Big Spring Staff 2021



Justin Swanson (left)

My name is Justin Swanson. I’ve been a camper at Sanborn for 7 years. I am currently transferring to the University of Boulder Colorado and will be studying astronomy and Physics in the arts and science departments. I was adopted and love the outdoors! I am very excited to go back to camp as a staff member.

Victor Alvarez (middle)

Hi! My name’s Victor and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I just finished my freshman year at the University of Alabama as a nursing student. This is my first year at Sanborn! One fun fact about me is that I keep Christmas lights up in my car year-round. My dream job is to be a travel nurse!

Brendan Zeien (right)

Hey y’all! My name is Brendan and I am from Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I will be a Junior at Central Michigan University studying Exercise Science with dreams of becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon. I love to rock climb, hike, play basketball, and playing country music on full blast. This is my first year at Sanborn and I cannot wait to get started!


Nathan Barrett (left)

My name is Nathan Barrett. 2021 will be my first summer attending Sanborn Western Camps. I am very excited to be a part of the amazing staff and organization. I grew up in the small town of Alto, MI and currently live in Hudsonville, MI with my family. I worked for amazon for 2.5 years as a supervisor and ambassador building my character and learning valuable leadership skills. I’m very hard working with a fun personality of dedication, motivation and empathy. I have been travelling my whole childhood and have visited national parks all over the U.S. Some of my favorite hobbies include hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, listening to music, sketching, technology and travelling. I love working with children and can’t wait to further pursue as a role model and leader. I’m confident this summer will be very amazing and memorable!

Logan Shneiter (middle left)

Logan Schneiter, the man, the myth, the legend. Born in Tampa Bay at the dawn of the new millennium, the question of what greatness would look like in a year that begins with a 20 in place of a 19 was quickly answered, by this charismatic, well-articulated, humble young man. Heading into the summer of 2021, the former varsity linebacker, varsity right fielder, varsity cross country runner, lead actor, author, and overall renaissance man tips his well-worn cap into a new experience. After a long year of schooling at Florida Gulf Coast University studying up on everything, the Public Relations major has to throw at this undergrad sophomore, Logan moves his focus and dedications to Sanborn, a wild adventure no doubt, but one that excites him beyond nothing he has ever experienced before.

Wyatt Dawson (middle right)

I am Wyatt Dawson, I grew up in Houston, Texas living for the summers I would spend with my cousins in Colorado. I spent three summers at Sanborn. In middle school, I started playing rugby because my school did not have a football team. I fell in love with the sport playing it all the way through high school. I currently go to the University of Montana to study forestry.I have grown to love climbing and snowboarding. I am most excited to work outside and make some great memories and bag some peaks.

Shea Briody (right

What’s up guys, I’m Shea Briody and this is my first summer at Sanborn! I’m a sophomore at the University of Connecticut, where I’m majoring in Economics and Natural Resources. Outside of school, I work as a manager for the UConn Men’s Ice Hockey team and coach high school lacrosse. In my free time, I love skiing and mountain biking - really anything that gets me moving fast. I’m so excited to get out on some awesome backpacking trips this summer, and can’t wait for camp to start!


**Hunter Mackey ** (left)

Hello, I am Hunter Mackey! I am from Akron, Ohio, home of Lebron James and year around road work. I love the Browns, music, movies, and sandwiches. This is my first year here, and I am very excited to start this new adventure. I just graduated from high school, I attended Archbishop Hoban for all four years and played many sports, but mainly lacrosse. I am taking a gap year, then I will be attending Miami University. I am ready to have an awesome summer!

Josiah Neal (middle)

Hello there! My name is Josiah Neal and this will be my first time at Big Springs! I went to school at Georgia Military College and studied Homeland Security and Emergency Management for a while before becoming a full time worker. I’ve spent most of my life outdoors growing up on a farm in Alabama. I have probably spent more of my life outside in the forest than inside. I was in Boy Scouts from the age of ten until I aged out at eighteen and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. I have a passion for the outdoors and photographing it, and have had my photography featured in local businesses and several companies’ social media. I am excited to be in the mountains, to share my outdoor experiences, and learn from others.

