We are excited to introduce the High Trail’s staff of summer 2022! We have been just finished a 10 day staff training and we are so excited to meet the campers! Keep reading to learn a little bit about us before you arrive!


Cristina Martinez Casas (left)

Hi there! My name is Cristina, I’m a recently graduated medical doctor; I loved all my pediatrics rotations so now I’m here, excited to work with a fantastic bunch of incredible people! I love the outdoors, going on hikes, swimming till my fingers look like prunes and eating ice-cream. I’m super excited to have a fantastic summer full of sun, fun activities and great camp songs. See you soon!

Hannah Chavers (center)

Hello! My name is Hannah Chavers I’m a rising Junior at St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD. I’m currently working on a liberal arts degree with a focus in philosophy and math and science history! I’m on the college crew team and I just love to be outside in anyway I can. I was a camper here for three years, and this will be my second year on staff. I’m so excited to go swimming, hiking, and making my favorite camp desserts, especially s’mores!

Lauren Hartzell (right) Coming soon


Veronica McDade (left)

My name is Veronica and this is my first summer at Sanborn! I recently graduated from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV with my master’s in Business Administration. Once the summer is over I plan to move to Maine and start my career in nonprofit work, particularly working at a food pantry helping fight food insecurity and poverty in my community. I spend my free time volunteering, working out at the gym, and going on adventures with my friends! I love cooking, art, writing, and reading! I have a few years of experience working as a therapist for kids with autism and other mental health diagnoses, and even worked with a summer camp for kids with disabilities! I am so looking forward to meeting our campers, I am excited to try new things and adventure with the kids and my fellow staff members!

Jacy Werning (top right)

Hiya! My name is Jacy Werning and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I will be serving as the Digital Media Specialist for Sanborn this summer and living with campers in Juniper! This summer with be my VERY FIRST at Sanborn and I am through the moon excited! I am currently a second year at Wartburg College in Waverly Iowa. Wartburg is a small Liberal Arts college. I am double majoring in Journalism and Communication with a Concentration in Public Relations and a second major in Graphic Design. I also have a minor in Leadership Studies! Outside of school, I love teaching swim lessons, walking any dogs I can get my hands on, climbing or belaying, and spending time outside in my hammock! Some fun facts about me are that I have a rock in my body (whatttt??!!! story for another time), I am literally and metaphorically obsessed with animals, any and all, and I was a decorated swimmer in high school! I am excited to make new friends, meet campers, and of course, meet some AWESOME animals!!

Kate Nowell (bottom right)

Hey everyone, I’m Kate! I’m from York, a small coastal town in Maine. I’ve never been away from the ocean for more than a month but am so excited to explore the beautiful state of Colorado (for the first time)! I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Maine in Farmington studying elementary education and environmental studies (combining the two through nature-based education). My favorite ways to spend time include camping, swimming in any body of water I can find, hiking, hammocking, snowshoeing, kayaking, and being outside in the rain. I am a connoisseur of good music and a lover of the mountains. This will be my first year at Sanborn. I’m beyond ecstatic to begin this journey of adventure and growth with such a wonderful community! A couple of fun facts:

  1. My dad and brother are both lobstermen and I often help them out on their boats! The obnoxiously early mornings make for beautiful sunrises…
  2. I LOVE to cook, especially with ingredients from my garden. My mom and I built our own raised beds during the summer of 2020 and our veggie garden has grown tremendously (I’m currently on an edible flower kick).
  3. My hiking snack of choice is chili roasted pistachios.

Ponderosa West

Em Penas (left)

Heyo!! My name is Ember, but I go by Em for short. This will be my first year at Sanborn and I am super stoked to create memories with everyone! I graduated in May from Colorado Mountain College in Leadville with my degree in Outdoor Recreational Leadership and Outdoor Education. Some fun facts about me: My trail nickname from college is Oxina, because I always carried things for everyone else. I am currently trying to learn how to juggle. I am certified in American Sign Language. I am so stoked to soak up some sun and get out and adventure!

Zoe Exelbert (center)

Heyyoooo! My name is Zoe and I am a returning camper, now coming onto staff this summer! The Sanborn woods have brought me extreme joy every summer I have been here, and I am so psyched to be able to come back this year :) I currently am attending college in Utah studying Data Science and Environmental Studies, but have been living on good ol’ Miami Beach for most of my life. I am an avid hammocker, will never pass up a mountain lake swim, and was a renowned Gaga player during my earlier Sanborn years. I cannot wait to explore the Rockies with all of you and enjoy the wonders of camp altogether. See ya soon!

