Big Spring Staff 2022

Now introducing the cast to the Big Spring 2022 summer extravaganza!


Redio Re-dionysis Left

Hello, my name is Redionysis Re-dionysis (it’s pronounced Ray-de-on-us) I’m 19 and I attend North Carolina State where I study Product Design. I’ve never attended Sanborn Camps before being employed but I’m really excited to just overall enjoy my time. I was born and mostly raised in this weird little city called Portland OR. Given that that is my place of birth a lot of assumptions about my personality can be made, and around80% of them would most likely be correct. No matter what the weather is for some reason I always dress like I’m about to go hiking somewhere and I in fact do have an it’s a journey view on life. My life has been split into two distinct parts, the Oregon saga and the North Carolina saga. Both parts have played a huge role in my upbringing, as you probably know Oregon and North Carolina are two very different places in many ways. My upbringing in Portland was very interesting in the best way possible, my mom crafted jewelry while my father sold Mazdas. They were two sides of the same coin, both had a deep passion for what they were doing and growing up I began to see that more and more right up until they split. The majority of my time in Portland was spent at my after school program called KCLC. This seemingly small random program run by a bunch of college kids and teacher helped shape a big portion of who I was going to be. That program taught me just how valuable uniqueness is and how to socialize with creative minds. Growing up in an environment filled with so much creative support by my surroundings and my mother during my first stages of life meant so much. Eventually I ended up moving to NC at the age of 10, it didn’t take long for me to get acclimated to the new environment but I understood that this place was much more different than Portland. While Portland and spending the majority of my time with my mother helped me become more inclusive and creative while living in NC with my father taught me how to stand strong and embrace who I am. I didn’t really feel too different compared to the people around me but I noticed everyone viewed me differently. This disconnect was present up until highschool, but after a series of events that forced me to look deep within myself and realize who I am, I started to become more and more comfortable with myself. After a while my differences became a part of my core being and I started to truly grow as a person.

Hayden Delius Center

Hey everyone! My name is Hayden and this will be my first summer at Big Spring! I am soon to finish up my Materials Engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines. It has been hard for me to stay focused these past years at school with the mountains right at my front door and I am super stoked to get to spend my summer at Sanborn! I am an avid mountain biker, hiker, and skier, and will nerd-out about anything related to cars. I’m originally from Austin, love to cook all sorts of things, and am an amateur photographer to capture all the cool places I have been. I cannot wait for all the fun times ahead!

Bobby Fraser Right

Hello! I’m Bobby Fraser from Denver, Colorado, and this will be my first year on staff! I spent eight years as a camper here and loved the mountain and horseback riding trips. I am a rising Junior at Syracuse University in New York where I study political science and religion. Some fun facts about me are that have climbed 12 14ers, can DJ any party, and can do 88 pushups in a minute. I am stocked to be back in the outdoors again, having quality time around the campfire, and bagging even more 14ers!


Miles Fisher Left

I was named Miles Fin FIsher after Miles Davis, but I turned out to be a subpar trumpet player. I can make up for it with my mean kazoo skills though. This is my first year at camp and I am beyond excited. I went to Verde Valley School in Sedona Arizona and look forward to slightly cooler summer days in Colorado. Fun fact: I have never been beaten in an eating competition, but would gladly hand over my crown to a worthy competitor. I am looking forward to biking, hiking, swimming and most importantly laughing until my stomach hurts. Chiao, Miles.

Gus Yar Second from left

My name is Gus Yar and I am 19 years old. I was a camper at Big Spring for 8 years and am excited for my first year on staff. I’ve always wanted to work here and think it is an awesome opportunity to share the amazing experiences that I had as a camper with campers. I currently attend the University of Colorado in Boulder and am studying Psychology. Outside of school I love to be active, whether that is indoor or outdoor. I love to spend time with my friends and family and have three amazing dogs that I miss very much. Some other fun facts about me are that I cannot touch my toes, and despite going to CU, I am a die-hard Oklahoma Sooners sports fanatic.

Brandon O’Hearn Second from right

Hello, My name is Brandon. This is my first summer at Sanborn! I love to appreciate the little things in life, make the most out of any situation, and help those around me to feel hope and love (because we all need a little more of that in our lives), and I cannot think of better place to accomplish all of those things than the great outdoors! I am from Colorado and currently attend Regis University for Psychology and Neuroscience (hopefully pursuing Wilderness Therapy in post-grad).I just studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, where I had a fantastic cultural experience. This summer I am excited for all the activities we will be doing and to see many campers grow and develop in beautiful and inspiring ways.

Conor Hanley Right

Howdy! My name is Conor and this will be my second year back at Big Spring. I’m a rising junior at UVM in Burlington, Vermont, studying Environmental Science, with a minor in Art and Wildlife Biology. I enjoy backpacking, climbing, and experiencing the great outdoors. I’m looking forward to all the summer has to offer!


