High Trails Summer Staff 2019


Delaney McCormick (left)

Hi! My name is Delaney McCormick. I’m a 19 year old college student form Des Moines, Iowa and I’m so excited for the summer! I was a camper at Sanborn for 5 years before becoming an assistant counselor. I love doing anything I can outside and I love to sing, dance, and play lots of fun games! I can’t wait to meet you!

Alison Willingmyre (right)

Hey guys! My name is Ali and I am SO pumped for my first year being a part of the Sanborn crew. I’m coming from Pennsylvania where I go to Penn State University and study Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Leadership Development. I run cross country and track and field for the university so you can usually catch me out running but I also love reading, hiking, fishing, skiing..generally anything outdoors! I’m a proud country music fan and have a slight obsession with greek yogurt. This is going to be a rad summer filled with the beauty of the world and I can’t wait to watch the kiddos make memories that’ll last them a lifetime!

Ashton Niemann (middle)

Hi my name is Ashton! I’m from Oklahoma City (Go Thunder!), but I’m currently a freshman at Texas Christian University studying Business with a Spanish minor. This will be my first summer at camp, and I can’t wait for this new experience. I’m so excited to wake up each morning and the see the beautiful Colorado mountains and meet so many new people. A fun fact about me is that my favorite dessert is macarons.


Robin Johnson (middle)

Hey Campers! My name is Robin Johnson and I am from Mobile, Alabama! I am currently attending The University of South Alabama as an Elementary Education major and plan to graduate in Spring of 2021. This is my first summer camp ever and I am so excited to share this experience with everyone! I grew up in a rural area so as a child I was always exploring the outdoors. I have a great love for new adventures and exploring the world especially when my furbaby, Kova, is involved. I am looking forward to a great summer with you all and can’t wait to meet you guys!

Becca McIlhenny (right)

My name is Becca McIlhenny and this will be my first summer working at Sanborn! Currently, I am a junior at Lebanon Valley College pursuing a degree in psychology. When I’m not studying for school, I love to read, spend time with my family, or go on adventures with my friends. Fun fact about me, I’m a proud dog mom to the sweetest, three-year-old golden retriever on the planet. Her name is Madge and she has a permanent mohawk on the top of her head - I know, adorable! Another important thing to know about me is that I really, really love ice cream. Okay, so maybe that’s not that important but I thought I’d throw it out there anyways. On a more serious note, I could not be more excited to be a part of the crew at Sanborn this year. Since the day I was born, I’ve lived in Hershey, Pennsylvania (that place where they make chocolate) so most of my summers are spent amongst tourists, fighting crazy traffic. That being said, I’m thrilled to be spending my summer in a new state, with new people, facing new adventures. More specifically, I can’t wait to unplug from technology and center my focus on the people, and world, around me.

Elizabeth Smith (left)

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am from San Antonio, Texas. I went to high school at St. Mary’s Hall and now go to Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth, Texas. At TCU I am a Graphic Design major, planning on getting my MFA and am a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. I am 19 years old, have a mother, a father, two brothers and three dogs- all of whom I love dearly! I have been going to Sanborn (1st session) for 7 summers, starting out as a junior in 2010 and going all the way through to my JC year in 2016. My mom went to Sanborn and because of her, me, my brothers, cousins and home friends have attended camp as well! I have two twin brothers who both 15 years old and are both campers at Big Spring right now, as well as a cousin who is also at Big Spring as a junior here for his first year ever! Some of my best friends to this day are people I met during my time at Sanborn, whether it was during my first or seventh year. When I am not in class I enjoy spending time with friends, visiting art museums/ studying art and working on my own art projects in various mediums. I also enjoy reading and watching TV/Movies. I am a big Harry Potter, Twilight, Game of Thrones, The Da Vinci Code, etc. fan and can always talk cinema. I consider myself to be a huge mental health advocate, and I love the outdoors; I believe nature is incredibly beneficial to one’s life. I am so excited to be back in the amazing Colorado scenery riding horses, taking photos, creating art, building friendships, and connecting to and appreciating nature.


Emily Gordon (top)

Hello! My name is Emily this will be my first summer at Sanborn and I am so excited! I have spent the last two summers in the Great Smoky Mountains hiking, swimming, and white water rafting. When I am not adventuring outside in the summer time, I am creating art and studying at East Carolina University. I have one year left as an art major studying Textiles. A few fun facts about me is that I love to eat oatmeal for breakfast, I have my Scuba Diving certification, and I once won a hula-hoop competition. I am most excited to sit under the stars at night this summer at camp!

