movie enthusiast. This summer I am stoked to work with the junior program and really try to share my love of the outdoors with them, and hopefully learn some new things myself!

Noah Williams

I’m Noah and this will be my second summer as a counselor at Sanborn! I graduated from Williams College on 2017 with a geology major and have since been spending as much time outside as I can. Soon after hiking the Appalachian Trail, I moved to Leadville, CO to be an assistant high school science teacher at the High Mountain Institute. This winter was one for the books in Colorado and I spent it teaching (mostly) adults how to ski at Copper Mountain. In my spare time I love to get out in the mountains either running, biking, hiking, or backcountry skiing. Last summer was unforgettable, especially the overnights and longer hiking trips I was lucky enough to lead. I look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones as we create a new community together this summer.

George Langston

Yo, my name is George, and I’m the HKL ridge leader this summer. I’m super excited to work with all the kids and bring a huge amount of stoke and excitement to their summers! Last year I was the outcamp coordinator, and prior to that a counselor, so I love being here at Sanborn and bringing the kids the best summer they could wish for!

Will Davis

Hey! I’m Will Davis and I’ll be the Ridge Leader on ABC! I’m so excited to be returning to Big Spring for my second year! I’m from Fayetteville, Arkansas and went to school at the University of Arkansas to study theatre. I love to play, write music, and can play seven instruments! I really look forward to having a bigger leadership role this summer and doing my best to cultivate an amazing BOOM!!

PJ Ruder

Shalom! My name is Payton or PJ. This will be my second year at Sanborn, and man oh man am I excited. I am currently in my third year at a little private school in Kansas called Baker University where I am majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in math and chemistry while being on the golf team as well! I work at a country club waiting tables when I’m not in class or at tournaments and I am also an ambassador for an outdoor/hammock company called Madera Outdoor. In my limited free time, I try to make it west to the Rockies as much as possible to go backpacking, hiking, rafting, kayaking, trail running, four-wheeling, and just about everything else in between! Just like every other person at Sanborn, I love taking advantage of any excuse to be outside and I can’t wait to share that love with all the campers and staff this summer! BOOM!


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Travis Burhart

Hey everyone! My name is Travis, and I am a student at Florida State University. I’ve been working toward a degree in Environmental Studies, but after graduation, I am hoping to earn a Masters in elementary education to become a licensed teacher. Originally, I am from the Nashville area (fun fact, I was an extra in the Hannah Montana movie, which was filmed outside of Nashville), so I am very excited to be in the mountains of Colorado for my first summer at Sanborn! I cannot wait for all the backpacking and climbing trips we will embark on. A few summers ago I spent a month backpacking in Washington, and I’m looking forward to recreating similar memories at Sanborn. See you all at camp!

Zach Lederman

Hello! My name is Zach, I was a camper and am returning as an AC. I grew up with Sanborn and have attended their 2nd camp session for roughly five years! Currently I am at Purdue University pursuing a double major in Pure Mathematics with a Computer Science focus and Philosophy! Even though I am in school I still have some hobbies including drawing, reading, and bouldering, and will be teaching myself how to play guitar! I also love to teach people about the beauty of the natural world and inspire them to be curious. I am so excited to be getting out and going on multi-day trips, looking up at the night sky, climbing huge rocks and singing songs.

Keegan Bates

Hey, my name is Keegan and this will be my first summer at Big Spring! I’m very excited to come on board as a counselor and can’t wait to share my passion of the outdoors. I’m currently in school right now to pursue my Outdoor Leadership Degree. I’m an avid rock climber and hiker, climbing and hiking all over Colorado. I’m super excited to take campers up awesome rock climbing routes that challenge them physically and mentally throughout the summer. Can’t wait to meet ya!


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Jay Spivak

My name is Jay and I’m stoked to be at camp for my first summer! I’m a 19 year old Pacific Northwesterner who loves teaching, rock climbing, traveling, writing songs, and of course, backpacking in the mountains. After high school I worked in homes, schools, farms, and hostels for eight months in Spanish-speaking countries in exchange for a bed and some food. I taught English, prepared food, shoveled stables, chopped wood, and cleaned all sorts of things. That all was fun but my favorite part was eating bread by the sea with new friends! This fall I’ll be at Western Washington University studying who knows what, but I’m always working towards eating bread by the water either reunited with my amigos extranjeros or with entirely new ones.