Ben Wagner Left

Hey team! I’m Ben Wagner. This will be my first summer at Big Spring and I cannot wait to dive into it! This fall, I’ll be a Sophomore at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont, where I’m studying International and Global Studies with a focus on Global Climate Change. I’m originally from New Hampshire, where I grew up skiing and running around in the woods. I’m a huge fan of all things outdoors, usually with my black lab at my side. It’s a little frustrating that he never helps me paddle when we go canoeing together. I’ve spent some of my happiest days backpacking in the Appalachian mountains, the Utah desert, and places in between. My friends have learned that my pack will always be just a little heavier than theirs - because I’m usually hauling around the Lord of The Rings and a massive jar of peanut butter. A few random diddlies about myself: my feet are massive (size 16 shoes!) and usually stuffed inside a pair of camo crocs, I am terrified of octopuses and I love storytelling. I’m super excited to hang out outdoors this summer. Nothing is better than a good conversation, a book, and a card game in the wilderness with friends! Looking forward to a magical summer.

Gabe Tristain Center

Hi! My name is Gabe. This is my second year at Sanborn as a staff member and I’m extremely excited to come back! Last summer was amazing, and my first at Sanborn. It was full of some of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever seen, and gave me great stories I’ve been able to tell about the best, action-packed 3 months ever. I’m originally from Minnesota, and moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to study nursing at Colorado Mountain College. My goal is to eventually work as a helicopter nurse. I’m currently on the Ski Patrol here in Colorado as well. I love to snowboard, ski, mountain bike, and hike, all of which can be done in one day in Colorado (coming from Minnesota that is crazy.) I also visit Chile every two years to visit my dad’s side of the family and have been to the closest point in South America to Antarctica, Patagonia, the deserts in the North, and everything in between. Last summer I saw my campers, and even the counselors around me, plow through things they would have thought impossible a few weeks before, and become motivated by themselves and friends they made just a few days before to do amazing things. I also found myself growing as a person substantially last summer. Sanborn is a great place, and I’m so glad to be coming back.

Juan Ortega Right

hello my name is Juan Ortega I am 23 years old and I was born in the state of Guanajuato in Mexico, I am in the process of graduating in engineering in sustainable agricultural innovation I have worked with international companies where I have developed research on barley, I also carried out research stays at Texas A&M Kingsville University. In my free time I dedicate myself to carrying out social projects in an altruistic social group called Red Lider where we carry out social, cultural, environmental and educational projects for the benefit of our community. This is my first camp but I know it will be super fun full of learning and new experiences where the word can’t will not exist and we will all have a lot of fun and we will be in a great experience of life and full of nature. I hope to meet you soon.


Chris Dickson Left

Hello Everybody! My name is Chris, I’m studying Business Administration at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and I hope to be graduating in 2024. I am so unbelivebly excited to be a part of the Sanborn team, after the last few years, getting the chance to go out into the wild and be a part of nature for a few months sounds pretty close to Heaven on Earth. Some things I’d like you to know about me include my love of music and performance, as well as my hobby of cross-country bike tours! I can’t wait to get to know you all during the summer, and I’ll try to make it a summer you wont forget!

Cooper Bakos Center

Hi my name is Cooper and I currently attend North Carolina State University and I study product design. This is my first year on staff and I was a camper for four years. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of golf and fishing on my free time. I also love to be out and be in the outdoors. I’m from Fort Lauderdale, I love sketching, and Ive never worn pants to school until college. I’m really excited to climb mountains, mountain bike, and fish with the campers this summer!

Rory Beals Right

Hello! My name is Rory Beals. I’m originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, but have spent the last few months living in Claremont, California. I’ve been attending Pomona College and studying Computer Science, while also taking a bunch of other intriguing classes. This is going to be my first summer at Sanborn, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m a huge fan of hiking, backpacking, swimming, climbing, and general lazing about looking at cool clouds. In fact, this past year I purchased a book called ‘The Cloud Collector’s Handbook,’ and have been reading up on the specifics on certain types of clouds, which I’m thrilled to be able to share with the campers. I’m also a huge ultimate frisbee nerd, and have been playing since my freshman year of high school, so hopefully there will be a chance this summer to toss a disc around. More than anything else, though, I am excited to have so many opportunities to talk to and meet so many fun people this summer, and I can’t wait for the countless classic post-hike, post-dinner, pre-passing-out-from-exhaustion conversations that will inevitably occur.


Justus Munnighoff Left

I was born in Hamburg, Germany in 2002. I grew up in a beautiful small city called Bad Pyrmont (in Germany) in a lovely family. I have 2 dogs, one older sister and a younger brother. Both my mother and my uncle went to Sanborn when they were kids. So in 2016 we decided that I should become a camper too . and I absolutely loved it! I came back one year later for another amazing summer! I finished my school (Abitur) last year in 2021 and then took a year to work all different kinds of jobs and trying to figure out what I want to study. Early this year I decided to come back to Sanborn to become a counselor - a dream I have had since I first came to camp. The visa process was terrible and very expensive, but I made it through and I know it will be worth it! I am very exited for an amazing summer and looking forward to meeting my campers!