Becca Gwyn (middle)

Hey y’all! I’m Becca Gwyn and I am over the moon to be back at Sanborn for my second summer! I go to school in a small North Carolina mountain town at Appalachian State and I am studying Sustainable Development with a double minor in Spanish and Geology. I am a big fan of the mountains, and while I have always lived by the Blue Ridge a piece of my heart belongs to the Rockies. I can’t wait for stargazing, morning dance parties, and getting to spend every day hiking and playing games in the sun!

Liza Roe (bottom)

Hello everyone! My name is Liza Roe, and I am from Bozeman Montana. I am so excited for this summer because it is my first year at Sanborn! I have heard so much about all the fun we have from other family members who have attended camp. I go to school at Colorado College, and I am studying Education. I also anticipate taking more courses about environmental issues and history. I love spending any time outside whether skiing, hiking or just hanging out with friends and listening to music. I am really looking forward to a fun summer at Sanborn!


Abby Smalley (top)

Hi! My name is Abby and I’m so stoked to be back at High Trails for my second best summer of my life! I just graduated from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York with a degree in Psychology. When I wasn’t studying, I spent most of my time getting outside with friends and convincing them to eat large amounts of ice cream with me, even when it was below 0 in the North Country. I love to go on walks/hikes, ride my bike around town, and sing loudly to music. I’m so excited to be back in the Rocky Mountains eating tons of s’mores, camping and making new friends!

Jaylee Kellar (bottom left)

Howdy y’all!! My name is Jay! Growing up in Southern California, I LOVE sunshine! Some of my favorite days are spent at the beach surfing or stand-up paddle boarding! I just completed my second year studying Psychology and Physical Education at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Look for me in the student section at the Men’s Basketball games! While at school, I mainly spend my weekends competing on our club softball team, rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking, or skiing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! In my community at home, I am known as the girl who runs. Running is definitely my way to escape! After being a party captain at Lazertag Extreme for four years, I realized how much I enjoy playing with kids! I hope to even become an elementary school teacher one day! My family just moved to Colorado Springs and I am excited to explore the mountains surrounding us! For my first year at Sanborn, I am most excited to share many breathtaking moments in nature with the campers and other counselors! As Doug says in the Disney movie Up, ‘Adventure is out there!’

Perrin Milliken (bottom right)

Hello! My name is Perrin Milliken and this will be my first year at camp so I am beyond excited to be a part of the High Trails community this summer! I just finished my first year at Bowdoin College, a small school in Maine, where I am hoping to study Earth and Oceanographic Studies and Visual Arts. A few basic facts about me: I LOVE purple, my favorite thing in the world is a roasted marshmallow, and I spent the fall of my junior year in high school at a semester school in Colorado not too far from Sanborn, where I fell in love with backpacking. I am from Vermont, a state I love for its abundance of maple syrup, cheese, and Ben and Jerry’s. Clearly I love food, which is why I am super excited to get to cook both at camp and in the backcountry this summer! I can’t wait to meet some goofy people, get to know the campers, and spend time outside this summer!


Colleen Geldermann (left)

Hey! My name is Colleen Geldermann, this is my first year at camp and I cannot be more excited. I’m a rising senior at Colby College, studying Biology and Economics (not quite sure how I’m going to tie those into a career just yet, but I’m sure I can figure something out). When I’m not studying or hanging out with my friends I love to read and cook! I am obsessed with reality-based cooking competitions shows (Great British Baking Show might be my favorite). My favorite class I have ever taken at Colby is Ornithology, so now I know about birds a little more than the average person. I can’t wait to hang out at camp with everyone. I may not be a good singer or a good dancer, but I love to do both. Also, I think I make a mean s’more.

Ayla Raye-Leonard (middle)

Hi all! I’m Ayla, and this is my first summer at High Trails- I can’t wait! I’m from a small town in Michigan and now I go to the University of Michigan working on my BSN/RN (bachelors of science in nursing/ registered nurse). My end game is to become a midwife! When I’m not studying my butt off, I love rock climbing, backpacking, volunteering as a doula at the local hospital, or learning about pretty much anything. Outside of that all, I love discovering new music and researching/ getting involved in politics. I’m so excited to meet all the gals that I get the pleasure of working with this summer, so that we can all have an amazing summer connecting with nature and building each other up.

Sarah Burnham (right)

Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m from Northbrook, Illinois. This will be my 8th summer at camp and I cannot wait to be back! I just finished my freshman year at Colorado College and although I’m still working on what I want to be when I grow up, I love all things history and biology and will most likely major in some combination of the two. I love doing yoga, dancing, hiking, and reading (especially Harry Potter). I’m also working on learning to speak Italian, so if you want to brush up on your pasta knowledge, I am always more than happy to talk food! I love to be silly so expect many costumes, dance parties, and loud singing as we make this summer incredible together.


