Camp-to-Camp Hike with A Thousand Summers

Today on the blog, we’re highlighting one of our longstanding partner organizations and the work they’re doing this summer: the John Austin Cheley Foundation, soon to be known as A Thousand Summers. For over 30 years now, the JACF/A Thousand Summers has been helping to provide camp experiences with over 1,000 camperships awarded. We have worked closely together over the years to help more campers get to Sanborn and experience all we have to offer.

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This summer, JACF launched their new name and an accompanying fundraising effort - a Camp-to-Camp Hike from one of their partner camps in Maine, through the Midwest, and to three of their camps in Colorado, including Sanborn!
Their ultimate goal is to raise $5,000 throughout the Camp-to-Camp Hike, which will send one camper to a partner camp next summer. If they raise all $5,000, the total will be matched and two campers will receive a campership.

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For all our years of partnership, we’d love to support JACF/A Thousand Summers in this awesome adventure of theirs! The work that JACF does to provide camp experiences for fantastic kids across the country is so important. Many JACF campers have come through Sanborn over time and we hope to welcome many more in the future.

If you’d like to help with the Camp-to-Camp Hike this summer, you can follow the link here to the information page on the A Thousand Summers website. Future campers across the country thank you in advance!

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