Aidan Roach Center

Hi, I’m Aidan, I’m from Salt Lake city Utah but am currently living in Iowa where ill be attending my first year of trade school. Some of my hobbies include mountain biking, snowboarding, and camping. I grew up hiking and camping in the deserts of southern Utah and going to summer camp with my friends, and that’s why I’m so excited to be working for the first time at Camp Sanborn. I cant wait to make a bunch of fun new memories with all the kids as we learn and grow this summer!

Ethan Beardsley Right

Hi, I’m Ethan! This is my first summer at camp and I’m pumped. I loved going to summer camps as a kid, and now it’s my turn to help create that experience for the new generations! I’ve been living in Hawaii for all of 2022 so far, as part of a gap year before I go to school at Montana State in the fall. The first stop of my travels was a few weeks in Europe, visiting schools, friends and new places, then a tight turnaround to Central America. I travelled through Belize, Costa Rica and Panama for 3 months before heading back to the west coast for skiing throughout December, then moved to Hawaii in January! Sanborn marks the end of that year, and I’m glad to end it off with a bang. Some fun facts about me I love photography and music (I usually have a camera on me), I’ve travelled to almost 30 countries and have met lots of cool people! I’m around 6’8 (I’ve stopped counting), I’ve worked in restaurants, farms, animal rehab centers, bike shops, film sets, and a whole lot of other odd jobs. I love trying new things! I can’t wait for this summer, it’s gonna be great. There’s so many adventures to be had!

Kit Carson

Brandon Kazda Left

This will be my first year attending Camp Sanborn! I currently go to school at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point for a dual major in Economics and Finance. Some fun facts are that I operate a Web Design company, I’m a part of a Coeducational Professional Business Fraternity called Delta Sigma Pi, I also have an internship at Disney World, and my favorite singer is Mike Posner. Finally, I went on a spontaneous trip from Wisconsin to Los Angles with a friend to go to a concert. I am excited to connect with the children and create many invaluable experiences and stories that neither I nor the kids will forget. More specifically I am excited to climb/hike the mountains at Camp Sanborn!”

Fletch Revisky Second from left

My name is Fletcher Revisky. This is my first year working at Sanborn. I am currently studying geology at Montana State University in Bozeman MT. Some of my favorite hobbies are skiing, backcountry skiing, climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, ice climbing, white water kayaking, slacklining, trail running, backpacking, singing, squirrel watching, and fly fishing. This summer I am excited to teach kids how to have fun in the outdoors, I hope that they can share the same love for the outdoors that I have.

Fer Hernandez Camargo Second from right

Bio coming soon!

Jack Samuels Right

Bio coming soon!


Marty Haggerty Left

My name is Marty! I’ve been going to summer camps on and off throughout my life. This year I wanted to try working out one for a change. I went to school through Purdue Global and received my associates degree in Information Technology last November. I was working to become a front end web developer before deciding that wasn’t the path that I wanted to take. Now I’m taking the time to try new things and find what gets me out of bed in the morning. A couple fun facts about myself is that I like music production and enjoy writing EDM music. I’m also learning how to mix and master my own music as well. The thing that I’m most excited about this summer is meeting new people, having new experiences, and learning from those experiences.

Rene Aronson Second from left

I’m Paul Rene Aronson Cajas, Coffee Loving, Rock Climbing Costa Rican, I grew up playing soccer and climbing in the rainforest, as well as surfing on tropical waves. This is my first summer working at a camp and I am incredibly excited! I’m going to Reed College in Portland to study environmental science and I am looking forward to some sun before going up to the Pacific Northwest. I have 17 younger cousins If I’m not in a classroom you’ll usually find me either surfing, climbing or reading under a tree

Brody Roundtree Second from right

Hey! I’m Brody Rountree. I was a camper for four years, and I’m excited to be a counselor this year! I’m from Winnetka, IL, but went to high school in Colorado Springs, and now I’m on a gap year before college. In my free time I love mountain biking, rock climbing, and slacklining. I learned those activities as a camper and I’m excited to continue those at camp!

Carter Brochu Right

Hi everyone! My name is Carter Brochu and this will be my first summer at Sanborn as a counselor. I am from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and I currently attend Springfield College in Springfield, MA with a double major in History and Secondary Education. I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, going on hikes, camping, and chefing it up in the kitchen in my free time! This summer I am excited to continue growing my knowledge of living in the outdoors while at the same time helping kids grow as people and leaders through the use of nature and the outdoors!