Leah Herring (middle)

Hellloooo! This is my 3rd summer at High Trails and I am so happy to be back. I just graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in social work and I am putting off the real world for a little bit to spend my summer at camp which we all know is much more fun. I am originally from Kansas City and I love getting to meet campers from KC and from all over the world! My favorite thing to do at camp is sing songs obnoxiously loud during lunch (my favorite is On Top of Spaghetti). I’m so excited to see old friends and meet lots of new people this year. See you soon!

Meghan Lahr (right)

Hi my name is Meg and this will be my first summer at Sanborn! I grew up in Evergreen, Colorado and just completed my bachelors of science in biology at UNC-Wilmington. Spending four years at the beach has left me with a serious case of mountain withdrawals so I am so eager to get back to my home state! I am an avid cloud gazer and can often be found staring at the sky. My dream job is to become a professional cloud photographer. All I have to do is learn to use a camera and find myself a helicopter. Aside from wanting to live in the clouds, my passion lies in outdoor education! I love the outdoors and am looking forward to sharing my excitement for exploring with all the campers!

Kushali Patel (left)

Hello hello lovelies my name is Kushali and I’m so excited for this summer! I’ve been a camper for 8 years but this is my first summer on staff! I’m a rising sophomore at the College of William and Mary in Virginia where I’m studying Neuroscience. When I’m not in classrooms or libraries, you can find me dancing with my Bhangra team, a dance form from the Punjab region of India, and practicing clarinet in the music studio. I’m so excited for a summer full of Oreo no-bake (objectively the best no-bake), hiking in the Sound of Music hills, and sunrise summits! Summer is getting closer every day and I cannot wait to meet all of you amazing humans!


Anna Gordon (back left)

My name is Anna Gordon, I am a Colorado Native, and this will be my first year at Sanborn. I graduated from Widefield High School in 2016, and currently I am attending Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC). My goal at PPCC is to transfer to The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) and obtain my Masters degree in Psychology. Working with youth is a passion of mine, and after college I am going to pursue School Counseling. Later on in my career, I wish to advance and become an Art Therapist. A fun fact about me, I am quite the artist! I LOVE to create art. Drawing, painting, sculpting, building, sewing, etc. I had artwork in many art shows and even was the leader/lead designer of a mural for my high school. With this being my first year at Sanborn, and as a counselor, I look forward to working with all the campers and staff members. There are many adventures to be discovered this summer, and I cannot wait to share these discoveries!

Natalie Mongeau (back right)

Hello! My name is Natalie Mongeau! I can’t wait to meet everyone! This will be my second summer working at Sanborn, though I learned about it through participating in their fall Outdoor Education program, and I just keep coming back! I am currently a student at the University of Montana in Missoula where I am studying History and Wilderness Studies. I got to spend this past school year falling in love with Montana since my minor program took me camping in some pretty spectacular places, but I was born in raised in Colorado Springs and the Colorado Mountains will always be my happy place. I absolutely love creating - or failing to create - new art projects, hiking to the highest point that I can reach, and dressing up for every ridiculous occasion that I can. I also fiercely believe in the magic of starlight, laughter, and the smell of the trees. I can’t wait to share another magical summer at High Trails with everyone!

Sage Stevens (front)

Hi there! My name is Sage, and I am so so excited to be spending my 7th summer at High Trails. I am studying History, Biology, and how to survive -20 degree weather at Montana State University. I am originally from Green Mountain Falls, CO, which you probably haven’t heard of, but you’re most likely going to drive by it on your way to camp (it’s where the Pikes Peak Highway starts). I am an avid reader, so please bring me your favorite book and we can talk about it! Even though I have only ever lived in a landlocked state, I love the ocean and scuba diving is my favorite thing to do. I also an amateur yoga enthusiast and rock climber, and am looking forward to pursuing those activities at camp. I can’t wait to summit some 14’ers with some amazing ladies!


Annie Altwarg (back left)

My name is Annie Altwarg. This is my first summer at Sanborn Western Camps and I cannot be more excited! I am from a small town outside of Syracuse, NY (Upstate) and I am a sophomore at Ithaca College studying Business Administration with a concentration in Management. In addition, I have minors in Recreation and the Outdoor Pursuits. A few facts about me, I plan on studying abroad next Spring in New Zealand. I hope to have the chance to backpack in Australia and New Zealand while I am there. Also, my goal is to ski the Swiss Alps some day. Another fun fact about me is that I love Irish music because it puts me in an amazing mood. I have only been to Colorado one time and I am very excited to head back. At camp this summer, I am excited to meet amazing people and create connections. Also, I am looking forward to being present and developing my skills in the outdoors and as a leader.