Jack Whittle

Howdy y’all. I’m Jack from Louisville, KY and this will be my eighth year at Sanborn, my first on staff. I just wrapped up my senior year of high school and am excited to continue my education at Centre College in Danville, KY this upcoming fall.

I’m a very outgoing person and love meeting and talking with people about anything. I love country music, going on hammock hikes, am an avid reader, a huge St Louis Cardinals fan, and perform sleight of hand magic.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the outdoors, getting to know all the campers, and having a great summer! BOOM

Payton Stewart

HI! My name is Payton and this is my first summer at Sanborn! I am currently a Sophomore at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont studying biology. Some fun facts about me… I’ll eat spinach on anything, Jumanji was filmed in my home town, and I’ve been a competitive swimmer for 9 years now. I’m super excited, overall, to be able to live, work, and play outside in Colorado this summer! I can’t wait!


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Jae Hong

Hello campers, parents, grandparents, guardians, dogs, cats, and any other living being that is reading this! My name is Jae Hong, here at Big Spring for my 1st Summer!! However, this is not my first experience at Sanborn because I worked for High Trails in outdoor education during the spring. I’m a rising senior at Dartmouth College where I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in English. Some cool facts about me include that my mother once tricked me into thinking she swallowed a frog by putting cooked spinach in her mouth. I went to a boarding school because I chose to, not because I was a troubled teen. I ended up in my minor because I chose a required writing seminar with a professor whose last name is Chee and I thought at the very least he wouldn’t be racist but actually ended up liking the class. I’m a part of a secret society. My first experience in the outdoors happened when I was 14 with a week long backpacking trip in Yosemite as a part of my high school’s graduation requirements. I’m a junior ranger at seven different national parks. For camp, I am excited to teach students how to enjoy the outdoors and be a learner myself by gaining more experience with climbing. I’m excited for ridiculous activities and to run around in fields because camp is a time to be free. Stoked to meet you soon!

Jacob Waitzman

I’m Jacob Waitzman and this is my first summer at Sanborn but I have been going to summer camps for 10 years. I am currently a Sophomore at Michigan State University and studying human biology on a pre-med track. During the winters I try to get out and ski as much as I can and I run a scuba diving club at my school for when it warms up. I love traveling and the variety that comes with it. It is through traveling that I have developed a very open-minded personality when it comes to stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new activities. Over the course of this summer, I am especially excited for the trips and things like hiking/canoeing in general.

Brady Wilson

Hey Everyone! My name is Brady, I am from the ‘Great Lakes State’ - Michigan. This will be my first year at Sanborn. I go to school for Aviation Mgmt. & Operations at Western Michigan University. Some fun facts about me is I have a German Shorthair named Millie, my favorite candy is Snickers, I have my pilot license, I love white water rafting, my favorite place is the Grand Canyon, I was on a swim team for 10 years, and my favorite cartoon growing up was Scooby-Doo! This will be an awesome summer. I’m looking forward to the amazing sunrises/sunsets, Rocky Mountain hikes and most importantly the campfires (I’ll have to work on my signing voice). I can’t wait to get this summer started and to meet all the campers!


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Kyle Zinkula

My name’s Kyle and this will be my first summer at camp! I’m currently a freshman at Colorado College, and since I’m undeclared I am making the most of trying every possible subject I can. Some fun facts about me are that I lived in the UK for 7 years and have visited over 50 countries. This summer I can’t wait to broaden campers’ perspectives about the outdoors and explore Colorado.

Scott Morgan

Hey everyone, my name is Scott Morgan and this summer marks my seventh summer at Sanborn! It is my second on staff, and I am so excited to continue living in Colorado after I began attending Colorado State this year with a major in Chemical and Biological Engineering. I am most excited to grow alongside my campers this year and keep in mind the BOOM beads we select. Outside of camp, I love to listen and play all types of music, spend time with my two dogs, and eat excessive amounts of pizza.