Alan Norton Left

Hello my name is Alan and I am from New Jersey. This is my first summer at Sanborn and I could not be more excited. I originally went to school at Florida Atlantic University and then my second year I spent abroad at The University of Technology in Sydney Australia. After being sent home for COVID, I worked for about two years at a dairy queen near my town until classes were in person once again. I am now studying at Montclair State University in New Jersey. During my time in college I have been studying mathematics however I recently added on a teaching minor to go along with it. In my free time I love just about anything outdoors and I love to travel. I am also very artsy and love to play guitar, trombone, and sing. I occasionally paint as well but that is only when I have way too much time on my hands as it takes a while. I am most excited to go backpacking this summer with all of the campers and the fellow staff members.

Joel Tobler Center

Hey everyone! My name is Joel Tobler and this will be my first summer at Sanborn! I am a undergraduate student at Ohio State, and I am a finance major. Outside of school I love being in the outdoors and going on adventures. I particularly love backpacking and camping with my friends! I am involved in the Mountaineers Club along with the Business Builders Club at Ohio State. I am also a member of a business fraternity on campus in order to work on my professional development skills. Some fun facts about me are that I have hiked different parts of the Appalachian Trail 5 times, and I have camped on a beach with wild horses. I am so excited to disconnect from technology, get to know the campers, and go on adventures this summer!

Colby Fewster Right

Hey, I’m Colby! I went to Big Spring for six summers as a camper and this is my first one on staff. I just finished my freshman year at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. I haven’t declared my major yet, but I’ve studied four languages and I’m looking at majoring in either Italian or international studies. A couple things about me are that until college I did Taekwondo and became a second degree black belt, and since my freshman year of high school I’ve always tried to get out and ride my bike every day that I can. I’m excited for camp because I want to meet my campers, hike trails, and have some of my favorite camp dessert, Oreo no-bake!


Neel Willis Left

Hi! My name is Neel Willis and I am from Pittsburgh, PA. I am currently living out in Berkeley, CA and studying Environmental Economics at UC Berkeley. This will be my first summer at Sanborn and I am totally stoked! Aside from school I have been getting into rock climbing and bouldering, hiking and trail running, and playing soccer and basketball, basically anything to stay active and get outside! I love having fun with friends and listening to music, and just hanging out! A fun fact about me is that I love to try new things and new challenge myself to learn a new skill! And, I love to cook and eat good food! I am excited to meet all of the staff members and campers and have a blast this summer getting after it and getting outside!

Paul Fouts Center

Bio coming soon!

Eddie Kelly Right

Hello! My name is Edward Kelly but I tend to go by Eddie. My dad was a counselor for Sanborn when he was in college in 1986, my brother, sister and I have been campers for multiple years. I was a junior camper, was on HKL, MOPQ, and STU, and was an outbacker when my brother was a counselor. So in short I have been a camper for 5 years. I’m from Ohio, but I am going to school at Ball State University in Muncie Indiana! I just finished my freshman year! I have been unwinding from school, catching up with hometown friends. A cool fun fact about me is I actually have 9 & 1/2 toes. And I’m most excited to help these kids have an amazing summer just like I’ve experienced, and also grow and learn more myself!


Shea Briody Left

What’s up everybody! My name is Shea Briody, I’m from Storrs, CT and this is my second summer working here at Sanborn! I’m currently a junior majoring in Natural Resources and Economics at the University of Connecticut, but I get up to lots of skiing and pick-up basketball when I’m not studying. Some fun facts about me are that I absolutely love ice cream, I’ve recently gotten back into distance running, and I have a pet aloe plant named Phil. I’m so stoked to come back to camp and do some mountain biking, backpacking, and tubing!

Kenny Lecker Center

Hello! My name is Kendal Lecker (he/him) and this will be my first summer at camp! Excited is an understatement for this upcoming summer. I currently attend the university of Wisconsin Eau-Claire and I am majoring in Psychology. My current plans after school are to teach high school! Also, I play baseball at the university and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. In my spare free time I love to go fishing, read history books, and spend time with my two brothers. A fun fact about me: I have never witnessed the beauty of Colorado! I am excited for camp this summer because I like to meet new people!

Matt Held Left

Hi! My name is Matt. I’m from Houston, Texas. I was a camper at Sanborn for 9 years. I love the outdoors. My favorite activity is mountain climbing and backpacking. At home, I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies, listening to music, and seeing live music. I’m very excited to be an assistant counselor this year. It’s going to be great!


Gabe McGough Left

Hey! My name is Gabe McGough. I am a rising sophomore at Dickinson College in Carlisle,PA. I am a Law & Policy and German double major with a future goal of being a lawyer. This is going to be my first summer at camp and I am so excited! I’m from Lancaster County Pennsylvania so this is actually also my first time as far west as Colorado! My family usually spends their summers on East Coast beaches like Cape May and Rehobeth, so spending time in the mountains will be a huge change for me! Some interesting facts about me are that at college I am on the ice hockey, lacrosse and fencing teams. I am also a member of the student senate. I am really looking forward to living in Germany my junior year of college! I love to fish (anywhere from surf to small creeks), hike, read, play basketball and just generally stay really busy! I am so excited to get to camp and explore the beautiful mountains and make new friends! I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Cody Hatton Center

My Name is Cody Hatton. I was born in McAllen TX but I’ve spent many of my formative years in the Kansas city area. This is my first year at sanborn but I’ve spent much of my life coming out Colorado and enjoying the outdoors. I’m currently studying computer science with a minor in philosophy at Kansas State University. when I’m not spending time out side I like to consume any sort of art (particularly music and movies), as well as play the guitar. this year at camp I’m most excited to just live life outdoors and soak it all up.