Addie Nersthiemer (back right)

Hi everyone! My name is Addie and this will be my first year on the High Trails staff, but I have been to Colorado many times and I love it. I am so incredibly excited and I cannot wait to meet everyone. I go to the University of Central Missouri and am studying to be an Elementary Education teacher. In my free time, I love to dance and am on the dance team at my school. I love exercising and moving! A couple fun facts about me are that I have been to all 50 states and ice cream is my all-time favorite food. This summer I am super excited to go on the backpacking trips with all the campers. It’s going to be such an amazing summer!

Sam Wilson (front)

Hi there! My name is Sam Wilson and this will be my 8th summer at camp but my first time on staff. I am SO excited! I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico but currently attending school in Los Angelos at Loyola Marymount studying Communications with a minor in Studio Arts. Sanborn shaped the person I am today. The people, the environment, and the culture at Sanborn has given me some of my happiest memories. I can’t wait to get back into the rockies and laugh until my cheeks hurt. I am most looking forward to giving back to the place that gave me so much and meeting so many new faces.


Amy Harff (right)

This is my first summer at High Trails (woohoo!). I attend Hamilton College where I am a double major in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. I love slacklining, stargazing, dad jokes, dancing and sloths. I love sloths. When I am not outdoors, I am most likely listening to some good tunes, doing art, cooking or hanging out with friends. I am so excited to spend this summer hiking, climbing, making art and being goofy with everyone.

Erica Ashby (left)

Hi all! My name Erica, and I’m from Ogden Dunes in the great state of Indiana. This will be my first summer at High Trails! Currently, I’m a freshman at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania studying political science and finance. I’m on the ski team at Lehigh even though I fall more then I finish! I’m also involved in Outing Club and the School Newspaper. I went to high school in New Hampshire, where I developed a passion for ski racing, nordic skiing, and backpacking; this is why I now am eager to be a camp counselor. This summer I’m most excited to go on trips with my campers and eat my favorite snack: trail mix yummmmm. People say I’m pretty quirky which may be because my favorite animals are cows, I love cheesy jokes, and I crave gummy bears.

Carrie Ellsworth (middle)

Hey y’all! My name is Caroline but at camp a lot of people call me Carrie. I was a camper at Sanborn for eight summers and I could not be more excited to come back! I am currently a freshman at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, but I’m a Denver native, so CO and I know each other pretty well. My major is still undeclared, but I am considering studying Political Science and History with a possible minor in Religious Studies. I love my dog more than anything on the planet and I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift dance parties. This summer I’m most excited to get to know y’all better and to spend some time in the beautiful outdoors–it really is unbeatable. I can’t wait for opening day and a summer full of smiles, sunshine, and sisterhood. See you soon!


India Seldin (left)

Hi, my name is India Seldin, I am a rising fourth year at the University of Virginia where I am studying history. This will be my first summer at Sanborn, but I went to camp in Virginia as a camper when I was younger. I love the outdoors! My favorite things to do are run, hike, and read! I love funny movies and books the most but I will watch/read anything with a good story! This will be my first time ever in the state of Colorado, on the west coast I have only ever been to Wyoming, so I am super excited to explore it at camp!

Taylor Crossen (right)

Hi everyone, my name is Taylor and this will be my 9th summer at camp! I am a second generation camper, and this will be my 2nd year on staff. Sanborn has held such a special place in my heart for many years, and I am looking forward to spreading this joy to your daughters this summer! I am currently a student at the University of Colorado and am studying elementary education. Some other fun facts about me are I love s’mores with peanut butter, I love to swim and am a certified lifeguard, and I believe I have the best dress up clothes EVER. I am so excited to be making so many amazing memories this summer and cannot wait to meet all of you so soon!

Anna Sebree (middle)

Hi, I’m Anna Sebree. I am currently a freshman at Syracuse University in upstate New York and majoring in political science and policy studies. I was a camper at Sanborn for four summers and I am so excited to be back as staff. I grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and London, UK for most of my life, but no matter where in the world I am, I can’t stay away from those Colorado mountains! I am so excited to do lots of hiking and climbing fourteeners this summer!


Kylie Palmer (middle)

Hi everyone! My name is Kylie and this is my first summer at camp! I was born and raised in Long Island but for the past four years, I’ve been studying at Binghamton University in Upstate NY. After graduating this year, I hope get my Masters in Education in Teaching Biology so I can spread my love for science and the environment to my future students. Some fun facts about me: I’ve been a rower for the past 8 years so being on the water is where I feel most at home; I love skiing, biking, hiking, running, and pretty much any other outdoor activity; and I hope to complete the Spartan Trifecta and become an Adirondack 46er in the next few years! I also love to paint and practice yoga in my free time. I am most excited for the awesome trips we are going to experience at camp and I cannot wait to climb my first Fourteener with you guys!