Dylan Isaacs

This is my FIRST summer at camp! I go to Western Kentucky University and study Social Work. Since the sun has been shining I’ve been fishing, canoeing, camping and picking guitar. I can dislocate my right shoulder on command, but prefer not to. Being from Kentucky I’ve lived around wilderness most of my life, but I’m excited to learn about the Colorado-specific wildlife.


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Dan Thatcher

Daniel Thatcher (20) is coming off of a gap year into his seventh summer at Sanborn, and his second summer on staff. During his gap year he worked as an intern at a technical solutions company and is planning on attending the University of Tennessee this fall. Dan spends his free time hiking, climbing and backpacking, and assists in chaperoning the youth group at his mother’s church. Dan also assisted in coaching parks and recreation youth football this spring.

Habron Botts

Hi, my names Habron Botts. I’m from Austin Texas, and currently attend the the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. I’m going into my senior year studying Communications. This will be my first summer at Big Spring! I’ve been outside since I was a kid, so becoming part of the Big Spring family was an easy choice. I’ve moved around a lot since I was a kid so I’ve seen and done it all, but since getting to my university I’ve joined up with the Sierra Club and have met some amazing people. What I’m most excited about for sure is getting into the backcountry and getting the chance to hear everyone’s amazing stories. I’m looking forward to a great summer!

Louis Knox

My name is Louis Knox and I’m from Pensacola, Florida. This will be my first year at camp and I’m very excited. I went to college at the University of Alabama and graduated in May of 2018 with a degree in Human Environmental Science. Since I graduated, I’ve been studying audio production and music while working at the University and the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater. I love to make and help others make music. I also love the outdoors, yoga, and cooking. At camp, I look forward to sharing and hearing ideas and experiences from everyone, while also sharing new experiences together.


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Carnell Tate

Hey, I’m Carnell and I grew up in Georgia and Alabama. I study mechanical engineering at Kennessaw State University, where I hope to gain the knowledge to build a solar farm. I’m a collegiate-level debate champion, and I started a creative writing club at KSU. I’m most excited to take part in a variety of outdoor activities, and to get my campers fired up to be outside!

Greg Ludwig

I am from Denver, Colorado and am currently studying Anthropology at Colorado Mesa University. I love going fast–anything that helps me go fast I’m a fan of. Snowboarding, skateboarding, out-of-control horses–stuff like that. Except running…that’s too much work.

Kit Carson

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Michael Neiman

My name is Michael Steven Neiman and I am Sophomore Recreation and Leisure major at York College of Pennsylvania. A few fun facts about me are I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and have grown up there my entire life. I volunteer for a nonprofit youth ministry organization called Young Life at a local high school where I am constantly meeting new kids and building relationships with them. I love being around others, meeting new people, of all kinds, and building new relationships. Last of all, I have longer hair than all the women in my family. Although this will be my first year at camp I am super excited to be there. I have never been to Colorado before or out west in general so it will be an awesome experience just to get out there. As for camp, I am excited to make so many new friends and camp memories that will last a lifetime.

Jake Diskin

Good morning! I am Jake and I am brand spankin’ new to camp! I am a student at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. I am studying to become a high school math teacher! I recently bought a bike off of Craigslist and named it Hotdog and ever since then we have been inseparable! Along with bike riding I have been eating a lot of Chipotle and working as a cashier at Earth Fare! I am sort of able to ride a unicycle so that is fun! My favorite song to sing in the car is Copacabana, but I am not a great singer, and my happy place is basically anywhere that has free refills on Shirley Temples. I am just super excited to be at camp this summer! I have been all up and down the east coast, but never west of Tennessee so this will be a very new experience for me. I absolutely cannot wait to be at camp, even if there aren’t unlimited shirley temples, because my backup happy place is outdoors with friends! My dream is that one day these will overlap. Anywho I am very excited to be a counselor this summer!