Maximus Stetich Right

My name is Maximus Stetich, and I’m positively jubilant to be working here. This will mark my eighth summer here, second as a staff member. On the occasions in which I am not conversant with Nature, of which there are many, I study Public Health at Westminster College; I make a point to supplement my education with every other discipline, including but not exclusive to the ancient art of underwater basket-weaving. In other words, I try to read everything. I’ll be looking forward to once more partaking in the delights found in our ‘Spring Tank Bomber’ trip, may my feet be strong.


Ford Thompson Left

My name is Ford Thompson. I was raised my whole life on a small scale cattle farm in central New Hampshire. My mother, sister, a family friend and I were the sole operators of this 100 acre farm. After high school I attended University in northern NH for Outdoor Education at Plymouth State University. I already had a passion for teaching, learning and the outdoors, so college reinforced a variety of hard skills in outdoor adventure. Including climbing, mountaineering, biking and canoeing to name a select few. This is my first year working at Sanborn, but I am very adaptable and comfortable; and feel like I’ve been here for 4 years already. I am beyond stoked to continue these CO adventures with the impressionable youth and my co-counselor, Ryan. As well as share the vast knowledge of being a resilient and resourceful outdoorsman.

Ryan Arp Right

Hey everyone, my name is Ryan Arp and I was born in Schw�bisch Hall, Germany but I live in the Cincinnati area nowadays. This will be my first time working at this camp and I am incredibly excited for it. I just finished my freshman year at the Ohio State University where I am studying accounting. In my free time I love to wheel throw ceramics, journal, and backpack. I am excited to meet everyone going to camp this summer and adventure all together.


Baily Walker Left

Hi I’m Bailey! This will be my fourth summer at camp, but my first as a councilor and I am super excited to get back to Sanborn. I am from Denver, CO and just finished my sophomore year at Middlebury College in Vermont where I study Environmental Studies, Geography, and Spanish. Outside of school I love to explore in the mountains, fly fish, run, cook, and play ultimate frisbee. I have two black labs at home that I miss a lot back at school. I am a big telemark skier. I also love card games and to go swimming in cold rivers and lakes. I am looking forward to being back in Colorado for some beautiful summer views and to meet the campers!

Nathaniel Scott-Negrette Center

My names Nathaniel and I’m from Riverside, California. I attended a summer camp here in Southern California from 5th grade to 8th grade and I’m excited about becoming a counselor. I’ll be graduating soon from Riverside Poly High School and after camp I’ll be heading to Cal Poly Humboldt to study Environmental Science. I’m really into Sports, especially running and soccer as well as music. I love playing guitar and piano in my free time as well as reading and drawing. I’m most looking forward to spending a lot of time in nature this summer especially on long hikes and backpacking trips.

Tristan Pietz Right

Hi! My name is Tristan Pietz and this will be my first summer at camp. I recently just graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a degree in communication, but will return next year to get a masters in marketing. Some fun facts about me are I love to dance, play college lacrosse, and I love photography and film. I’m excited to meet everyone and create some great memories!


Carlos Quintanilla Left

Hi! My name is Carlos Quintanilla I’m 21 years old, it’s my first year at Sanborn Western camps as a counselor. I’m currently in my second year of College studying to be a EMT into a paramedic. I am also in the Marine Corps Infantry Reserves starting back since I was 19 years old. I’m so excited to be here in camp and be able to teach others about camp, its history, its activities, its culture, its people, but most importantly to have fun in doing so! The road might sometimes feel long and tiring, but I will push them to get to that end of the road not with strict discipline, but with motivation. I believe the strongest motivation isn’t as much of using words or phrases, but by making a well build bond with them and their fellow campers. I’m thrilled to be your child’s guide but also their teacher!

Sam Marsh Center

Hello! My name is Samuel Marsh and this will be my second season at Big Spring. I usually just go by marsh since that is what people have called me most of my life. I love the outdoors, and creating awesome adventures for children of all ages. Can’t wait for the season to start!

Max Edelstein Right

Howdy Cowboys! I am Max, and this is my first summer at Sanborn. I am currently a rising senior at Florida State University studying Economics and Environment and Society. I am from South Florida and have been living in Tallahassee these past few years. My love for camp comes from years of attending Camp Coleman in Cleveland Georgia. I have a passion for engaging with activities in my natural environment. Some of my favorite activities are mountain biking and backpacking. One of the coolest places I have gotten to hike is in Zion National Park, hiking the scenic West Rim train and camping atop of Angel’s Landing. This summer I am very excited to grow my skills as an equestrian and to ride through the beautiful landscape of Sanborn with my campers.