Molly Mann (right)

Hello! My name is Molly, born in Denver, Colorado, and raised in the small coastal town of Camden, Maine! I am a rising junior at Wellesley College, studying Neuroscience and French, and on a pre-medical track. One week after camp 2019 ends, I will be hopping on a plane to France, where I will spend the Fall 2019 semester! Three fun facts about me are: I have held multiple lead roles in musicals (my favorite was my part as Wednesday in the Addam’s Family!), I usually spend my summers sailing on the Maine coast with my family, and I have dissected a REAL human brain! I was a camper at Sanborn for three summers, including one summer as a junior counselor. Camp certainly allowed me to have some of the most informative and inspiring experiences of my teenage years, and truly made me the person I am today. That being the case, I am SO excited to share my love for Colorado, the mountains, camp songs, and sisterhood with the 2019 campers! I look forward to summiting some literal AND metaphorical mountains this summer!! Let’s do this!

Ellie Hewell (left)

My name is Ellie Hewell and I was a camper for 8 years at High Trails. Now I’m returning to be an AC this summer! I’m currently studying English at Tufts University in Boston, but I am from Houston, Texas. I am excited to get back to camp this summer to be in nature and enjoy the community I grew up with.


Alison Gouveia (top)

Hey everyone! My name is Alison Gouveia and this summer is going to be my first year at camp! I am a rising junior at Gettysburg College and am studying Environmental Studies and Math. A couple fun things about me are that I love to hike, make Oreo truffle balls, and I like to go ‘rain sledding’ with my siblings and neighbors when it pours. One thing I am pumped to do at camp this summer is get back in touch with nature and get to know all the amazing people who are going to be at camp!

Wylie Cassinelli (bottom)

Hello all! My name is Wylie Cassinelli, and this will be my second summer on staff at Sanborn! I am a student at the University of Redlands in Southern California and I am studying Environmental Science and Studio Art. At school I am a trip leader so I lead incoming freshman adventure trips, spring break trips and all kinds of camping and backpacking overnights throughout the school year. Some fun facts about me are I am a Harry Potter trivia wiz, I love taking pictures and I love biking around my school campus. I am most excited to be back in the camp environment and to be running the photography darkroom in the Interbarn!

Josie Abbott (middle)

Hey everyone! I’m Josie and I’m super excited about this coming summer as this will be my 6th summer at camp but my first on staff! I am from Vermont but I am currently at St. Olaf College in Minnesota studying psychology and neuroscience. I actually also took a gap semester last spring to spend three months in South East Asia traveling with a group! Some other interesting things about me are: 1) True to my VT roots, I will eat maple syrup on almost anything, 2) I have a tattoo of Mt. Princeton, my toughest but favorite climb I did at camp (so you could say I’m pretty dedicated to the cause, and 3) I’ve been skiing since I was 3 BUT the first time I snowboarded, I sprained my wrist. I am super excited to be back at High Trails this summer, hiking, biking, and climbing with everybody!!! (though I might find my way onto a horse or two)


Emily Gates (right)

Hello!! I’m Emily Gates and this will be my second year at Sanborn! I was there two summers ago but had to leave early, so hopefully this year I’ll get to finish the summer. Anyway! I’m originally from a suburb of Chicago but I graduated from Bradley University with a bachelors in Social Work in Peoria, IL. After graduation I stayed in Peoria to work at a residential facility for children with developmental and intellectual delays with severe behavioral and emotional troubles. After camp this summer I’ll be heading back to Chicago to go get my masters degree in social work from Loyola University! Some fun facts about myself: 1. My dad had me on skis before I could walk, 2. I was a ballerina for about 18 years of my life, 3. I can’t get through the day without some chocolate…(: I’m super excited to meet everyone and finally climb a 14er!

McKenna Daily (left)

Hello! My name is McKenna Daily :) I’ve been coming to camp since I was 7 (and this will be my second summer as a counselor), I’m a Hispanic Studies major at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, and I am super stoked for camp to start. Some fun facts about me are that I once saw a baby marmot and it was the best, I’m bringing my sickest 80s jacket to camp for dances (you can totally borrow it), and my secret talents are making friendship bracelets and snot rocketing. So excited to meet you soon!!

Sierra Barnicle (not pictured)

I am originally from the beautiful state of Vermont but now go to college in Colorado at the University of Denver. This will be my first summer at camp, although other parts of my family have attended and I can’t wait to get to be apart of the camp community. At DU I study psychology but spend a good portion of my time climbing, skiing and spending as much time outdoors as possible. I am an officer in the DU alpine club. I love making friendship bracelets, will eat yellow mustard on almost anything and am pretty sure I have almost no sense of smell. I’m most excited to get to be outside all summer with awesome people!