Ross Pohlman (right)

I’m from St. Louis Missouri, have a twin sister, an older sister, and an older brother both of which are married. I am currently in college pursuing a degree in engineering. I like hiking and fishing and have an interest in chemistry. I’ve been a camper at Sanborn for eight summers and I’m excited to come back and give kids a good summer.



Burke Babeu (right)

My name is Burke Babeu. I often tell people who are trying to remember my name to think of Birkenstocks and you won’t forget it! I am a 22 year old Colorado native. I first came to Sanborn when I was in 5th grade. We spent a few days at Sanborn and I had an absolute ball!!!!! Years later, I was fortunate enough to be a chaperone for 5th graders from my elementary school when I was a senior. It has even inspired me to pursue a career working with young kids in an experiential learning based setting! This will be my first summer at Sanborn as a camp counselor and I think this will be a fantastic opportunity!

I have been lucky enough to set foot in forty eight of the fifty states (Rhode Island and Hawaii excluded, but they will be knocked out eventually!) Some of my favorite trips have been backpacking sections of the Appalachian trail, exploring Denali National Park, and summiting Mount Hood in Washington. My father was a backpacking guide when he was younger. He has taught me a lot of mountaineering skills and has taken me climbing on many of Colorado’s fourteeners. Eventually I would like to climb them all, and I am excited to climb some this Summer while at camp!

Alan Lovelidge (middle left)

I am Alan Lovelidge and this will be my first Summer at camp. At the start of the season I will have just graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a couple of minors. In my first act as a graduate, I am ready to spend my Summer making a difference and having a blast by participating in camp. When I am not in school one can find me taking photos, listening to music, hanging out with friends, or exploring! I am excited for the infinite possibilities this Summer holds, and I am ecstatic that I get to be a part of such a fun and meaningful organization.

Tran Mawicke (middle right)

Heyo! Tran Mawicke here. First time staffer, hailing from more recently Oregon, but also further back, Thailand. Currently going to the university of Oregon for my studies in English, Creative Writing, and Earth Sciences. A very common trio of studies, trust me. I’ve been spending my past schooling years writing short stories, studying rocks, writing papers, and more importantly, hiking up a storm! I’m a very eclectic person, I try to dip my hands into everything I can. It’s the most effective way for me to appreciate things. For example, I didn’t understand how hard dancing was… so I took a dance class for a semester. Quite simple yet highly effective. I’m excited to explore the peaks of Colorado and try to generate amazing experiences for people. More subtly, I’m keen on passing on the importance of the outdoors, being creative, and how long you can actually cook an onion for. Can’t wait to meet everyone!



Thomas Elder (left)

Hello, I’m Thomas Elder and this is my first summer at Sanborn. I’m currently studying social studies education at Ball State University. I enjoy running, basketball, and just being outdoors. I’m most excited about working with kids in an outdoor setting and teaching them what I’m passionate about.

Jamie Bruesch (middle)

My name is Jamie Bruesch and I am 20 years old. I am from Switzerland and have lived there for most of my life while also being an American citizen. I also did an exchange year in Iceland when i was 16. I have been at Sanborn for 9 years as a camper and this will be my first Summer as a counselor. Currently I am out of school for the Summer since i just passed my assosiates degree in digital film production, but I will be starting my bachelors degree this september. I enjoy making/watching movies, writting/listening to music and hiking.

Alex Nimmo (right)

Hi, I’m Alex. This will be my first year at Sanborn and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been studying psychology for the past two years in Florida. I am on my way to obtain my BA after the Fall semester, then transfer to a University, possibly in Colorado if I am able to establish residency. A couple fun facts about me are that I lived in Yokosuka Japan for part of my childhood, I ran a dungeons and dragons campaign at my local library for about a year, and I can fit more marshmallows in my mouth than any of my friends. This summer I’m excited to see the campers be passionate about their surroundings. I love everything about the out of doors. I enjoy camping, hiking, horseback riding, climbing, swimming, ect. Seeing them feel the same satisfaction and intrigue as I do when I’m surrounded by mountains doing what I love will be rewarding for both of us.

Kit Karson

Blake Zeleny (back left)

Hey folks, my name is Blake Zeleny. I’ve never been a camper PERIOD but went to Woodward ski camp early in high school. I am CO born and raised and go to Colorado State University where I study Biology in aims to be a high school science teacher. Some fun facts about me are that I am fluent in American Sign Language, I am a humongous dinosaur nerd, and I can whistle through my teeth. I am excited to connect with campers and share my passion for learning, teaching, and enjoying the outside. (also secretly I am excited to climb rocks and ride bikes all the time).