Jade Perry (right)

Hello hello! My name is Jade Perry and I’m from a smaller town in Maine. I am a rising senior at Babson College, studying business with a concentration in Operations Management and Environmental Sustainability. This will be my first summer at Sanborn and I am over the moon excited! I have had the opportunity to explore a greater majority of the United States by car in the summer of 2021. I visited 16 national parks and many other gorgeous places. During this experience I fell in love with the state of Colorado and knew I had to make it back! I also spent spring of 2022 studying abroad in Perugia Italy! While in Europe I was able to visit 17 different cities in 8 countries. Two highlights from studying abroad are hiking in Scotland and skydiving in Switzerland. Some of my favorite things to do are hiking, camping, photography, and rock climbing. This summer I am most excited about exchanging stories, making memories, and learning more about myself and the kids!

Ponderosa East

Mara Mueting (top)

Hi everyone! I’m Mara, and this will be my first summer at camp. I go to Colorado College and plan to major in Organismal Biology and Ecology and minor in Human Biology and Kinesiology. Aside from school, I love to run and read (mostly nonfiction and short stories). I also LOVE butter and will put it on both sides of my toast without shame. I can’t wait for camp this summer and am so excited to meet everyone!

Ally Landwehr (center)

Hi! My name is Ally and this will be my first summer at Sanborn camp and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m 23, from Saint Louis, Missouri, and am currently a student at the University of Missouri to become a teacher. I’m excited to gain more experience working with kids this summer, while also getting to embrace my love for the outdoors at the same time! I love doing yoga, kayaking, and hiking in my free time. I have been able to hike in 8 different National Parks in the past year, and Yosemite remains my favorite! I have 2 goldendoodles back at home named Ringo and Penny, and they also love to join me for hikes (and hover over me while doing yoga lol)! I’m so excited to have lots of fun outside this summer and make long lasting connections!

Anni Panici (bottom)

Hi! My name is Annalise (but a lot of folks call me Anni) and this is my first time at camp (and in Colorado in general). I’m a rising sophomore at St Lawrence University in upstate New York where I study English and religion. Before school I trained as a vinyasa yoga instructor, so I’m stoked to share that passion of mine with Sanborn this summer. During my time in New York (and my hometown in Maine) I’ve loved skiing, climbing, swimming, surfing and everything in between. Beyond the outdoors, I love to get creative and pull from art and theater to fully express. I’m ready to do the ‘everything in between’ at camp and get creative in outdoor spaces with equally excited folk!

Silver Spruce West

Sydney “Parker” Parker (left)

Jello Everyone! My name is Sydney Parker. I am currently studying to get a degree in English and a minor in French at Louisiana State University! Geaux Tigers! Prior to LSU, I played college soccer at a branch of the University Of Pittsburgh :) This will be my first year at Sanborn, and I have been counting down the days till camp starts! Some fun facts about me are that I can do the worm (yes the dance) I love backpacking and spending extended time in nature, and I love making people laugh by acting like a complete goofball. I am excited to explore new hiking trails and learn how to mountain bike this summer!

Gracie Hale (center)

Heyo!! My name is Gracie! This is my first year at camp and I’m so excited! Right now I go to school at Florida Atlantic University where I study Anthropology. Some fun facts about me….I have over 11,000 songs in my library and loooove to dance like a fool to any kind of music. I currently work at a film lab where I develop/process film as well as shoot my own! I also learned how to swim before I could walk and in a series of events, I now swim professionally at my college (I play waterpolo for FAU) This summer I’m so stoked to get out to the mountains and camp! Can’t wait to bust out some moves around the campfire??

Maddie Rowley (right)

Hi, I’m Maddie but my friends call me Mad! I’m so excited to be returning to Sanborn after 4 years as a camper. I started in Silver Spruce cabin and spent my last summer in Columbine. I attend the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS and study political science. I hope to get my masters in Urban Planning and eventually go to law school. Some fun facts about me are that I love to ride by bike and go almost everywhere in town on it, radishes are one of my favorite foods- I love them raw especially or with hummus and my dad his siblings attended Sanborn in the 70’s. I’m so stoked to add some more 14ers under my belt and see Witcher Rocks again! Can’t wait to meet you in a few weeks!