Aidan Keenan

Hi,my name is Aidan Keenan and I’m an assistant counselor this summer. I just graduated from Cheyenne Mountain High School and will be attending the Colorado School of Mines starting this fall. I am a Colorado local and have lived in the Springs for about nine years. I lived in Europe for three years as well, and know what it’s like to be in a completely different culture. I am an Eagle Scout in Troop 110 and have had much experience working with younger kids. This summer, I look forward to giving back to an experience that has helped me become the person I am today.

Matthew Simons

Hey there! My name is Matthew, and I’m excited for my first year here at Big Spring! I am currently studying philosophy at Colorado College, with a minor in Spanish and music. The Colorado mountains are the best place to spend any summer and I’m super excited to explore them with our campers! I am the proud uncle of two adorable nephews, speak German fluently and am fortunate enough to have visited more countries than my age. Looking forward to having a blast at Big Spring this summer with our wonderful campers and staff!


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Seth Thomas

Hello! My name is Seth, and this will be my first summer at Sanborn. I am currently studying biology at the University of Maine and I love getting out into the Maine wilderness. I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and skiing. Some fun facts about me include that I collect board games, and I have held a shark in my bare hands. I’m excited to share my outdoor knowledge and skills with the campers at Sanborn. See everyone this summer!

Charlie Kelly

My name is Charlie Kelly, and I have been a camper at Big Spring four times, including my Outbacker year. I’m going into my Junior year at Miami University in Ohio and am studying economics and finance. Outside of school I love watching hockey (Go Jackets) and mountain biking or skiing, depending on the season. I am also a huge Browns fan and enjoy cooking when I get the chance. This summer at camp I am excited to live in the moment and help and watch campers grow as the summer progresses.

Alan Moutoux

My name is Alan Moutoux I am 18 years old and this will be my first year at camp. I just completed my senior year at Conifer High School. I was born in Ukraine and am adopted. I have lived in Colorado my entire life. I took a fire science class at Warren tech last year. I am also an Eagle scout.


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Hayden Cheek

My name is Hayden Cheek and I am from Burlington North Carolina. This will be my first summer at camp and I am super stoked to come work at Sanborn. I go to Appalachian State University and am studying Recreation Management with a concentration in Outdoor Experiential Education. I am a zipline guide up in the mountains of Blowing Rock and also operate high ropes courses. During my free time I enjoy rock climbing, backpacking, trail running, hiking, fly fishing and playing the guitar and banjo. I am excited to provide learning experiences in an outdoor setting this summer and am stoked to get others excited about being outside.

Sam Derrickson

Hello my name is Sam Derrickson. I was very active in Boy Scouts, sports, and theatre through out my childhood. I played football and basketball during high school, and participated in many plays and musicals at my high school and the fine arts center in Colorado springs. Participating and being an active member in Boy Scouts until my junior year of high school when i got my eagle scout was great. I enjoy hanging out with my friends hammocking and doing goon stuff as well as watching and reviewing movies which will hopefully become my career one day. I’m very excited for the summer and what’s to come in this new chapter of my life!

Ben Thatcher

My name is Ben Thatcher. This summer will be my second working at Sanborn. I go to school at the Colorado School of Mines. I am studying electrical engineering there. I enjoy practically all aspects of the outdoors and have experience with most of the activities Sanborn offers. I can’t wait to do some of them with you all.

Krystian Gombosi

Hi I’m Krystian, and I’m stoked for my first summer at camp! I’m from Middlebury, Vermont and I study Human Factors Engineering at Tufts University. When I’m not in class, I like to climb up rocks or bike around aimlessly. I also like jokes, lo-fi beats, and coffee. I’m super excited to meet all of the wonderful people at Sanborn, and looking forward to an incredible summer of adventures.


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Himanshu Thapa

I have always found peace in the Himalayas! I am Himanshu Thapa born in Dehradun, India. I love to be in the outdoors, and playing football was something I loved every day. I was captain on my school’s football team for 9 years. Plays and theater became one of my hobbies where I developed the habit of addressing people. Completing my Bachelors in Science degree was one of the most important moments I remember. During the time I prepared to join the Indian Army, I realised I was not meant for a corporate job where I am bounded within walls and time limits. I completed a Basic Mountaineering Course, and then I worked for Indiahikes–India’s largest trekking community–where I acted as Trek leader, leading groups all over the India and Nepal Himalayas. I now come with the vision to do something in the outdoors where I have high expectations as a Camp Counselor this summer at Sanborn Western Camps.