Jack Samuels (back right)

Heya! I’m Jack, and I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I currently live and study at the University of Denver. I first came to camp almost a decade ago as a junior camper and after loving it so much, I returned every consecutive summer for seven years! I am an International Studies and Geography major and I want to join the Peace Corps after I graduate. I am most excited about climbing 14ers, exploring camp property, getting my harness and shoes back on, and climbing some rock, rekindling relationships with old friends, and forming new relationships with new friends. I am so excited to be back at camp this summer. Sanborn really is my second home. I can’t wait to pass on the beauty of a Sanborn Summer to my campers. A Summer like the ones I had when I was little.

Kike Dugarte (front)

Hi! my name is Jose Enrique, but I go by Kike for short. I was born in Venezuela and lived my first 18 years there. This will be my first summer with Sanborn and honestly I could not be more excited about it! I have been becoming a nature aficionado since before I came to the USA and I have been ADDICTED to rock climbing since about 2 and a half years ago. I also really enjoy camping, bike riding, and kayaking. I got an associates degree in arts in New World School of the Arts in Miami where I studied music (Double Bass performance to be more specific). I love and want to learn to play Folk music from as many countries as I can. And I absolutely love any kind of genre mixes (Like Celtic-metal-jazz-opera… Yes, it exists!).I am mostly excited to experience the outdoors in the beautiful Colorado mountains, learn lots of stuff from the staff at Sanborn, and of course from the campers too. I can’t wait to teach campers about the joys of Rock Climbing!



Conor Hanley (front left)

My name is Conor, I’m 20, and I’m from the beautiful Green Mountain state of Vermont. I’ve been at camp 3 summers previously as a camper, but this is my first time as a staff member, and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m currently in my sophomore year at UVM, and am majoring in health sciences. I’m excited to do everything at camp, but I definitely have love for rock climbing and summitting 14ers. Some fun facts about me are that I have 2 cats, my favorite color is purple, and when I was younger I wanted to be a volcanologist. Here’s to a fun and eventful summer!

Joe Mcilwraith (middle)

Hi, I’m Joe! I’m from Scotland and I’m crazy about the outdoors, Colorado and spending time at Sanborn. I’m going into my final year at University in Stirling. This is my first time at camp and I can’t wait to get started!

Danny Denenberg (right)

Hi friends, I’m Danny. I was a camper at Big Springs for a few years when I was little but haven’t been back until now. I just graduated from Central High in Omaha, NE, and will be headed to Harvard after a year off. Singing, piano, and acting are my sustenance but you can also find me doing lots of hot Bikram Yoga and road biking. I can’t wait to meet all of you this summer and share the experiences that make us grow: Colorado mountaintop thunderstorms to swapping stories around a crackling campfire.


Josh Bretthauer (left)

Hello!!! My name is Josh, and I have been likened by friends to two golden retrievers in a trench coat (I would tell you if I were). This will be my first summer at Sanborn, and I am SO excited to spend a Summer in what seems to be a truly magical place. I have just graduated from Reed College in Portland, OR with a degree in environmental studies and political science, and am excited to be back into the outdoors after a chaotic senior year. When I am not studying for school you can find me at the climbing gym, soccer practice, or hanging outside on the campus quad with friends. I am passionate about environmental justice and brightening others’ days, and could survive an embarrassingly long time on pasta alone. I am most excited to help kids explore the beautiful sport of climbing this summer, and am eager to show campers how it can be an incredible tool for confronting our fears head-on.

Gabe Tristain (front left)

Hi! My name is Gabriel Tristain, but you can call me Gabe. I’m from Lakeville, Minnesota, a suburb 20 minutes south of Minneapolis. I’m currently at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs studying to be a flight nurse. I’ve been having a blast exploring Colorado and all it has to offer. I love skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking and I am so excited to share my passions with the kids at camp! Some other facts about me: I’m part of the ski patrol and have an absolute blast skiing around helping people. My dad is from Santiago, Chile and I recently sailed through Patagonia with my family there. I’ve also flown an airplane and have ridden in two helicopters during my time in the Civil Air Patrol which was incredibly fun. This summer I hope I can guide my campers make great friendships with each other, and help them make memories that they can look back on and think how great of a time they had at camp.