Silver Spruce East

Angelica Rose (left)

Hi! My name is Angelica Rose. I go to the University of Tennessee in Nashville. I am studying Civil Engineering. I will be a junior this coming year. I am so excited to be a counselor this summer. I am so passionate about spreading my love for nature, as well as ensuring the campers have a fun summer trying new activities!

Catherine Oordt (center)

Hi y’all, my name is Catherine and I am super excited for my first summer at Sanborn! I live in Austin, Texas and attend the University of Texas studying Applied Learning and Development to become a teacher. I was born in Texas, but have lived in 9 different places including England and Italy. As a kid I went to camp in Maryland and was a counselor there for two year but am thrilled to get to know Colorado and Sanborn now! I can’t wait to spend all summer outside playing games, singing campfire songs, and rock climbing.

Grace “Grady” Grady (right)

My name is Grace Grady and this will be my first summer at Sanborn! I am currently a sophomore at Ball State University in Indiana. Chirp Chirp!! I am studying nursing with a Spanish minor and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! A couple fun facts about me is that I have been to 14 National Parks, I’m hoping to study abroad next summer in Argentina, I love to run, and last summer I worked at a summer camp in Maine! I am SO excited about camp this summer to hang out with kids, be in Colorado, and enjoy the fun. I love being a camp counselor and I cannot wait to meet everyone. :)

Cedar Lodge West

Annie Hershberger (left)

Hi! My name is Annie Hershberger and this will be my first summer at camp! I am currently a sophomore at Butler University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Special Education. Some fun facts about me are that both my parents were counselors at Sanborn (& it’s where they met!), I’m planning on studying abroad somewhere in Europe next spring, and I LOVE mac and cheese. This summer, I am most excited to make new friends, create memories, and have fun!

Emily Porter Siegel (center)

howdy! my name is Emily Porter Siegel (they/she) and I’m so excited to be here at Sanborn for the first time as a staff member! I was a camper for five years previously, so it’s such a gift to be back in Florissant this summer as an Assistant Counselor. I’m currently a rising sophomore at Rider University in New Jersey working towards both my BFA in acting and my BA in English literature–but when I’m not on stage, reading, or studying, I love playing tabletop games with my friends, writing for the narrative fiction podcast I’m on the creative team of, and making music with the people I love! While I may be in school up north, I’m a southerner through and through, born in Georgia and raised in Tennessee. I’m also a twin, and although I’ll miss my brother dearly this summer, he’s ALSO going to be a camp counselor this summer (at Philmont, in New Mexico)… so I guess it runs in the family! Although I can’t bring the 20+ plants I take care of at home with me, I have a lot of fun identifying flora and fauna around camp. I also adore anything art-related, so you can expect to find me at the art barn embroidering, making jewelry, and tie-dying whenever I have the opportunity! At High Trails this year I’m so thrilled to be exploring and enjoying the beauty of nature while fostering connections with so many new and amazing people.

Katie Schelkoph (right)

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Schelkoph and I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I will be entering my senior year at South Dakota State University. I am currently studying Sport and Recreation Management. A couple fun facts about me are that I love hiking and being on the water during the summer. This will be my first year at Sanborn and I cannot wait for an amazing and memorable summer!


Billie Salvucci (top)

Whats up y’all! My name’s Billie, and this will be my first summer here at Sanborn :) I just finished my first year at Warren Wilson College where I’m studying environmental sciences with a concentration in environmental education. I’ve taken all sorts of classes from biology to fiber arts and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with the campers! I also work on campus as a land steward, helping to manage our 1,000 acres of farm, forest, and residential land which has taught me loads about plant identification and utilizing natural resources. When I’m not studying or working on campus I’m usually attending any live music event. I’ve been to 6 concerts this year, 3 drum circles, and countless ecstatic dances and jam sessions on campus, there’s always a beat and my head and I sometimes find myself dancing even when there’s no music. I also downgraded my phone to a smartphone almost two years ago after years of being glued to my iPhone, so I’m excited to show the campers some ways to have fun without a phone or tablet. All in all I just can’t wait to learn from and teach the campers this year and be a part of this community for the first time, I’m so excited to meet everyone!! Stay rad :)

Gracie McDevitt (bottom left)

Hey y’all! My name is Gracie and I’m a rising junior at Middlebury College where I’m studying Neuroscience with minors in Global Health and Spanish. I’m originally from Connecticut, but I’ve loved getting to explore Vermont for the past two years. On campus, I also dance and choreograph for my school’s dance troupe so I’m pretty pumped to bust out some moves on the camp dance floor. This summer will be my first on staff after seven summers as a camper and I am absolutely stoked to be back! I’m especially excited for some 14er summits, fun trail rides, and, of course, chippy dippy bars. Most of all, I can’t wait to meet you all in just a few weeks!