Justus Skeesick Left

Born in Oklahoma but quickly moved to England, then back state-side to North Carolina, where I lived on a farm for 7 years. After that my family moved to Germany where I spent 5 years, from 6th to 10th grade. Here I grew a love for history and the natural beauty around me. Then, we left for Savannah, Georgia, where I finished High School. I had always loved film and how it was made, but it was in Georgia where I discovered a real passion for it as well as learning about several career avenues within the industry. After HS, I worked for a year before attending Savannah Tech to complete core classes and enroll in the Georgia Film Academy that had a program operating in the college. After two years I transferred to Columbus State University where I continued to pursue film, as GFA was offered there as well, but more in-depth. Now that I have one year left before graduating, I have decided to roadtrip across the US and found Sanborn Camps and can’t wait to grow in myself and help the young campers grow as well.

Josiah Barron Ramirez Second from left

Hey y’all, I’m Josiah :) I’m from a small city out of Dallas, TX called Tyler. This will be my second summer at Sanborn and I’m OVER THE MOON EXCITED. My parents are from the beautiful state of Guanajuato, Mexico which is known for its stunning architecture, mummies, & the Indigenous Chichimeca tribe. The majority of the time I’m heading somewhere, but most recently I’ve been living in Madrid as an AuPair and I’ll be heading back in September. This Fall I’ll be majoring in English at Tyler Junior College online so that I can eventually become an English Teacher and live full time in Madrid. A fun fact about me is that I have a ‘Z’ tan line on my feet from constantly wearing Chacos for the past 2 years jaja. What I’m looking forward to the most this summer is being able to come back to a place I consider home and see my fellow campers and friends.

Griffin Lantz Second from right

Hey! my name is Griffin Lantz, and I am a student at Michigan State University! I’m studying interior design and media production. I’m very passionate about art and design. Some of my hobbies are photography, graphic design and landscaping! Growing up I also did theater and performing arts, overall I am a creative person. This is my second year being a camp counselor, however this is my first year working at Sanborn! What I’m most excited about for the summer is making lifelong memories!

Logan Browne Right

My name is Logan Browne, and this is my first summer at Sanborn! I’ve attended other summer camps in the Midwest, and I’m excited to see what kind of opportunities this new experience will bring. I will be enrolled in Colorado College starting next school year, with an undecided major, although I’m leaning towards social or political science. I am a competitive swimmer, and have been for almost ten years now. Last summer I spent a month in Alaska, canoeing and hiking along the Porcupine and Yukon Rivers. This summer I am excited to return to a camp atmosphere, spend some time outside, meet really cool people, and explore the Colorado wilderness!

Red Cloud

Pancho Almanzar

I was born in New Mexico at a national monument Bandelier. Then my dad made some poor decisions and my mom decided to move to Tucson Arizona to be with my grandma who was a park ranger for a lot of her life. My grandma helped raise me she was an I’m so grateful for her help. My mom then introduced me to Jeremy the man that would become my stepdad when I was 13. Then for 2 years my mom decided to send me to Sanborn and at first, it was super hard, but I grew so much. My counselors helped me realize I’m in a beautiful place and once I was able to see that, the summer want by too fast and I’ve been trying to spend every second I can at camp ever since. I love sanborn and I can’t wait to show the new campers why I love it.

Collin Ralston Second from left

Hey! My name is Collin. This is my first summer at camp, and I’m stoked for this new experience! I go to Colorado College in Colorado Springs where I plan to major in Organismal Biology and Ecology. Some of my hobbies include swimming, hiking, skiing, and climbing. I’m super excited to hike and experience the beauty of Colorado.

Will Mitchinson Second from right

My name is Will Mitchinson and I am currently a junior in college at Elmhurst university in Illinois near Chicago. I am majoring in elementary education with a minor in psychology as well as reading and I have had goals to become a teacher from a very young age. Both my father and grandfather were educators and I have always looked up to them and the impact they have been able to make on young people’s lives. Teaching and working with children is something I am very passionate about. When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time playing sports, fishing, kayaking, biking, listening to music and making pottery. My family is a big part of my life and I enjoy spending time with them as well as.

Simon Lambert Right

Hello out there! This is Counselor Simon speaking, saying how stoked I am for what’s to come this summer at Sanborn! This will be my first venture with the campgrounds, but I already know it’s going to be a far cry from where I come from - the sunshine state of Florida. It was there I graduated from the University of Florida learning all types of skills in hospitality, event planning, and recreation. After graduation, I took a well-earned vacation here in Colorado, exploring the many recreations and hiking trails in the area before eventually coming to the idea that working here would be a blast. But before that, I would have to put my freshly learned skills to the test, and where else to do it than on the many pool decks of the Walt Disney World Resort, helping to organize games for kids and make sure everyone was having some fun under the sun! Will be looking forward to applying that same spirit throughout the season, especially in the wildernesses of Sanborn! It will be very exciting to guide these campers on an assortment of new adventures and what I will probably look forward to the most are the nights around a campfire, exchanging stories throughout the summer. Getting to know each other a bit more under star-filled skies had always been a favorite back in Scouts and would no doubt still reign among the top activities for campers and counselors alike! In any case, I’m just excited for what’s to come and I’ll leave it with a few more tidbits about myself! My favorite animal is the river otter, I love hikes that feature dense woodlands and rivers, and I occasionally tell eye-inducing jokes like this: 19 and 20 had a race… 21.


