2021 Getting Ready for Camp COVID Additions

The following information is included in the Getting Ready for Camp packet that has been mailed to all enrolled camp families and the page numbers refer to pages in the Getting Ready magazine. If you have questions, please feel free to call the directors at 719-748-3341.

Required Forms Overview (p. 2)

Additional Forms Required in 2021

  1. COVID Commitment: Outlines community attitudes and behaviors for campers/camp families/staff prior to and during camp. Please read through and discuss this document carefully with your camper/s; both parent/guardian and camper/s must sign digitally.
  2. Testing Authorization and Waivers: Allows camp healthcare professionals and administration to access camper COVID test results from testing entities; provides parent permission for COVID testing
  3. Opening Day Arrival Survey: Provides camp with information which will help staff schedule camper arrivals throughout the day to limit wait times for families during the drop-off process.
  4. COVID Pre-Arrival Daily Screening Sheet: Must be filled out daily for the 10 days prior to the start of your camper’s camp session and uploaded to his/her account prior to arrival.

In 2021, more than any other year in the past, it is imperative we have ALL of your camper forms submitted prior to the May 1st deadline or before the deadline required for each specific form. If your child’s physical exam form is scheduled after May 1, please let us know by emailing cheryl@sanbornwesterncamps.com. As we learn more about new state guidelines or requirements, additional forms may be required. We will notify you via email when forms are updated and/or additional forms are required.

Online Community (p. 3)

Campanion App

This app will provide:

  1. The ability to scan and easily upload paper forms (including Parent Authorization to Treat, Physician’s Exam, Colorado Immunization Form, etc.) to your camper/s account directly from your smartphone.
  2. Facial recognition software which automatically scans the uploaded photos for images of your child, tags them and sends you updates when new images have been posted and allows you to download unlimited high-resolution photos at no extra cost.
  3. Push notification technology which allows camp to send information updates, reminders and important links.
  4. A COVID Daily Screening Tool: in lieu of printing out, filling out and uploading the COVID Pre-Screen Form, this tool will allow you to quickly capture digital documentation of the daily symptom screen required before coming to camp.

The Campanion App will cost between $10-15 and will be listed on the Additional Options form.

Camp Communication (p. 6-7)

Camp Photos Online We will continue to post photos of campers and camp activities as we have in the past. With the cohort environment, and the modified schedule, the schedule for uploading photos to the CampInTouch environment may differ weekly. Once camp is underway, we will let parents know, via the Campanion App or in our weekly update, when the photos are/will be available for the upcoming week. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to establish our “best practice” for this unique summer model.

Care Package from Home 2019 debuted our first “no-food” in care packages policy, so this is not a change. This year, it is essential. Please do not send food in care packages. Communal food sharing can spread bacteria and viruses between campers, and many of those viruses create symptoms consistent with COVID. COVID symptoms create heightened stress, anxiety and worry among campers, camp staff and the cohort.

Our focus this summer is on health and wellness and communal, outdoor fun. If you choose to send a care package to your camper this summer consider these additional options:

  1. Board Games–send your child his/her favorite; these can be donated to camp or local schools at the end of the camp season
  2. Cohort Sets–of….Socks! Bandanas! Headbands! T-shirts! 2 or 3-layer Masks! Hawaiian shirts from Goodwill! Let your creativity run wild and help build community.
  3. Special Staff Recharge Package–the counselors in 2021 will be navigating new, uncharted terrain every day (and that is just going to the lodge); consider sending your camper’s 4-6 cohort staff members something to say, “You are appreciated!!” This is NOT a tip or request for additional monetary compensation–a note of encouragement with a few copies of your favorite magazines or books or a set of funny/reusable coffee cups will brighten their days

Financial Information (p. 8-9)

Camp Store Each of the camp stores will be open at specific times for specific cohorts and will be based on who is in camp and when. Select clothing items will be available to pre-order via an online Google form which will be emailed closer to camp.

Policies & Procedures (p. 10-11)

Electronic Devices In addition to a music-only device, please feel free to send your child with a small, portable wireless speaker and/or headphones. We do not typically let campers hike with headphones in or music blasting from their backpacks, but it does feel like more music and impromptu dance parties will be appreciated in 2021.