Natalie Sinai (bottom right)

Hi everyone! My name is Natalie and this will be my first year as a High Trails Camp Counselor! I was studying Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami but am currently taking a semester break working in Steamboat Springs, CO at the ski resort. Although I have not yet worked for Sanborn, I was a camp counselor last summer in North Carolina and had a blast spending my summer with the kids; I knew I wanted to do something similar this summer! I am most looking forward to all the trips and accomplishing some big hikes with the kids, and sharing my love for the outdoors. A fun fact about me is that I had chickens for pets growing up and I think they may be my favorite animal on this planet, they are such funny creatures. I am so excited for a fun, adventure-filled summer at Sanborn!

Crystal Palace East

Brooke Vitters (left)

Hi Everyone! My name is Brooke Vitters! I am from Aberdeen, South Dakota where I attend Northern State University for Elementary Education. This is my first summer at Sanborn, and I am super excited! When I am not at school or working, you can catch me outside on walks or camping/hiking with friends. Besides my love for outdoors, I play the violin (I have played the violin for 12 years). I love to read and to cook! I am super excited to explore Colorado and create memories with fellow staff and campers!

Maddie Halabi (center)

Hi! My name is Maddie Halabi. This is my first summer at Sanborn and I am so excited. I am a sophomore studying Microbiology and Spanish at the University of Kansas. A couple of fun facts about me! I am a big KU basketball fan (whoo! 2022 champs), I have never been able to whistle, and peanut butter is my favorite food. This summer I am most excited to go on hiking trips with the campers!

Katie Olson (right)

Hey y’all!! My name is Katie Olson. This is my first summer at camp and I’m super excited! I attend the University of Cincinnati and I am studying speech pathology. When I’m not studying you can find me working out, doing yoga, reading or playing guitar. A fun fact about me is that I’ll be traveling around Europe for a month right before camp! I’m so stoked to be in the mountains this summer, and to meet new people and campers:)

Crystal Palace West

Maggie Frail (left)

Hey y’all I’m Maggie! I go to Brevard College, in Brevard, North Carolina and I am studying Wilderness Leadership and Psychology. This will be my first year at Sanborn and I’m really excited to meet everyone! A few fun facts about me; I love canoeing and being around water, Oreos are my favorite cookies of all time, and I am a huge sunrise and sunset chaser - best sunrise to date has to be at the Gulf of Mexico right off the Suwannee River.

Grace Kelley (center)

Hi My name is Grace and this is going to be my first year ever at Sanborn! I am a rising Junior at Washington College and am an Environmental Science major with minors in sociology and museum, field, and community education. I’m a member of the women’s soccer team, President of our school’s compost club, and I work at the cutest ice cream shop in town. Another totally random fact about me is that I am a HUGE fan of chocolate and will eat it in any form presented to me! I am looking forward to spending this summer surrounded by beautiful people and scenery, and I can’t wait to play competitive games with the campers!

Mia Weyant (right)

Hi! My name is Mia Weyant and I am so excited to be an AC this summer! I went to Sanborn as a camper for about six or seven years, and am from Denver, Colorado. Currently, I go to the University of Vermont and am majoring in Biochemistry and just finished my first year of college! I absolutely love to draw and paint and also crochet. I recently took up knitting, but have a personal bias towards crochet :) and I have a dream to have made all of the clothes in my cloest at some point in my life. I am so excited to be outside this summer, go on many hikes, maybe get a little tan, and meet all of the lovely people coming to Sanborn!


Rae Cushman (bottom right)

Hello! My name is Raegan (Rae) Cushman, and this will be my first time at Sanborn Western Camp. I graduated from high school in Canon City, Colorado, and just completed my first year of college at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. I haven’t picked a major yet, however I am deciding between Psychology, Biology, Environmental Science, and Sociology. One fun fact about me is that I own a school bus. Another fun fact is that I absolutely love animals and currently have five dogs, a cat, a bird, and a snake at home. I am so excited to get to know staff and campers, as well as to spend some time outdoors!