Jessie Karr (left)

My name is Jessie Karr and I grew up in Hood River Oregon. This will be my first summer at Sanborn and I can’t wait! I recently graduated from the University of Portland with a degree in Biology and a minor in chemistry. In the future, I would like to study wildlife biology and work for the forest service or national park service. I love hiking and all things furry, including my 10 year old Border Collie who I take everywhere. In my free time I love to travel to National Parks and I am in love with UTAH! I am so excited to hike and adventure at camp this year, as well as make camp feel like home for everyone else!!!

Annabelle Newton (right)

Hi! I’m Annabelle, and I’m from San Antonio, Texas. I started going to High Trails what I was 10 years old. I am so excited to be back as an AC!! I go to Davidson College, I am on the Pre-Veterinary track, and I plan on majoring in psychology. I am so excited to spend my summer at High Trails because I love being outside and making new friends! I can’t wait to climb 14ers, dance and dress in costumes, horseback ride, and be in the best place in the world!!


George Behnam (right)

Hi my name is George and this will be my second year on staff and my 7th year at Sanborn. I am going to transfer into Fordham University the Bronx campus this fall, majoring in media and communications studies as well as Philosophy. I love to adventure with good people while eating good food. I have a detrimental fear of sea cucumbers and dream of being on a travel cooking show. This summer, I am excited for the wonderful Rocky Mountain sunsets, hiking 14ers, reading sassy novels, and trying new things!

Emma Greenberg (middle)

Hey everyone! My name is Emma and I’m a sophomore at Whitman College. This will be my first year as a counselor after being a camper at Sanborn for 6 years. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri so I can not wait to be back in the mountains! At school I’m studying Art and Environmental Studies. Some favorite things of mine include photography, music, and drinking tea! I love horseback riding and I’ve also gotten into rock climbing and kayaking since going to school in Washington. I’m so excited to be a part of camp again, spending way more time outside in the sun and sleeping under the stars, and creating some wonderful camp memories with you all!

Isa Murphy (right)

Hello! My official name is Isabel Murphy but you can call me Isa :) This is my first summer at High Trails– I am a first year Assistant Counselor and I could not be more stoked to be here!! Woohoo!! I’m originally from Illinois but I go to the University of Montana studying Resource Conservation in the beautiful Big Sky country. When I’m not doing schoolwork you can find me either on a walk down by the river, hiking, snowboarding, attempting to slackline, at the local pizza place, crystal hunting, meditating in the sun, climbing a tree, rockin out to live music or just chilling with friends. A few fun facts about me– once I was dancing so hard that I broke my foot and was in a boot for months, I was voted for yearbook senior superlatives as Most Environmentalist , I can barely go a day without chocolate, and I was raised with a fishing pole in my hand. I am beyond excited to meet everyone for the first time and to share and experience the beauty of nature with amazing people all summer. Looking forward to making memories that last a lifetime– everywhere from in the cabins to the tops of mountains. I hope to meet you all soon :) Peace!


Sydney Lang (right)

Hi!!! My name is Sydney. I am SO excited for my second year at Sanborn! I am originally from Olympia, Washington but I am currently living in Missoula, Montana where I go to school. I am heading into my Junior year studying Communication and Climate Change. I love to rock climb, mountain bike, listen to live music and play inner-tube water polo. I can’t wait to be back in the best place with some awesome new friends this summer.

Madeline Stranzl (left)

Hey y’all! My name is Madeline, but most people call me Mads! This will be my first time at Sanborn, and I am thrilled to explore Colorado, meet new people, and hang out on the trails with you all! I am originally from Boise, Idaho, but I go to school at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA and I am studying Business Leadership, Communication Studies with an emphasis in Asian Studies. If I am not outside skiing, hiking, or mountain biking, you can find me having spontaneous dance parties, eating crunchy peanut butter by the spoon, scooping ice cream, analyzing film, or playing soccer and basketball! I am very excited to go explore, ride, climb, and hike the beautiful trails of Colorado with all of the amazing campers and counselors! Happy trails and here’s to the best summer yet!

Kate Middleton (middle)

Hi! My name is Kate Middleton, and I was a camper at High Trails every summer from age 10 to 17, but this is my first summer on staff. I grew up in Big Sky Montana, and took a gap year to get my W-EMT certification, trek in India and live in NYC. I love to downhill ski, horseback ride, climb, hike, and basically everything else outside. This fall I am headed to Bates College in Maine and plan to study political science and government. I am so excited to sleep under the stars, climb some mountains, and explore and adventure all summer long.