Gus Spencer

Hello! My name is Gus and this will be my first year as a staff member. I am going to be a counselor and cannot wait to see what this summer has in store. I am from Virginia, and I attend college at the University of Pittsburgh where I study mechanical engineering. I am crazy about doing just about anything that keeps me outside, especially climbing rocks! I can’t wait to meet all the kids and show them the best time in the great outdoors.

Paul Brull

Hi, I’m Paul Brull and I’ll be an assistant counselor at Big Spring this season! I enjoy many pastimes, but likely you will find me in my free time shredding uku, throwing down magic cards, or reading in a hammock. I look forward to riding horses, CT squared, and getting to know all my campers!

Emmett Burns

Hello I am Emmett, aka Moose, and I actually never knew about camp until my school had a career fair and I talked with some lovely folks from Sanborn! I go to Red Rocks Community College, where I’m studying to be a park ranger! I live in the mountains and I absolutely love it. I hike, hunt, fish, camp, all of it, except for ski or snowboard. I know, I’m lame. But I do extreme sled. I love music and the outdoors more than anything, so if I can share that with some cool people, I’m totally down! I am super stoked to climb a bunch of 14ers with the campers, especially if I can do a 13er called mount Silverheels, which is a 13er I did last year and would love to do again. I’m also excited just to hang out in the outdoors with a bunch of guys and just have fun!


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Baxter Forrest

Hi everyone! I’m Baxter Forrest from Maine! This is my first summer at Sanborn, and my first time in Colorado. I’m super excited to come explore this amazing state with amazing new people! I am a recent nursing school graduate from Eastern Maine Community College. I enjoy canoe racing, rock climbing, and playing guitar!! Can’t wait to meet you!

Liam Sullivan

Liam Sullivan is a new counselor for Sanborn Western Camps, coming from Buffalo, NY. Liam studies philosophy at SUNY Geneseo, and loves to make music and play frisbee during his free time. He can often be found on a disc golf course, in a climbing gym, or ordering his favorite veggie burrito. Liam is very excited to hike new mountains and have fun with all of the campers and staff!


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Bradyn Meredith

Hey, my name is Bradyn. I’m from Hays, Kansas and I’m going to school for Engineering Design at Fort Hays State University. This is my first summer at camp and I’m excited to help kids experience the outdoors and build themselves. In my spare time, I like to fix up old cars and be outside. Let’s have a great summer!

Emanuel Spitalny

Hello my name is Emanuel Spitalny, and this summer will be my first summer at Sanborn Western Camps. I have recently just graduated from Green Mountain College with a degree in Adventure Education, and plan on continuing my enjoyment for the outdoors and working with others this summer. Some things that represent me best are my knack for running, eye for photography, and being happy. That is why I hope to share happiness, laughter, and learning with all campers and staff throughout this fruitful and amazing summer.


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Caleb Branscome

My name is Caleb Branscome, I am 18 years old and am from the small town of Blacksburg, VA nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina but have lived in VA for the past 17 years so I pretty much know nothing about North Carolina. I am a freshman at a community college in Blacksburg and I am majoring in business administration. Through my high school years, I was all over the place with interests, academics, activities, and sports. When school wasn’t in session I spent my days logging hours for getting my private pilots license, flying and building RC planes, mountain biking through the forests and fields, playing airsoft on my property, kayaking on the New River, scuba diving on the New River, off-roading to my favorite overlook with my friends, sledding and skiing in the winter time, making big fires on my property, and just trying to enjoy ourselves in any way we could in a small town. Ever since I returned from a road trip to Colorado last summer I have been anxious to get back out there and I am so blessed to have this opportunity to work at Sanborn Western Camps. I can’t wait for big campfires, good music, good friends, and big mountains!