Jackson Baker Left

Hello there! My name is Jackson Baker and this will be my 3rd Summer at Big Spring! I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business with the intentions of working in outdoor education overseas once I’ve gathered some more experience here stateside. I am an avid hiker with a huge love of mountains, been slowly getting into rock climbing and cycling, have played drums for over 10 years (and therefore make everything within sight into a drum), and will browse inside a bookstore for hours on end. I am most excited to sharpen my skills in outdoor endeavors both new and old, and to provide guidance and instruction to our veteran campers so that they can lead by example here in the camp community. BOOM!

Sam McMullan Right

Hey everyone! My name is Sam. This is my first summer at Sanborn, and my first summer outside of my hometown of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. I go to Slippery Rock University for Park and Resource Management, my dream is to become a park ranger one day! Outside of school, I love to be creative. I spend most of my free time writing and recording my own music. I have been playing guitar since I was five years old, and even worked in a guitar shop for four years. Additionally, I love photography, drawing, writing, and just about any art form I can get my hands on! A fun fact about me is that I used to own a pop up camper. I spent the summer of 2021 camping with my friends in an abandoned quarry, an old airport, and in the mountains of Pennsylvania! This summer, I am excited to help the campers discover new hobbies!

Ridge Leaders

Chace Hutchings Left (ABC)

Hi my name is Chace! This will be my second summer at Sanborn, and I will be the ABC Ridge Leader. Some fun facts about me are: I love cats (they’re my favorite animal), I learned to ride a bike last summer, and my favorite food is fettuccine alfredo! I can’t wait to play some 9 square this summer and get to know my campers! :)

Will Coleman Second from left (Juinors)

Hey everyone, My name is Will and this is going to be my third summer as a staff member at Sanborn. I am currently studying Family and Child Sciences at Florida State University and will be graduating this summer. Some fun facts about me: I have summited ten total 14ers, I once was scared of horses but now I love them, and I am a 3-time 9-Square Sanborn World Champion. This summer I am excited to connect with new and old friends as well as see how my previous campers have grown over this past year!

Lewis McKerlie Center (MOPQ)

Hi there! My name is Lewis McKerlie, I am from Austin, Texas but I currently live in Tempe, Arizona where I study Music Education at Arizona State University. This is my 2nd summer at Sanborn, last year I was a counselor for MOPQ, this summer I’m returning as a ridge leader and I’m beyond excited. I’m on the rowing team here at ASU and I enjoy all things water sports. I also have recently taken to fixing and building cars! I’m excited to just be living in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and get to share it with so many amazing people!

Jack Whittle Second from right (HKL)

Hey everyone! My name is Jack Whittle and I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. I’m a rising senior studying History and English at Centre College in Danville, KY with hopes of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Outdoor Education and Leadership after undergrad. In my free time I love listening to country music, playing guitar, watching baseball, hiking, climbing, camping, and just hanging out in a hammock and reading or talking with friends. This will be my 3rd year on staff and I’m excited to have another great summer with everyone!

Finn Burns Right (STUW)

Hey parents, My name is Finn Burns, returning to work at Big Spring for a second time. I was a camper a little less that a decade ago, making this my seventh summer at Sanborn. I had a blast last year working on STUW ridge, and I’m excited to return for another excellent summer in the outdoors. Unfortunately, I can’t spend all my time outdoors, especially with how hot it gets here in Texas, so I spend the rest of it working as an Auto Mechanic. I graduated in 2019 from South Texas College with an associates in auto-tech and I run a small shop in McAllen, working mostly on Porsches, but I service all makes and models. Additionally, I work for club racers who run NASA and SCCA and also for an Austin-based professional racing team that participates in Porsche Sprint Challenge and WRL throughout the year, so I spend quite a bit of my time traveling to and working at racetracks around the US. When I’m not doing something car related, I can usually be found on a walk, hanging out with friends, or sitting at my desk playing video games. I can’t wait to get to spend another summer in Colorado. I’m particularly looking forward to mountain trips and multi-day backpacking adventures!