Audrey Hogenkamp (bottom)

Hi! My name is Audrey Hogenkamp and I recently graduated from Augustana College in Rock Island Illinois with a degree in applied math and biology. As a kid I never went to camp, and as I got older I spent the summers working, and so I am VERY excited to spend my first ever summer at camp. I was a member of a circus arts club when I was younger and so I have all sorts of hidden circus skills like juggling, walking on a ball, slacklining, and riding a unicycle. Another fun fact is that last year I shaved my head for a Saint Baldricks event to raise money for childhood cancer. This summer I am SO excited to spend lots and lots of time outside in beautiful Colorado (4 years of college in Illinois really gives you an appreciation for the mountains).

Emma Antall (middle)

Hi! My name is Emma and I’m originally from California. I just graduated from Colorado College with a degree in molecular biology. I’m so excited to be back at Sanborn, and I can’t wait to hike, fish, and climb with everyone! See you guys soon!

Ardyn Ford (top)

Hey ladies!! This will be my first year at Sanborn, and I am soooo stoked to spend all summer outside exploring Colorado and taking campers on adventures. I’m a sophomore at the University of Utah studying economics and writing. I spend most of my free time in Utah’s mountains and deserts, leading trips for the Outdoor Adventures program. Three fun facts about me: 1. I was raised vegetarian -never had meat! 2. My dream job for most of my childhood was to be a storm chaser (seeing a tornado is still a life goal) 3. I looovee parmesan cheese and put it on almost everything that I eat! I’m super excited to meet all of you!

Karaline Green (not pictured)

Hey, Hi, Hello! My name is Karaline and I am SO excited to be returning to High Trails for my third summer on staff. I am from good ol’ Minnesota where I recently graduated from Bethel University with a degree in Business (Go Royals!). Things I love include sitting in my hammock, reading Brene Brown, and drinking good coffee. When I’m not in my hammock, I love ripping around on my razor scooter, thrifting for clothes, or singing at the top of my lungs with my best pals. When I think about camp, I am most excited for lunch time– who doesn’t love chanting, singing, and embarrassing your fellow counselors :) !


Shannon Robeski (far left)

Hello Mountain Mamas! My name is Shannon and I am absolutely thrilled to be back at High Trails for a second summer! I just graduated from the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!) with a degree in business management and a minor in nonprofit organizational studies. Some of my favorite activities include exploring local coffee shops, volunteering at a therapeutic horseback riding center, hiking and cooking (my favorite food is TACOS!) I can’t wait to hike to mountain tops, sing at the top of my lungs, get chaco tan lines and eat lots of peanut butter! Let’s make this summer the best one yet! Can’t wait to meet you!

Victoria Cross (second from left)

Hey y’all! I’m Victoria and this will be my first summer at High Trails as a Wrangler! I am currently a student at Purdue University studying Mass Media Communications. When I’m not studying or working as a Photo Editor for the schools newspaper, I am involved in the photo club, the western equestrian team, soccer and volleyball intramural teams along with dancing,singing and skiing any chance I get. A couple of fun facts about me: 1.I am part of this secret dance group on Purdue’s Campus called the Morphs. Every Friday my group of 7 dress up in colored morph suits and dance through out campus on the way to classes. It’s quite the cardio workout! 2. After spending 10 days in Ireland I then traveled back to the US and then hopped on another plane to Uganda all with in 3 days. 3. I can quote the Toy Story movie. I’M A DISNEY FANATIC! I can’t wait to meet all y’all and hit the trials together!

Sydney Cubero (middle)

Hi! My name is Sydney! This is my first year here at camp and I’m working at the barn with the horses! I’m from Colorado Springs and I’m starting school at Western Carolina University this fall. When I’m not with the horses, I like to paint, embroider, and bake coconut meringue cookies! My favorite movie is Hot Rod and I love dogs and sandwiches. I would consider myself to be a professional singer but only in the shower! I’m super excited for all the kiddos to get here and ride horses!

SaJo Davis (far right)

Howdy Sanborn Campers! My name is SaJo and I am a wrangler at Sanborn. This is my first year here, but I’ve been a wrangler and around horses my entire life. Have you ever been curious about something so much that you were driven to find out more about it? I have, about a lot of things, but mostly about horses. I’ve lived my life wondering how to connect with a horse and become his best friend. I’ve found that horses are wondrous animals that need love and respect and there are great ways of communicating with them and I can teach you how to do that! Once you and your horse form a bond, there is nothing more amazing in the world than to discover and ride together as a partnership team. Horses are my passion, and being outside in the wilderness with a horse is my utopia. It can be yours too. With a little training and a lot of fun, you can have the same experiences as I do. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you by name and sharing my experiences and learning and teaching “horse” with you! Happy Trails to all my new friends!

Sarah Slusher (second from right)

Hi! My name is Sarah Slusher! I’m a veterinary technician and I work at Sanborn year round with the horses. I have two kids and one is a camper this year. I love spending time on horses in nature and I’m super excited for this summer!


