Spring Update from the Barn

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We have been busy retreiving horses from the winter pasture and bringing them back to barn! Above are a few photos of the wranglers catching Flashy and Aspen. Once the horses return to the barn they are given a good brushing and then are turned out to Olin pasture. As soon as the weather turns nice they will get baths- check in soon for some of those great photos!

We have also been busy training some of our horses. Seen here is Beauty getting some longing work in the arena. The goal of this exercise is to gain trust between rider and horse as well as to give the horse the opportunity to problem solve and work through mental blocks.

We recently had Jay Bell and Brandon Bunting out to the Ranch to give our horses a hoof trim. We love our farriers because they love our horses and show it by the patience and kindess they exhibit when working with our herd!

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All of our horses now have freshly trimmed feet and are excited to be back in Olin after the winter. We have started to ride our horses around property and are currently moving through the herd in order to identify possible training opportunities!

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Marge Rhodenbaugh
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Marge is a wrangler at the High Trails barn in the summer and works year round with the horses and barn yard animals. She has a long history with camping and has worked previously as a counselor and wrangler at another camp. She loves ginger snap cookies from the bakery and cheering loudly at the talent show. Marge graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Psychology and Chemistry in 2019.