Camp Madness: San...Born To Be Wild!

A few weeks ago, we got a call from our friends over at Happy Camper Live telling us about a fun little project they were working on. They thought that since we missed March Madness in March - we should have a little Camp fun with a March Madness twist and from that CAMP MADNESS was born! They also wanted to be sure that the competition was beneficial for an awesome organization, SCOPE! SCOPE provides camperships to help kids attend any ACA accredited camp non-profit and residential camps of their choice.

After some creative brainstorming sessions at the office, costume closet digging and air guitar lessons we were ready for the film crew to show up! Head on over to the Camp Madness website to see our full length (less than 2 minute) video entry and give us a vote. While you are there, you will get to vote for the winner in every match up.

Step by Step Instructions (for the prehistorics in the group that saw the original movie)

Go to:

Click the Green Button that says: “Vote Now. Must be 13 years or older to Vote”

Sign in with your Name and email address (this allows them to send you emails with updates about the competition)

Start Voting through Round 1. You’ll get to vote for each Round 1 match up (we are in the last match up)

Have Fun! There are some really creative videos in the competition and we had a great time making our and joining in on the fun! Thanks Happy Camper Live for putting this together!

Remember -

To see the whole video head on over to vote!

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Jessie Spehar
About Jessie Spehar

Jessie began her career at camp as a counselor in 2006 and returned each subsequent summer, taking on more responsibilities each year, including those of Camp Photographer and Supervisor of Canoeing and River trips. She joined the year-round team in 2013 as Marketing Director for the camps. Jessie has a B.A. in Elementary Education and an M.A. in Special Education and taught for 4 years before joining the COEC full-time staff. Stuffing M&Ms into marshmallows prior to roasting them, sitting in a canoe or her SUP board on top of the water and photographing everything are some of Jessie’s biggest joys.