Lewis McKerlie (back right)

Heyo! My name is Lewis and I was born and raised in Austin, Texas! I grew up always play sports and being active. Started my young athletic career with soccer, karate, and gymnastics while dabbling in a few others. But the sport I resonated with the most was swimming! I swam competitively for about 11 years before I quit to join marching band in high school. I continued my music career into college where I now study music education with an emphasis on saxophone at Arizona State University. While in school, I enjoy camping with my dog, off roading, while taking up as many amazing experiences AZ has to offer! This is my first Summer at Sanborn and I couldn’t be more excited!

Jake Miller (front right) Hey guys! My name is Jake Miller and this will be my first summer at Sanborn. I have just finished up my freshman year at Florida State University, where I’m majoring in mechanical engineering. Outside of school I love anything outdoors, and love to explore new places and parks. I’m also very competitive so you can find me playing almost any sport from football to trash can basketball. I’m most excited to get to Sanborn and meet all of the campers, and to see how the stars look in the mountains.



Paul Fouts (left)

I’ve been a camper for 7 years at Big Spring, and this will be my first Summer as a staff member. I have lived my whole life in Jacksonville, Florida, where I graduated from the Episcopal School of Jacksonville this year. I will be studying at Georgia Tech this fall, where I plan on majoring in Industrial Engineering.Fun Facts: I’m an Eagle Scout, I was the captain of my school’s rowing team, I love making coffee, and I love strategy games of all kinds. I’m excited to backpack, summit mountains, and most importantly watch my campers grow and have a blast this Summer.

Will Marquardt (middle)

Hi, I’m Will. I’m 19 and love being in the outdoors. This my first summer working at Sanborn and I can’t wait! I love doing just about anything outdoors like mountain biking and trail running. My favorite activity overall has to be rock climbing.

Taylor Sedoo (left)

My name’s Taylor. I’m from a small town called Groveland near Yosemite National Park in California. I’m currently finishing my senior year as a math major at Reed College. This will be my first year at Sanborn and I’m very excited! Some fun facts: I love playing music and singing (mainly the Mandolin. I lived in a commune in the Amazon between high school and college. I really like playing games, some of my favorites being chess, Smash Bros, and spikeball.


Maximus Stetich (left)

My name is Maximus Stetich, and it is with great pleasure that I will be taking care of your children this summer. Prior to working here, I had the distinct privilege of coming here as a camper for 6 nonconsecutive years; the time I have spent here is something I will forever cherish. I am a sophomore at Westminster College, pursuing an honors degree in Economics with minors in Theatre & English, though that is just a mere facet of who I am. Henceforth, it follows that in the same way that I am a thespian, so too am I an avid mountaineer, and I look forward to playing in the greater outdoors. As has been said by greater men before me, allow me to indulge in Big Spring’s motto: BOOM .

Samuel Marsh (middle)

Heyo! My name is Samuel Marsh or ‘Marsh’ for short, and this will be my first ever summer at Sanborn! I graduated high school at Kelly Walsh High School in Casper, Wyoming, received my Fire Science Degree at Casper College, and now I’m studying outdoor education at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD. I personally like to workout, run outside, and take photos when I am not studying. A couple fun facts about me are that I have been in a building hotter than 450 degrees, played both college basketball and football, and ran a whole sports broadcast by myself. Trust me, it was difficult. I look forward to having awesome adventures with all the campers, and teaching them all the amazing skills they are going to learn. Oh and can’t forget the amazing stars we going to see as well!!

Chace Hutchings (right)

Hello, my name is Chace and this is my first summer at Sanborn and I couldn’t be more excited for it! I go to school at Missouri State University and I am currently studying Outdoor Recreation. A couple fun facts about me: I am left-handed, I don’t know how to ride a bike (yet!), and I am color blind. This summer I am looking forward to getting to know all my campers and doing all sorts of activities that can provide a fun experience and hopefully a few learning experiences as well!


