Summer Update from the Barn

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Birthday boy Corri sporting a new look!

Greetings from the Barn! We wanted to fill you in on some of the things that have been happening down at the barn with your animal friends. We celebrated Corriā€™s 35th Birthday on June 3rd- that means that he is 105 in horse years! We celebrated with a carrot cake with only 4 candles, instead of 105. He loved the cake but loved the peppermints we gave him even more.

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The barn yard animals and the barn cat are missing the campers but are still smiling every morning! We like to think that it is becasue they are excited to see us but it might just be due to them being excited for breakfast. Penelope has gotten a new pool and we hope to share pictures soon of her going for a dip!

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Westy on the left, his best friend Baldie in the background this past winter.

We unfortunately lost Westy this summer. He was often seen with Baldie and loved going on long trips as a wrangler horse! He had a larger than life personality and was one of the kindest members of our heard. He will be missedbut certainly never forgotten.

Summer is starting to wind down here on the ranch and the aspens are just starting to add some color to their leaves. The horses are excited to have some cooler weather come their way! Check our social media pages for more animal updates and fun pictures! We hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of summer and looking forward to a festive fall.

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Marge Rhodenbaugh
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Marge is a wrangler at the High Trails barn in the summer and works year round with the horses and barn yard animals. She has a long history with camping and has worked previously as a counselor and wrangler at another camp. She loves ginger snap cookies from the bakery and cheering loudly at the talent show. Marge graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Psychology and Chemistry in 2019.