Ruben Ramirez-Castillo

Hi, my name is Ruben! This is my second summer at camp and I’m super excited to be back! :D I’m a Denver, CO native, grew up here, and graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a degree in Video Production and Photojournalism. My current goal is to work at a college or university doing their social media and marketing photos and videos. I also have my EMT cert, and work on an ambulance in the Denver metro area. I hope one day to go to nursing school and specialize in Adolescent Behavioral Health. Why not live out all of your dreams, right? When I’m not working, I’m enjoying life with my friends, listening to music (EDM is life), and sleeping (I work a lot). I’m looking forward to mountain biking, canoeing, campfires with my campers, and new adventures!

Jason Marquard

Hey Guys! My name is Jason Marquardt and I am from Mokena, IL. This will be my second summer at Sanborn and I am beyond stoked to be spending time outside and sharing my passion for the outdoors with others. I attend Brevard College in North Carolina to pursue a degree in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education. As long as I can remember, I’ve spent time outside, whether it be fly fishing, mountain biking or backpacking. Illinois is not the most geographically interesting place but I’ve spent time all over the Midwest and the Appalachians and I’m super excited to spend some time in Colorado this summer. I’m looking forward to this summer and the memories I’ll be making.


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Theo Carnes

Heya, my name is Theo! I’m from Norway where we have 9 vowels and no “th”sound in our language. In Norway our school system is different too. Come high school you chose between general studies or vocational studies. There are many vocational degrees, mine is child-and youth work.

I received my degree in the summer of 2017 and what did I do less than a month after graduation? I became an Airman in the Norwegian Airforce. Norway has mandatory service for both men and women. As tough as the service was, I came out with friends for life, new perspectives of myself, a taste of suffering and a humble pride having carried our flag on my shoulder.

Since New Years 2019 I’ve been travelling New Zealand, a beautiful country with nature that has a bit of everything. Sand dunes, beaches, grasslands, mountains, volcanos, glowworm caves, rainforests, natural hot springs, crystal clear lakes, thermal wonderlands, mud pools and Mount DOOM! All these things all around the indigenous Maori culture which is really cool. Ever seen a Haka? It fills you up with that warrior spirit, and its intense!

I intend to continue my travels until the time comes for me to return home. When that is I do not know, but my hopes are that when I return I’ll see things differently and so will the people when they see me. I focus on being a student of life and see the world now when I’m in prime age for the endeavour.

This will be my 7th summer at Sanborn and I’m very excited! The summer will be filled with joy, challenge, chants, songs and campfires. All perfect for a cohesive and growing summer experience. I’m excited for Vespers where we all come together and sing songs, watch a marvelous sunset and sit silently taking in nature in all its beauty. In silence we hike; all together, brothers of the outdoors, we hike. I Zigga Zumba. BOOM!

Jackson Baker

Hello there! My name is Jackson Baker, and this is my first time here on the Big Spring Staff and at Sanborn! I am 20 years old and come from Cincinnati, Ohio where I currently am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Business at the University of Cincinnati while working part-time at Home Depot. I am part of the Scouts of America and earned my Eagle Scout rank in 2014.

My primary experience in the outdoors is backpacking, it’s how I fell in love with getting out and moving and how I ended up at the Philmont Scout Ranch the past two summers and now here at Sanborn. My first experience of backpacking was through scouting after I turned 11, and man did I not have a clue what I was doing. Thankfully it was in Ohio, where mole hills are considered mountains along all the flat land. It was a tough time, but a rewarding experience when it was over and I wanted another shot at it now that I knew what I was in for. A handful of other trips in the midwest and then I ventured to the Philmont Scout Ranch at age 14 for a two-week trek where I truly got hooked on the adventure. I returned there for two more treks (and twice more for work as a Program Counselor there in 2017 and 2018) with plenty of backcountry experience under my belt now. Through all my experience, I’ve learned that it’s basically a mental game versus a physical game when you’re out hiking for days on end. I’m not a big strong guy by any means, but I feel confident in my ability and skill to handle the stress of being away from normal society and in the outdoors where you are essentially off the grid for awhile.