Gabriel Bennet (left)

Hello! My name is Gabriel Bennett. This will be my first summer at Sanborn, but will not be my first rodeo as a camp counselor at a ranch. I took a couple years after high school to travel the country, picked up weird fun jobs along the way, and decided in 2020 to start my college career in Florida. I’ve since realized Florida does not offer programs that pertain to my interests, so I will be transferring to CU Boulder next Spring for environmental studies. Fun facts about me: I acquired my itch to travel from being a military dependent all my childhood. The Navy dragged us to the other side of the world and back (twice) and I haven’t been able to stop moving since. However, I fell in love with Colorado a few years ago and decided it may be time to stay in one spot for awhile. Sanborn is the next part of my adventure, and I can’t wait to show these kids everything I’ve learned from my travels.

Jack Whittle (middle)

Howdy everyone! My name is Jack and was born and raised in Louisville, KY. I just finished my sophomore year at Centre College, a small liberal arts school of about 1500 students in Danville, KY, where I am a History/English double major. In my free time I love hiking, reading, swimming, camping, playing golf, and simply just spending time outdoors. This will be my 9th year at Sanborn (my 2nd on staff) and I can’t wait to meet y’all and have an AMAZING summer!

Paul Dibble (middle right) Hello, my name is Paul Dibble. I live in Northern Virginia about 15 mins from DC. This is my first year working at Sanborn but I was a camper for two years. Right now I’m studying Liberal Arts. I love hiking and rock climbing but I have also played ice hockey for 14 years. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and having fun in the outdoors.

Sully Gill (right)

Hello my name is Sully! I am from bowling green Kentucky and just finished my freshman year of college. I am wanting to study film and writing. This year is my first year at Sanborn and I’m loving it.Some fun facts about me is that I have two pet leopard geckos. I also really love film. My future dream job would be a director/writer.



Rosie McLoughlin (front left)

Hi my name is Rosie. This will be my first summer at Big Spring. I am travelling over from Dublin, Ireland and I am so excited. I study Politics and History in University College Dublin. Some fun facts about me, I love being outdoors and spending time in the sun (a rare occasion in Ireland). I moved to Netherlands and studied there for a year after I graduated secondary school. Every morning I wake up early, I can’t stay in bed even if I wanted to. All my friends know me as the early riser and I have cashed that compliment in! This summer I am looking forward to the weather, the scenery but most importantly meeting the campers and my fellow counselors. I know it;s going to be a rockin summer filled with lots of laughs and adventure!

Aaron Mendez (back left)

Hi, My name is Aaron Mendez. I’m from Mexico, and this will be my first time at Sanborn Camps, In previous years I worked for Camps in New York and in Germany. I love nature, to ride my bike, walk around the mountains and just enjoy nature. I am studying Law in Mexico in Universidad De La Salle Bajio. I speak English, Spanish and German because I was living in Germany and working as an Au Pair before COVID. I think that I’m a very patient guy, and I also enjoy to be competitive.

For me, having the oportunity to work at camp is more than a job, because I feel very happy to share my experience and to give something good from me to others. I’m excited to be at camp and take pictures from all the great adventures that we will have together at Sanborn community.

Kody Bakken (front right)

Namaste! My name is Kody. This is my first time at camp and I am so stoked to be here and to learn and grow with everyone this summer!! I am graduating from Arizona State University in August with my bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and Anthropology. Throughout college, I found myself taking time off, here and there, to travel and pursue other interests. After high school, I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, for a year. I’ve backpacked around much of Europe and even spent a summer in Southeast Asia! I’m going back to Thailand at the end of this year to spend some time in a Buddhist monastery outside of Chiang Mai! I’m always planning the next great adventure! I’ve learned that it’s okay to take the scenic route. There’s no rush!! That is why, if I were an animal, I’d be a sloth…or maybe a dolphin lol!! I would say my greatest strengths are self-cultivation through mindfulness and a strong sense of empathy. I love working with young kids (my little monkeys haha!) and hope to be a kindergarten teacher one day. I’m excited to make new memories with some dope humans this summer! Stay weird, wild and wonderful :)

Josiah Barron Ramirez (back right) Hi, my name is Josiah but my full name is Josiah Christopher Barron Ramirez. I was born in a small city 1.5 hours southeast from Dallas, TX called Tyler. I have 4 siblings and including me it’s a total of 5. My parents are from Guanajuato which is located in the southern/central part of Mexico. This will be my first year attending Sanborn. I currently am a Senior at Cumberland Academy High School and after graduation I plan on going to college to major in Journalism or Photography in Texas or Spain. A couple fun facts about me is that my last name originates from France and my grandparents own 3 Mexican Restaurants here in Tyler called Don Juans. What I’m looking forward to most this year at camp is being able to gain a whole new perspective of the outdoors and make those special memories with kids who are gaining it for the first time too.

