April Parent Update #2

Hello from Florissant! A recent meme on social media reads, “Colorado is throwing out temperatures like Powerball numbers…35 73 51 65 78 71 49” which is not uncommon for this time of year, but can make you regret trying to break out your Chaco sandals too early.

Speaking of weather, we are excited to introduce you and your camper/s to our version of the COVID Wheel/Dial/Number/Color-coding Status for 2021: The Camp Health & Wellness Forecast. This tool will help everyone at camp understand our “status” and what precautions we need to be taking, including expectations for mask-wearing and physical distancing. It is also a good way to learn a little more about the Colorado weather, too!

As promised, there are a few new additions to your Forms Dashboard this week. One is a link placeholder a “How-To” sheet for entering your and your camper’s information into the UC Health “My Health Connection” portal. This will be where you can access your camper’s test results and will provide us with access to the test results, too. The “My Health Connection” portal will also be used for any needed telehealth visits. If appropriate, our nursing staff and medical director will utilize telehealth in lieu of transporting campers to local urgent care clinics or emergency rooms for non-emergency illnesses or injuries.

Another is a COVID Vaccine Record placeholder where you can upload your camper’s COVID vaccine record (if applicable). Per recent information we have received, if your camper is fully vaccinated (received final dose of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or single dose of Johnson & Johnson over two weeks before your camper’s arrival day at camp), she/he will NOT be subject to additional testing while at camp unless deemed medically necessary.

On these link placeholder forms (like the Opening Day Arrival Timing Survey and “How-To Pre-Register Your Child for COVID Testing” forms), once you copy and paste the link and fill out the required form/information, then go back to that link placeholder form in your Camp InTouch account and click on the “Submit” button so you know (and we know) you have completed it.

We have been beta-testing the Campanion app this week and are really excited about what it can do. From scanning and uploading your camper’s paper forms, to sending out updates, to the ability to access (and download) photos from past years, to sending emails to your camper using the one-way email system, to the facial recognition capabilities for this upcoming summers’ photos…we think it is going to be a nifty tool for all of us. If you did not select the Campanion app on your Additional Options form and would like us to add it for you ($12 subscription fee), please email Melanie at mel@sanbornwesterncamps.com .

We are looking forward to a warmer weekend…it has been raining and snowing for much of the last week. Yet the one thing we know is that weather (like global pandemics) is ever-changing…and we appreciate your flexibility as we continue to anticipate our needs and prepare for the summer.

Thank you for submitting your forms by May 1st!

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Ariella Rogge
About Ariella Rogge

Ariella started her career at Sanborn when she was twelve. After five years of camper and five years of Sanborn staff experience, she continued her work with kids in the high school classroom. Ariella and her family returned to Sanborn in 2001 to take on the Program Director role which she held til 2012. She and Elizabeth Marable became co-directors of High Trails in 2013 and then Ariella became the High Trails Director in 2020. In the fall of 2022 she became the Director of Sanborn Western Camps, overseeing the director teams of both Big Spring and High Trails. She lists mountain golf, Gymkhana, climbing mountains and making Pad Thai in the backcountry as some of her favorite activities at camp. Ariella received a B.A. in English from Colorado College and is a certified secondary English educator,an ACCT Level 2 Ropes Course Technician, an ARC lifeguard and NREMT and WEMT. She lives in Florissant in the summer and in Green Mountain Falls during the school year so she can stay involved with the busy lives of her husband, Matt, and two teenage sons, Lairden and Karsten.