Special Dietary Considerations Normally, on Opening Day, our cooks would be available to chat with parents who were dropping off campers and additional food to accommodate specific dietary needs. Because parents will not have access to cooks or the kitchens this summer, it is essential you fill out the online “Health History” form as completely as possible regarding allergies or dietary restrictions. The health center staff and medical team will review and update this information with you prior to camp as well. If you need to further discuss your child’s allergies or dietary restrictions, please email your child’s camp director to set up a phone call prior to May.

Medical Forms (p. 12-13)

Dr. Jeremy DeWall is our new Medical Director and Physician Advisor. In partnership with camp administration, he provides guidance, oversight, and treatment protocols and procedures to our health center staff. Through his affiliation with UC Health and Teller County EMS, we will be able to offer tele-health visits to campers and staff in lieu of transporting them to a local clinic (unless deemed necessary by medical professionals).

We also have a partnership with Amy Scott, MSW, LCSW, CEDS, RYT, who can support campers and staff who are in need of additional mental health support. Campers who regularly see a mental health professional are encouraged to talk about the upcoming camp experience with their counselor and therapist.

When a camper needs medical care beyond the scope of our nursing staff, parents will be notified and, in most cases, insurance will be billed unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Online Medical Forms Process With state COVID guidelines, policies and regulations being updated regularly, our required medical forms may change. We will notify you of additions or new requirements as we are provided with that information.

Note: Immunization Form–The State of Colorado REQUIRES all campers immunizations to be transcribed from the electronic form provided by your healthcare professional onto the Colorado Immunization Form. Please take the time to do this for us–otherwise, we do it for you. We also think it is the stupidest rule ever created (though the medication permission form is pretty stupid, too), but we do it so we can continue to operate. Thank you for your help.

Travel Information (p. 14-15)

On Opening Day, we will schedule camper car arrivals in 15-30 minute windows. Please do not plan to arrive before your scheduled time. The Opening Day Arrival Survey form will allow you to choose the ideal window of time for your scheduled arrival. We will do our best to accommodate your desired time, but your flexibility will be appreciated. We anticipate the health screening, testing and drop-off process will take approximately 30-45 minutes for each camper. This will include some time waiting for your camper’s turn.

Later this spring, we will provide all camp families with a detailed outline of Opening Day and a video walk-through of the check-in, health screen, testing and drop-off process.

Packing List (p. 17)

2021 Additions to the Packing List include:

  1. 10-12 (?) reusable, washable, identifiable cloth masks labeled with camper’s name
  2. Washable zippered mesh bag for washing/containing masks labeled with camper’s name
  3. Additional blankets (1-2) for High Trails (these can be rented); more ventilation=cooler cabins
  4. 5-6 travel sized hand sanitizers for personal use on camping trips
  5. Zippered, portable toiletry container (pouch/bag style) labeled with camper’s name; name on all toiletries
  6. Individually packaged hand-wipes/face-wipes for trip hygiene on longer trips (8th-10th grades)

Frequently Asked Questions (p. 18-19)

Thanks to parents and campers who have been asking lots of great questions, we have a new page on our blog and website that address some of the newer Frequently Asked Questions. We will continue to update that page, as well as our other COVID information pages, as we move toward the summer.

And, as always, we are available to talk to you on the phone, or via Zoom, if you need more information or just want to check in.

For High Trails Campers, contact all staff by calling 719-748-3341

Ariella Rogge, Director Anne Shingler, Associate Director/Program Director Emily Burnham, In-Camp Coordinator/Staff Liaison Jessie Spehar, Office Manager/Travel Coordinator

For Big Spring Campers, contact all staff by calling 719-748-3341

Mark Rutberg, Director PJ Ruder, Associate Director Kado Marino, Trips Coordinator Jill Reasor, In-Camp Coordinator/Staff Liaison

Even though we may operate as an “island” in many ways this summer, the team at Sanborn Western Camps recognizes we are NOT an island. Without the wisdom of the larger American Camp Association community, our relationships with state and local governmental agencies, our thoughtful medical team, our passionate Board of Trustees, our dedicated staff, our indefatigable alum network, our supportive camp parents, and our resilient, enthusiastic and ready-for-camp campers–Summer 2021 would not happen.

We are all choosing to lean into this moment of challenge and opportunity with quality preparation, complete commitment and optimistic possibility. It is a risk we are all choosing to take because we believe in the power of our mission. When we can live together in the outdoors, building a sense of self, a sense of community, a sense of the earth and a sense of wonder through fun and adventure–the magic of camp happens and we gain hope for the future.

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