I’ve also been playing music for the past decade, specifically drumming. I played in a lot of groups in high school from marching band to jazz band and currently play daily on my own for the fun of it and am looking to join some groups at my college as well. I find music as a nice getaway similar to being in the outdoors, something to lay back on when your mentality is challenged and you need some time to relax.

I’m very much excited to do these activities I mentioned but I’m even more excited for other things in store for everyone at Sanborn. New friends, new experiences, new appreciations, and a whole lot more that has yet to come. Here’s to an excellent summer and one to remember!

Jorge Perez

My name is Jorge, I go to Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs CO. I’m studying Outdoor Education. I love it because I can learn how avalanches work, how river currents work and nature is my classroom! This will be my first summer working at Sanborn Western Camps, I’m very excited. I always went to summer camps as a kid. I have done fun activity camps as well as service camps in different countries where I could help other kids. I speak two different languages, I can cook because I have taken many cooking classes, I know how to sail, and I know some Magic card tricks!! I’m excited to meet all the campers and share my love for nature with them.


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Adam Hureau

What’s up! My name is Adam and this will be my first summer at Sanborn! I’m originally from Fort Collins, Colorado but now I’m a sophomore at Washington State University studying Chinese and Spanish. I’m also very involved with music at school. I play in numerous ensembles and love listening to all kinds of music, especially jazz. I’m always down to talk about music, books, or films. I love being outdoors and traveling, and I especially love when I can combine these two things. This fall I will be going to China to study Mandarin, something I’m super excited about! This summer I’m stoked to hike some 14ers, meet some new people and see what Sanborn has to offer! See ya at camp!

Alex Moore

Hey! Im Alex and I’m from Tennessee. I’m no stranger to camping, but this will be my first summer at Sanborn! I graduated high school in 2018 and I’m in college for biology. A few interesting things about me is that I’m an eagle scout, I’m scuba certified, and I can play just about any brass instrument you put in front of me! When I’m not working on school, you can catch me chilling in my eno, carving up a back road in my car, or cruising on my Harley! I’m super stoked about this summer and I think Sanborn has so many opportunities for great experiences. I’m just excited to leave only footprints and take only memories!

Will Coleman

Hi everyone! My name is Will, I spent three years as a camper at Sanborn and this is my first year as an Assistant Counselor! I am currently a Freshman at Florida State University and I am majoring in Athletic Training. I love to play sports, hike, and meet new people! This summer I am excited to explore cool areas in, around, and away from camp!


Kitchen Coordinator

Alejandro Barnum-Luna My name is Alejandro Barnum-Luna. This is my first summer at Sanborn, I’ll be arriving a week after graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Philosophy. I re-enrolled to ISU for spring semester of 2018 after a few years off. I did a few seasonal jobs in Glacier National Park, as well as this past summer in Yosemite National Park, where I developed my deep love and connection with the natural world. I’ve done quite a bit of travelling, and have been to over a dozen other countries around the world. What I’m most excited to do at camp this summer is to explore and adventure in the outdoors, as well as make a substantial impact on helping shape the upcoming generation.

Outcamp Coordinator

Patch Gavin My name is Patrick but I go by Patch. I studied recreation management at Illinois State University. This is my first summer at camp and I am serving as the Outcamp Coordinator. I am very excited to be at camp this summer. I am originally from Chicago, IL and this is the first experience I have ever had like this. I am an Eagle Scout, and a huge Chicago Cubs fan.

In-Camp Coordinator

Mike Rainey Hello! My name is Mikey, and this is going to be my 4th year working at Big Spring! I currently live in Denver, Colorado where I am attending school to become a teacher. I also currently work at an elementary/middle school in the Denver metro area. At the same school I also coach middle school cross country and track. I am very excited to see all the campers and go on some amazing trips this summer!