Nick Matavelli (bottom left)

What’s up! My name is Nick Matavelli, and I live in Charlottesville, VA. I just completed my first year at Virginia Tech studying International relations and minoring in Spanish. This is my first summer at Sanborn, and I couldn’t be more excited! I can’t wait to go mountain biking on the trails and to fish some monsters out of the depths of the lake. Some fun facts about me are that I have never caught a fish with my own pole, I am fluent in Portuguese, and I’ve stood in two countries at once!

Manny Muller (top left)

Halo! I’m Manny from Miami, Florida but have been residing in Steamboat Springs living the ski life for the last year. It is my second year working at Sanborn and it was by chance that I found myself back here again. I’m excited to be a good mentor and leader and share my skills and knowledge in young mentorship and the outdoors. I’ve worked at different summer camps almost every summer back home but Sanborn has been the most unique experience. Excited to see what beautiful changes we can make in this community and this world together. Cheers!

Cecilia Lickteig (top right)

Hi everyone! My name is Cecelia and I usually go by that, but you can call me Cece if you want, I know Cecelia can be hard to remember! This is my first summer at Sanborn and I am soo excited to meet everyone and have so many new experiences together. I am from Connecticut and just finished my sophomore year at UConn. I am getting a dual degree in Biology and Psych-Linguistics and am hoping to go to medical school to be a doctor after college. Some fun facts about me are: I love to sing but am probably the worst singer you’ve ever met, I can fall asleep just about anywhere and at any time, and I love trying new foods (my favorite right now is falafel). This summer, I am most excited for everyone to get a little break from the crazy things going on in the world right now and the chance to push myself out of my comfort zone. I also especially can’t wait to go on some amazing hikes! Looking forward to meeting everyone and spending a great summer together!

Austin Sugerman (middle right)

Hi! I’m Austin Sugerman, and this will be my first summer at camp! I am currently studying Health Sciences at James Madison University in Virginia, on the Pre Physical Therapy track. A couple of fun facts about me - I lived in Spain for the summer when I was 11, in my free time I make outdoor adventure/nature films with my friends, and I have always wanted to be a camp counselor at an amazing place like Sanborn! I am so excited for this summer, but to name a few things: I can’t wait to meet the campers and other counselors, to experience Colorado’s beautiful wilderness, and to learn and try new things! I know that camp will be an amazing experience for both campers and counselors, and I can’t wait for it to start!

Ridge Leaders

Adam Hureau (left)

Hey guys! My name is Adam Hureau and I’m so excited for my second summer here at Sanborn! I just graduated college with a degree in foreign languages and cultures and will be traveling to Spain in the fall to teach English for a year. I love listening to and playing music, reading, traveling, being outside, and just learning more about the world. I’m so ready for a great summer of new friends and I’m ready to bag some more 14’ers too! BOOM!

Jeff Sladewski (left middle)

Hey everyone, my name is Jeff Sladewski and I am absolutely stoked for an incredible summer season at Sanborn! While I’m no stranger to the camp scene, this will be my first camp summer at Sanborn in beautiful Florissant, CO. This May, I will have completed a 6-year career at SUNY Cortland; I received my bachelor’s in 2019 in K-12 Health Education with a minor in Outdoor and Environmental Ed and in 2021, I received my master’s in Recreation Management. Here’s a couple of fun facts about me: while my favorite outdoor activities is definitely mountain biking (cannot wait to get out on the trails in Colorado!), I love anything and everything outdoors from backpacking to skiing to climbing to paddling. If I have the time, I also love to write. I grew up in the Hudson Valley in southern New York, about an hour north of NYC. This summer, I’m beyond excited to get outside of my comfort zone in a new place with new people and encourage our campers to do the same. Growth begins as soon as the comfort zone ends after all! I love to learn and a summer at Sanborn is going to provide an incredible opportunity to become even more experienced as a recreational professional.