Will Harmon Left (Outcamp)

Will grew up outside of Kansas City in Independence, Missouri. Although this is his first summer at Sanborn, Will is incredibly excited about working as the Outcamp Coordinator. He is especially excited to be part of the Sanborn camp community, supporting trips and student dietary needs, and the puzzle-piece nature of food and gear systems. Will went to the University of Missouri-Columbia to study Environmental Science and graduated in 2018. Since then, he’s bopped around to a number of different programs, communities, and environments, but he has largely been focused on outdoor education. He is currently based out of Sonoma County, in coastal California, but is incredibly stoked to be back in the grand mountains and community of Colorado. In his free time, he enjoys eating vegan baked goods and waffles (doughnuts are always a favorite), running long distances, backpacking (including thru hiking the Colorado Trail in 2020), bird watching (Pacific Wren is the current favorite), and identifying wildflowers (Calypso Orchid is also the current favorite).

Roman Telles Second from left (Art)

Hi! My name is Romain and I am going to be the Art Coordinator here at Sanborn this summer. I am very excited to have an amazing summer with you all and to be helping everyone with their creative projects! This is my first year here at Sanborn and I am really looking forward to the chance to help so many campers grow. This past academic year I graduated from Northern Arizona University with my BFA in ceramics and sculpture. I can’t wait to work with, and watch inspiration grow within the many campers. I grew up in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada’s where I learned to love the outdoors, play many instruments, and work with my hands creating art. Here are a few fun facts about me, I am actually bilingual and have dual nationality (France and United States), I spent my Junior year of high school at an art school in France where I learned so much about the different cultures. Lastly, I have only met a few people in the U.S. who can properly say my name because it is French. I am most excited to be spreading the love of art and the outdoors to all the new and returning campers and to work with everyone threw any difficulty’s that come up during all our time here at Sanborn.

Ethan Green Third from left (kitchen)

Hey howdy, my name is Ethan! This will be my ninth summer at Sanborn, second on staff! I just finished up my first year at Montana State University where I was studying Music Education! I absolutely love to snowboard, hike, play music, or listen to music! This summer, I cannot wait to get back in the saddle!

Vashu Thapa Third from right (Climbing)

Hello, I am Himanshu Thapa from India or I prefer to address from Indian Himalayas. It will be my second time in the camp. I am very excited to be around the campers. I have realized I love working with kids in the outdoor and wilderness. I have been working as a Mountain guide since 2017 in the Indian and Nepal Himalayas. I started rock climbing in 2020 and I find myself safe and truly being myself while climbing. Very excited to lead some climbing trips this summer. I am fond of Colorado culture and environment as it has a strong vibe of the countryside. I feel myself to be part of rocky mountains.

Josiah Neal Second from right (Photographer)

Hello there, I’m Josiah Neal. This is my second year at Big Spring, last year i was a counselor and had one of the best summers I’ve ever had. I loved it so much i didn’t leave and said at Sanborn during the winter working as the ranch hand. This summer i am excited to work as the photographer and as a wrangler. I am from Georgia and have been involved in outdoor adventures since i could walk since we lived out in the country. I was a Boy Scout from 10 to 18 earning Eagle Scout and going to Philmont Scout Ranch twice. I severed a few years after 18 as an assistant Scoutmaster as well. I am very excited to capture the moments of joy, fun, learning, and community at camp this summer and also teach about horses and share my outdoor knowledge.

Mikey Rainey Right (Programs)

Hello! My name is Mikey, and this is my 6th summer on staff at Big Spring! I currently work at middle school in Littleton, Colorado. I coach middle school cross country and track, I love to cook, and I love spending time in the outdoors. This summer I’m super excited to try some campfire recipes I’ve been developing and I can’t wait to embrace my inner dork with the campers!


Zach McCarver Left

Hi! My name is Zach McCarver. This will be my first year at Sanborn. I will be a wrangler and I’m super excited to get out and meet all the horses! (People too I guess) I currently attend Murray State University as a Junior where I major in Nonprofit Leadership and minor in Humanities. I have been riding and showing horses for almost 10 years now. I love learning new things as well as teaching others about horses! I’m from Tennessee but my mom grew up in Denver so I have always had a love for Colorado as well as the Broncos. I’m super excited to explore camp and build connections with campers and staff. Lets Ride!

Greg Ludwig Second from left

Im Greg and im returning for my 10th summer at sanborn total, this will be my 4th year as staff and 2nd year as a wrangler. I have a degree in anthropoligy and geography and have been trying to find jobs in those fields but I cant seem to stay away from Sanborn. I love snowboarding and longboarding and generally being out in the mountains. I love this place and I love horses so I feel right at home and I hope to share all the experiences that I had as a camper with all of the 2022 campers and show them why this place is so special.

Indy Isaacs Second from left

I grew up in Kentucky where my family is from but I was born in Hawaii where my father was stationed in the military. I worked with my Papaw on his farm growing up in the fields and love being outside whenever I can. I absolutely adore camp and am happy to be returning for my third year!

Paul Brull Left

Hey all, I’m Paul, a Wrangler this summer at Sanborn! Among other things, I enjoy riding bikes, riding horses, backpacking, and writing. This will be my 11th summer at Big Spring and my 3rd year on staff. I look forward to seeing everyone down at the barn!

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