Anna Middleton (right)

Hi! My name is Anna and I’m excited to be back for my third summer as the Ridge Leader for the junior program. I graduated from Whitman College with a degree in Rhetoric Studies last May, and since then I have been teaching skiing and ski patrolling at Big Sky Resort. I can’t wait for summer to start and be back exploring in the mountains with new and returning friends in Juniper and beyond!

Rachel Goodale (left)

Hi everyone! This will be my third summer at camp, and I cannot wait! I studied Business Administration with an emphasis in management and a double minor in recreation and outdoor education and economics at Western Colorado University! I graduated this May, and it was very bittersweet to be leaving the town I love so dearly! A couple fun facts about me: I absolutely love the outdoors and feeling the sun on my skin, and my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip! I am so excited for this summer I cannot even put it into words. I cannot wait to see all of the campers from previous years and meet the new adventure buddies we will have! Many of my favorite memories are at High Trails, and I am excited to make many more!

Emily Burnham (second from left)

Hello! My name is Emily, but I’m often known as Edna here at camp. I am so grateful to be at Sanborn for my 4th summer on staff (but my 11th summer at Sanborn, which is amazing and crazy!). Being at camp is truly the best part of the year, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Though I’m originally from the Chicago area, I’m finishing up my last semester at Colorado College, studying sociology, environmental issues, and dance, and I now call Colorado home. Most days, you can probably find me trying to do homework outside, going to too many dance classes, eating a lot of pasta, and staring up at Pikes Peak trying to figure out how it’s so pretty. I’m so very excited to climb mountains, have giant dance parties, look at the stars, and sing at the top of my lungs with our fantastic campers and staff this summer!!!

Nat Roberts (second from right)

Hi! My name is Nat and I will be the Ridge Leader for Ponderosa and Silver Spruce this summer. I grew up in Denver and am happy to be back in Colorado again. I attend the University of Utah where I study Biological Anthropology. I’m looking forward to summiting mountains, going on hikes, and rock climbing and I can’t wait to spend time with the kiddos on my ridge!


Sydney McCain (right)

Hey guys! My name is Sydney and I’m so excited to be back at camp for the summer! I was a camper for two summers and now I’m coming back after several years as the photographer. I grew up in Wichita, Kansas before moving to Colorado about 4 years ago. I am going into my senior year at the University of Colorado Boulder and I’m majoring in Art History with minors in French and Classics. I just recently spent the semester interning at the Denver Art Museum which was super cool because I love anything and everything arts related! I’m excited to explore the beautiful Colorado outdoors all summer long and I’m looking forward to all the adventures we will have!

Madeline Smith (second from left)

I have been making artwork ever since I could hold crayons and am also a future high school art teacher with a deep interest in engaging my future students to learn about the importance of keeping the arts in education. My excitement to integrate nature with concepts such as leadership, teamwork, and collaboration with others is incredibly high and I let it really shine throughout my fun camp activities! I attended High Trails in 2009, 2010, & 2013 which really strengthened my love for the outdoors and allowed me to become more familiar with what the natural world has to offer. In these experiences sleeping under the stars, wrangling cattle on horseback, and hiking 30+ miles at a time to get to a mountain’s summit, I have become more and more inclined to preserving this planet in whatever way I can think of- recycling regularly and encouraging those around me to do the same, substituting plastics with reusable alternatives, or growing my own gardens so I may save packaging on produce and am excited to share my love for nature with all the upcoming campers that visit the Art Barn!

Cass Rhodes (left)

I am a Colorado native and just graduated from Colorado State University with my bachelor’s in English Education. In the fall I will be moving to Austin, TX to start a new adventure as a middle school English teacher. This will be my third summer at Sanborn and I am beyond excited to spend this year as the kitchen coordinator, which entails cleaning the lodge, taking out the trash, and hanging out with the AC’s (all the fun stuff). I’m hoping this summer will bring more beautiful views, good friends, and happy campers.

Kelsey Schaphorst (second from right)

What’s up friends, my name is Kelsey Schaphorst and I am thrilled to be on staff this summer!! I am currently in Nursing School at Morehead State University in Kentucky. I love a fast paced, exciting environment so I am hoping to end up in the ER or ICU. When I’m not studying or in clinical, I love doing anything outdoors (hiking, running, swimming etc.). I also spend a lot of my time cheering on the Carolina Panthers, exploring new coffee shops, and listening to new music. Charlotte, NC is where I call home. I’ve been going to summer camp for as long as I can remember, I was a camper at Sanborn in 2010 and have been dying to go back ever since! I spend most winter breaks skiing in Colorado, but nothing compares to the summers. I’ve been told if nursing doesn’t work out, stand-up comedy is a second option. I love goofing around and making people laugh. I’m looking forward to a great summer and I’m so eager to meet everyone!

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