Mikey Rainey (middle)

Hello! I’m Mikey. This will be my fifth summer on staff at Big Spring! I am from Denver, Colorado, where I attend Metropolitan State University and I work as a tutor at a middle school. I love running, hiking, camping, and just being active! I am super excited to get back out on the trails and camp under the stars! It’s been too long!

Finn Burns (middle right)

Hey guys and gals! My name is John Burns, though most people call me Finn. I was born and raised in South Texas and live down by the Mexican border in McAllen. I graduated from South Texas College with an associates degree in automotive technology and work as a mechanic and commercial equipment technician. I went to Sanborn as a camper for 4 years. I am beyond excited to return as a counselor and I can’t wait do do some rock-scrambling! Some tid-bits about me: I work as a mechanic for clubracers who do SCCA, NASA, and PBOC events. I spend most of my time working, but when I have free time I like to spend it at the ranch where I grew up, or playing videogames. Have really been enjoying Escape From Tarkov recently. Board games are a big pastime of mine, Catan being my favorite. My dream job would be restoring classic cars. Restoring Porsches in particular if I had my way.

Will Coleman (right)

Hey everyone, my name is Will! This will be my 5th summer at camp, I’ve spent 3 summers here at a camper and this will be my 2nd summer as a staff member. I am currently studying Family and Child Sciences at Florida State University. Some things about me: I love music, I will sing along to nearly any song! I also love to be active which has made camp a great fit for me.This summer I am excited to just get back out to camp, hike, and meet my campers!


Jackson Baker (left)

Wassaw dudes! My name is Jackson Baker! I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio with this as my 2nd Summer at Sanborn, this time around as the Outcamp Coordinator for Big Spring. I recently finished my Bachelor’s degree in International Business (Great time to graduate, right?) and am looking to work in a handful of industries: Outdoor Education, Disaster Relief, Conservation, International Affairs… we’ll see! I have been drumming for a decade now, rather acquainted with video games, currently hooked on reading books, and listen to Cincinnati Reds baseball on the radio out of preference. More than anything, I’m just really looking forward to being back in the outdoors this Summer. Hiking and backpacking give me a lot of peace and appreciation for life, and coming back to that in a place that feels like home away from home just gives a very pleasant boost of happiness.

Habron Botts (right)

Howdy folks my name is Habron and I’m from Arkansas. This is my second Summer at Big Spring. I spent my first Summer as an outbacker counselor and now I’ll be part of the outcamp team packing trips and helping out around property. I’ve done a little bit of everything in the outdoors so I’m looking forward to whatever the summer throws our way.


Mike McCarthy (left)

I graduated from high school and spent the next 3.5 yes hitchhiking around US and doing various short term jobs including working on shrimp boat out of Ft. Myers Beach, FL and offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. In 1975 I became an EMT then in ’81 a paramedic and worked both pre-hospital and ER emergency care for several years. In ’83 I took a break from paramedic work and worked on a small dairy farm in the middle of Vermont from Feb through Sept during which time I assisted in the delivery and care newborn of calves and also started IVs on more than one cow that was down with ‘milk fever’. My best friend, a young lady, came to visit in July and we became engaged and then married in late December. She will also be working as a camp nurse this summer.

I went to nursing school and became an RN. After 5 yrs of working in a pediatric clinic serving chronically ill kids with a variety of problems, I went to Yale University’s School of Nursing to obtain a master’s degree and become a pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP). I retired from PNP work in 2018.

My camp experience includes several weeks of being RN staff at diabetes camp for kids in both Michigan and Indiana, along with being the Health Officer at Pretty Lake Vacation Camp for the summer immediately after graduation from Yale. I was hired as camp nurse for Sanborn last year but COVID-19 put the kabosh to that. I’m very excited to be here this summer and look forward with great anticipation to the start of camp.

Chris McCarthy (right)

My name is Chris Mccarthy, and this is my first summer at Sanborn Western camp. I will be part of the health care team. Even though I am a newbie at Sanborn, this is my 10th summer working at a summer camp. I am very excited to be part of the community that camp creates no matter where you are or what year it is. Summer camp is magic. I am a graduate of both Purdue and Indiana university with a Masters degree in pediatric nursing. I have spent my entire adult life working with kids, and love their approach to life. I look forward to getting to know you all. The thing I look most forward to this summer is watching the magic happen in each and every camper and staffer. It always does.