Abby Heller (top)

Hi everyone! My name is Abigail, but I also go by Abby. I have never been to camp but I am super excited and I can’t believe how soon it’s coming up! I am currently attending Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania and am studying occupational therapy. I am pumped for a bunch of things that we are going to do this summer! I’d have to say the things I’m looking forward to the most are meeting everyone and getting a lot of hiking in. I’m also very excited for the horseback riding! One fun fact about me is that I love animals. I take frequent trips to the pet store, volunteer at an animal shelter, and plan to have my own farm someday. Another fun fact is that I became lactose-intolerant when I was 17, which is super sad because I love chocolate and mac and cheese!

Hannah Terry (bottom left)

My name is Hannah Terry and this is my first year at camp! I just graduated from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky where I studied International Studies and African Studies. After camp I’ll be moving to The Netherlands to get my Master’s degree. Right before COVID hit in 2020 I studied volcanos in New Zealand, I spent my days hiking and learning all about lava, rocks, and huge volcanos. I also have lived in Uganda for a few months and love African culture, I was also able to go on a safari and see lions, giraffes, and elephants! This summer I’m super excited to ride horses and do overnight adventures.


Paige Bryan (left)

Hello, my name is Paige Bryan and I am a 22-year-old from Daytona Beach, Florida. I just graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in Biology and a minor in studio art. This will be my first summer at High Trails but I am so excited to work with the campers and have tons of amazing adventures. A few fun facts about me: I was the captain my college’s club ultimate frisbee team, I spent my freshman year of college in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I have gone on a safari in Kenya. I am so excited to take the campers backpacking and sleep under the stars. I also love identifying species of plants and birds so I will absolutely be teaching campers how to as we hike!

Nora Jenkins (center)

Hi there! My name is Nora and I can’t wait to be an AC this summer at High Trails. I spent three summers at camp as a camper and have been itching to return ever since (I’m sure any returning campers know the feeling). I’m a rising second year at the University of Virginia studying English and philosophy on a tentative pre-law track. I’m considering a concentration in poetry, so if any campers are aspiring writers then I am your gal! I love cozy stuff, so ampers please never hesitate to come say hi and share a cup of tea or hot cocoa; my hope is to make sure every camper of every identity can feel safe and supported at camp :) That being said, I also love a good adventure, so hopefully I will see incoming campers out on the trails!

Ella Siblik (right)

Hello! My name is Ella Siblik. This is my first summer working at Sanborn, and I am so excited to leave my small farm town outside of Chicago to live in the mountains for a summer! I went to an outdoor overnight camp in Wisconsin for several years and decided then I had to be a counselor at some point in my life. I am currently in my second year of college and am attending Waubonsee in Sugar Grove, Illinois. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I have a strong passion for the arts (especially writing and music), nature, and human connection. I worked at a movie theater this past year and had a great time eating too much popcorn and seeing any movie I wanted for free. Also, this year I started playing in a band (I sing and play keyboard/organ). Through this band, I have discovered how much I l enjoy being around people who know more about a subject than I do! I love challenging myself and trying new things while pushing through fears such as stage fright. This summer I am looking forward to playing fun camp games, spending time outside, taking a break from social media, the news, phones, etc., and of course, getting to know all the counselors and campers! I could go on and on about all the other things I am excited to do at camp, but that would take a while. Oh! Also, I can’t wait to see what the night sky looks like at camp. I’ve only seen pictures, and I can’t imagine how beautiful it will look in person.

Columbine East

Meg Spence (left)

Hey hey future campers!! My name is Meg and this is going to be my first year at Sanborn AND my first time being at a sleep away camp, so I am beyond excited to take this adventure with each of you! I am pursuing my higher education at the University of Utah getting my bachelors degree in Psychology and a double minor in ceramics and gender studies. A fun fact about me is that I’ve done a triathlon and am currently training for another one!

Syd Rankin (center)

Hi, I’m Sydney! I am originally from Portland, Oregon, and now I attend Colorado College in Colorado Springs. I am studying literature, and I run cross country and track! I am so excited for camp this summer to connect with everyone, be in beautiful nature together, and learn many new things. I have heard there is an observatory at camp, and I can’t wait to look at the stars. Let’s make this an awesome summer!

Grace Donovan (right)

Hi Ya’ll! My name is Grace, and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I am going to be a junior at Dickinson College in the fall where I play field hockey, and am studying Anthropology with a minor in Spanish! I am so excited to spend time outside this summer soaking up the sun, playing fun games, and eating lots of peanut butter!

Columbine West

Naeema El-Scari (left)

Hello! My name is Naeema El-Scari, i’m from Kansas City,MO. I will be a sophomore in college at Prairie View A&M University studying nursing. I am a former camper of 5 years and i’m excited to be here this summer!!