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Eric Du Hello Big Spring family, my name is Eric Du. I had the privilege of working as a camp counselor back in 2013 on HKL Ridge and am ecstatic to return as the camp photographer this summer. Having attended Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and Spanish with a theatre minor. Since that time, I’ve lived in Tucson, Arizona and worked as an Americorps VISTA, actor, teacher, daycare aide, sales rep, diner DJ, and even a club bouncer. I just earned my TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) so I can travel a bit more and build my career. A few times I worked as an Elvis impersonator, and in 2016 I flew to Chicago for just one night to be present at Wrigley Field for the Cubs first World Series since 1945 (which they ended up winning after an epic Game 7). Can’t wait to jump on a horse again and get out on the 11-Mile Reservoir. Can’t wait to share the summer with you and capture some stellar moments on camera!


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John Sewell

Hey guys! My name is John Sewell and I’m so excited to be at Big Spring this summer. This will be my third summer as a camp equine professional and my first at Big Spring. I will be a wrangler this summer and am super excited to grow my skills as a horseman and look forward to bringing a high energy, goofy, and safety-oriented attitude to the program. I’m a Marketing major and Spanish/Photography minor at Freed Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee. In addition to school, I work as the Assistant (to the) Sports Information Director, and handle most photography, video, and design for the school’s athletics program. In my (minimal) spare time, I enjoy working with my two horses and learning about new methods to train both horses and riders, redneckin’ around the woods behind my house, or watching The Office or Parks and Rec on Netflix.

Stephen Van Asdale

Coming soon.

Charles Nunziato

My name is Charles, and I’ll be one of the wranglers this summer at Big Spring. I just finished up a great spring season working as an instructor for the High Trails Outdoor Education program, and I’m very excited to be staying at Sanborn for the summer. I’m originally from New York, but I went to college in Oregon and I love spending time outdoors.

Ian Anderson

Hello everyone! My name is Ian, and I will be a wrangler at Big Spring this summer. This will be my third summer at Sanborn and I cannot wait to be back! I am from San Marcos, Texas where I attend Texas State University. I finished my undergrad in Physics and Applied Mathematics in May and I will be starting my masters in STEM Education this coming fall. In my free time, I enjoy reading, learning physics, and pretty much anything outside. I am super excited to get back into the barn this summer and the adventures!


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Taylor Jones

Medical Staff

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Nurse Director Beryl Kreuter

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(From Left to Right) Lisa Gawronski, Stefanie Caliva, Shannon McCarthy, Phil Hackmann, Kim Lowman

Shannon McCarthy

Hi Everyone! My name is Shannon McCarthy and I will be working with the Sanborn Medical Team this summer as one of the camp nurses! This will be my first summer at Sanborn and actually first time ever going to camp! As far as a little bit about myself, I am originally from a small town on the Jersey Shore where I still love to spend most of my summers going to the beach with my family and friends. I graduated from nursing school at the University of Pennsylvania with my BSN in 2016 and shortly thereafter moved to Washington DC to work at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital on their Pediatric Transplant Unit. I spent two years working as a pediatric nurse in Washington DC before moving to NYC this past fall to start travel nursing! After my assignment in New York I moved to the west coast for my 2nd travel nursing adventure where I worked at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego CA. I am excited to end my year of travel with the opportunity to work at Sanborn before returning to school later this summer at the University of Pennsylvania to complete my Masters of Science in Nursing to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. When I’m not working as a nurse you can usually find me running! I competed in cross country and track in college and since had the crazy idea to run marathons. I have run 3 marathons so far, the last one being the Boston Marathon this past April and plan on training for the New York City Marathon this upcoming fall. I absolutely love the outdoors and can’t wait to explore some of Colorado’s wonders this summer! I am excited to conquer a 14er and hopefully celebrate with some s’mores!

Phil Hackmann

Wow, I love Sanborn Western Camp so much that this is my fourth year!!!!. It is an amazing place. When not at camp I live with my family in New Hampshire. Happily, they come to visit me while I am here in Colorado. Growing up in Northern Idaho, I would enjoy being active and outside as much as possible. During many vacations, we would venture to Colorado to visit family that lived here. After finishing college I landed in New Hampshire for student teaching and started my career as a teacher and athletic trainer. My wife and I found ourselves invested in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and have lived there for 20 years. My profession has taken me to provide care in the wilderness and traditional settings. Now I work in a variety of settings as a Registered Nurse, Athletic Trainer, and Firefighter/AEMT.

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