Calves at Witcher Ranch

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Come for a little adventure out to Witcher Ranch, where the spring season is in full swing and the little calves are out playing. In the last few weeks, 30 calves have been born and we are expecting about 40 more in the coming weeks. The cows in the photo above haven't yet had their calves.
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The little one on the left, was born just this morning! Once, a calf is born, our Ranch Manager Eric, will bring the new calf and it’s Mama into the pasture by ranch house so he can put the identification ear tag onto the calf and make sure it’s Mama is taking good care of it. After her calf is born, the Mama cleans them off and nudges them to get them to stand up for the first time. Mama will stay very close by the first few hours. Then, after a couple days the new calves will start to play with the other calves or nap in the sun together. The calves don’t have any problems recognizing their Mama and always go find her at mealtime.

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These two were playing tag, until they noticed me with the camera.

The calves are extra cute when they are being curious. Mama is always there to be sure they are safe. Only 1 set of twins has been born so far this year.

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