Anticipated COVID Practices for Summer 2022

We continue to feel optimistic about the trajectory of the pandemic and our operational practices for the upcoming summer. Even though many of our final policies will be further informed by CDC and local health department guidance, we wanted to share a few of our thoughts regarding our anticipated COVID management practices for Summer 2022.


Pre-camp Vaccination

  • Vaccination and appropriate boosters are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for all campers
  • Please upload scans/images of your camper’s current COVID Vaccine card into their Camp InTouch account/s via computer or the Campanion App

Pre-camp Quarantine & Pre-camp Travel

  • If traveling prior to camp, please minimize your exposure to COVID (and other viruses/pathogens) by masking up in confined spaces and engaging in consistent hygiene practices (excellent hand washing, appropriate sneeze/cough protocols, etc.)
  • No pre-camp quarantine is required, but we do ask that campers plan to come to camp healthy and ready to engage in camp activities (well-rested, hydrated, baseline level of fitness, illness-free, etc.)

Pre-camp Testing

  • ALL campers* (regardless of vaccine status) will be required to arrive with a negative PCR test obtained within 72 hours prior to the start of the camp session unless your camper has had a laboratory confirmed (molecular PCR or NAAT test) positive COVID case within 90 days of arrival at camp.
  • If your camper was symptomatic and tested positive for COVID via a laboratory processed PCR or NAAT test within 90 days of arrival at camp, please share the results of the PCR test with us for our records. (This can be uploaded into your Camp InTouch account)
  • If your camper has been asymptomatic, but may have had a close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID, please plan to administer a PCR test 14 days prior to the start of camp to establish any previous positivity prior to camp.

Example 1 (first session camper):

  • My camper’s best friend tested positive for COVID on the 20th of May,
  • My camper does not have/never had symptoms,
  • I obtain a PCR test for my camper on May 27th and receive positive results,
  • I isolate my camper for the appropriate 5 days without symptoms,
  • I share the May 27th test result with camp and
  • My camper DOES NOT need to take an additional PCR test in the 72 hour window prior to camp

Example 2 (second session camper):

  • My camper’s uncle tested positive for COVID on the 6th of July after a family gathering we all attended,
  • My camper does not have/never had symptoms,
  • I obtain a PCR test for my camper on July 7th and receive negative results,
  • My camper WILL NEED TO take an additional PCR test in the 72 hour window prior to camp
  • If you are unsure about any close contacts, please plan to obtain the test in advance (>14 days prior to camp start) to establish a potential positivity timeline and assure admittance to camp. At home or pharmacy based rapid tests will NOT be allowed as pre-camp tests; you MUST obtain a molecular (PCR/NAAT) test within the 72 hour window of camp arrival for your camper/s.

At Camp


  • Masks will be optional* in living unit spaces upon arrival at camp. (*this will be subject to current local, regional & national transmission rates and Colorado Health Department guidance)
  • At the beginning of camp (first 5-7 days), we may ask campers and staff to mask upon entering shared communal spaces (ie: lodge, health center, art barn) if there are others outside of their living unit present.
  • Masks will not be required for outdoor activities.

Community Building (formally known as Cohorting)

  • We will emphasize community building in our units during the first 5-7 days of camp


  • Camp programming and activities will return to pre-2020 mixed age group/mixed whole camp (Big Spring & High Trails) events & trips after our initial Community Building time at the beginning of camp
  • There will not be any modifications to all camp outdoor events such as Opening Campfire and Vespers.


  • Campers will not be tested at camp for COVID unless determined necessary via health center staff;
  • Symptomatic campers who meet the criteria will receive a PCR test via UC Health which will cost approximately $60 per test and the cost of the test will be passed on to the camper’s family.

Quarantine & Isolation

  • Campers and staff who are ill with communicable diseases will be isolated/quarantined per Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment guidelines;
  • If illness and/or isolation may create an difficult situation for the camper or for the camp, we will communicate with camper parents to create the best solution

As we have all navigated the pandemic these last two years, we have become practiced at maintaining our agility and our ability to respond as things continue to change. Our goal is to return to our more traditional camp programming (compared to the cohorted programming of 2021) while keeping the emphasis on community health and wellness through intentional and thoughtful hygiene and living unit cleanliness practices.

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Ariella Rogge
About Ariella Rogge

Ariella started her career at Sanborn when she was twelve. After five years of camper and five years of Sanborn staff experience, she continued her work with kids in the high school classroom. Ariella and her family returned to Sanborn in 2001 to take on the Program Director role which she held til 2012. She and Elizabeth Marable became co-directors of High Trails in 2013 and then Ariella became the High Trails Director in 2020. In the fall of 2022 she became the Director of Sanborn Western Camps, overseeing the director teams of both Big Spring and High Trails. She lists mountain golf, Gymkhana, climbing mountains and making Pad Thai in the backcountry as some of her favorite activities at camp. Ariella received a B.A. in English from Colorado College and is a certified secondary English educator,an ACCT Level 2 Ropes Course Technician, an ARC lifeguard and NREMT and WEMT. She lives in Florissant in the summer and in Green Mountain Falls during the school year so she can stay involved with the busy lives of her husband, Matt, and two teenage sons, Lairden and Karsten.