Winter Recap from the Barn

As the seasons change and we start to usher in warmer months, a season of reflection falls upon us. In the past months many events have brought us joy and some times have reminded us to reminisce. The snow brought us many opportunities to take gorgeous photographs of the horses in the winter pasture. Close to Crash Corner, where our herd grazes in the winter, we managed to snag a few photos of our horses in the snow.

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As we say goodbye to the cold months, we also must say goodbye to some of our barn family. It is difficult to adequately express our gratitude to these animals as we will miss them dearly. Although they are no longer with us they will certainly not be forgotten.

Meeker was a kind soul and lived at Sanborn since 2009. He passed away on March 13th peacefully in the snow. His tenure at camp included being a trusty and reliable trail horse and an arena showstopper.

We must also say good bye to Cimmaron. Cimmaron was a mustang with a stong work ethic and an even stonger love for campers. She was a fantastic trail horse and could be seen going on long trips just last summer.

Our last goodbye is dedicated to the loving and sweet Lucy. Lucy the goat called the barn yard of High Trails home and shared her space with her brother Linus and Penelope the pig. She could often be seen lounging and soaking in the sun after eating hay.

With the warmer weather on the horizon, we also get the chance to introduce some new additions to the Sanborn herd! We are excited for you to meet them soon.

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Our first introduction is Evie, a black Egyptian Arab we hope to include in the juniors program. She joined the herd in January and has made friends with Harlow and Hobo! Her gentle manor and small stature will make her a great fit for campers.

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We would also like to welcome Beau! He is a 21 year old Missouri Foxtrotter who will hangout with you anytime you are near. His kind nature and loving spirit has allowed him to fit right into our herd.

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Marge Rhodenbaugh
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Marge is a wrangler at the High Trails barn in the summer and works year round with the horses and barn yard animals. She has a long history with camping and has worked previously as a counselor and wrangler at another camp. She loves ginger snap cookies from the bakery and cheering loudly at the talent show. Marge graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Psychology and Chemistry in 2019.