Kitchen Staff

Ethan Green (right)

My name is Ethan Green, and this is going to be my 8th summer at Big Spring! I just graduated high school and will be attending Montana State this fall to pursue a degree in Music Education! I’ve spent a lot of time this past year outdoors; hiking, biking, and snowboarding are definitely some of my highlights. I’m super excited to be spending my summer outside in the beautiful Colorado wilderness.


Paul Brull (left)

Hey all! I’m Paul Brull, and this is my tenth year at Sanborn (but only my second on staff). I’m currently studying political science and philosophy at Colorado State University, and love to talk about both! I play ukulele, but continue to pick up some sea shanties on the side. I’m incredibly stoked about the riding program here at Sanborn, and look forward to being a wrangler! Maybe by the end of the summer I’ll even be half decent at the barn’s ‘ring game’.

Dylan Isaacs (middle left) My name is Dylan Isaacs, but my friends call me ‘Indi’. I have been a part of camp for two summers, but due to the pandemic, only got to make it to Colorado once. I went toschool at Western Kentucky University and recently graduated! I studied social work and plan on attending Colorado State to pursue my masters degree in social work. I love to fish, hunt, ride bikes/horses and sing. I was born in Hawaii and try to bring a mix of the islands and the hills of eastern Kentucky I grew up in, wherever I find myself. I’m looking forward to all the exciting adventures this summer will bring, I’ve sure missed the outdoors.

Greg Ludwig (middle)

My name is Greg Ludwig. This will be my 9th total year coming to Sanborn, 6 years as a camper and this will be my 3rd year on staff. I recently graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a degree in Applies Anthropology and Geography. Outside of school I love longboarding/snowboarding, going on hikes, and playing video games with my friends and roommates. I also did martial arts for most of my life and received a third degree black belt. My goal as a wrangler is to show the campers the joy of horseback riding and going camping with horses. I also want to teach them that we need to respect our horses for giving us the privilege of carrying us and our stuff on their backs for long periods of time. I cant wait to get the summer started!

Nat Bodian (middle right)

Howdy! I’m Natalie, or Nat, whatever’s clever. This will be my third summer at Sanborn but my first at Big Spring and I am just as excited and nervous as the other two! I studied Visual Arts in college and since graduating, worked as an Elementary teaching assistant and am currently a barista in Denver! Some fun facts: I play Frisbee, I got really into houseplants in quarantine and will miss all 52 of them while at camp, I make pretty rad chili mac, and I cannot play the ukulele (though I will be bringing it to camp in the hopes of learning ‘Wagon Wheel’.) Most of all I love working with kids and horses and I am so excited to be a wrangler this summer! Let me know if you can help me with my barrel racing!

Charles Nunziato (right)

Hi! I’m Charles, I’ve been at Big Spring as a camper, wrangler, and year round staff member over the years and I’m very excited to be back up at Sanborn this summer! I’m originally from New York, but I went to college in Oregon and now live in Colorado Springs where I work with fourth graders at a school dedicated to teaching kids about the natural world. In my free time I like to hike, climb, read, ski, play guitar, and spend time exploring the outdoors. After a crazy year, I can’t wait to be up at camp getting to know everyone and helping to create an amazing experience this summer!

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Grace Turner
About Grace Turner

Hi my name is Grace! Some kiddos try to call me Gracie and I reluctantly let them :) I’m from North Carolina currently located in Wilmington, NC. I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Photojournalism. I went to Appalachian State for two years before transferring and fell in love with the mountains during my time there. For the past year I’ve been a Kindergarten TA and have found so much fulfillment in working with kids! This will be my first experience at Sanborn… I’m hype! As far as fun facts… honestly the first thing I thought about was meeting Kevin from The Office. We talked about some of his favorite scenes in the show and it made my whole life. I was also fortunate enough to be able to travel to Iceland a few summers ago and have been talking about it since! Surreal! Some other things I love: yoga/meditation, gardening, any & all music, introvert (granny) things like reading and hot tea, hiking, my dog Ollie! I’m beyond excited to take some photos, make new friends and explore the outdoors during my time at camp this year!