Grace Keller (top right)

My name is Grace Keller and this is my first summer at Sanborn! I am studying strategic communications at Ohio State University. I love concerts, exploring new cities, and Asian food. I’m very excited for this summer It will be my first time in Colorado. I can’t wait to learn and improve on all the outdoor activities, especially the multi-day hiking trips!

Simms Ehrlich (bottom right)

Hi y’all! I’m Simms, and I’m from Austin, Texas. I’m currently a junior at the University of Texas where I’m studying Human Dimensions of Organizations, Business, and Spanish. In my free time, I love to go for walks around Lady Bird Lake, play tennis, try new restaurants, read, and spend time with my friends. I also spend a couple hours a week volunteering with Drive a Senior, which is like a free Uber for the elderly in Austin to/from their appointments. I grew up going to camp, and I’m so excited for my second summer on staff! I can’t wait to sleep under the stars, climb mountains, read and hammock in aspen groves, have cabin dance parties, dress up in funny costumes, and eat dessert twice a day. I’m so excited to be a part of the amazing camp community again, and I can’t wait to meet all of y’all so soon!


Abby Schuh (left)

What’s up everyone! My name is Abby, and it’s my first summer working at Sanborn! I just finished my second year of undergrad at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. I’m majoring in environmental and sustainability studies and minoring in Spanish. When I’m not in class you can usually find me outside; trail running, rock climbing, and just exploring Arizona. I also love painting with my roommates and have been playing piano since I was 7. I grew up near the Seattle area, but in 2016 my family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve been calling the desert my home ever since. This past spring break I did an awesome desert road trip, hitting Phoenix, Joshua Tree, and Lake Havasu. I think I’m still tan from that trip… I’m super excited to share my stoke with campers this year and get the kids rock climbing. I also can’t wait to get that camp spirit going and to see everyone’s dance moves.

Tatum Ramsey (center)

Hey there! I’m Tatum. I have a special love for all things wild: animals, plants, rivers, lakes, forests, and have been known to chase the occasional waterfall. This is my first summer as a counselor for High Trails, and I am beyond excited for a camp season full of fun and exploring outside. I am happy to share that I am about to graduate from the University of Oregon (big sigh of relief). While I was at the UO, I spent a lot of time leading backcountry excursions and learning survival skills, while pursuing a major in city planning and nonprofit management. I also have a fine art minor, and learned to speak quite a bit of Spanish during my time in Eugene. In my free time, you can catch me reading all books - from science fiction to fantasy to nonfiction autobiographies. I love to draw and paint, especially nature and portraits for my friends! My other favorite hobby is just to get outside and move - whether I’m skateboarding, biking, or tossing the lacrosse ball, I am having the best time. Some fun facts about me:

  • I played lacrosse for 13 years, and now am a high school coach.
  • I love to travel; I have been to 11 different countries!
  • Both of my siblings have red hair, but we all sunburn the same, it’s in the genes.
  • I am extremely fond of chocolate cake. This summer, I am excited spend time with the campers and teach them different camp craft knots. If you see me in a dorky outfit, just laugh along with me.

Izabo Ramos (right)

Hi!! My name is Izabo. I am currently going to Hamilton College. I plan on majoring in Biology and double minoring in Environmental Studies and Art. As of right now, I plan on going to post-grad and getting my master’s/PHD in Conservative Biology. This is my first summer at High Trails and I couldn’t be more excited!! This summer I will be a Climbing Supervisor and am so excited to help lead climbing trips with the campers!!! Okay, a few fun facts:

  • I play ultimate frisbee. My frisbee team is called the Hot Saucers. -I can solve a Rubik’s cube. -I am a huge Steven Universe fan. -I own a bonsai tree. His name is Grover and he’s almost 4 years old!!


Jess Graham (top)

Hi! I’m Jess Graham and this is my first year at Sanborn. I graduated last year from the University of Utah with a BFA in Theater and a minor in math and since then I have been living in San Francisco working at a theater in the city. I like to bake, bird-watch, and think the tides are probably magic. I’m excited to see the stars at camp (the city life just doesn’t do stars quite right).

Caroline Daniher (bottom)

Hi there!! My name is Caroline and this will be my second summer as a camp counselor. I went to camp at Sanborn six years prior to that. I am going to be entering my third year at Notre Dame to study Science Business and Economics. After being in a very flat place all year (spoiler: I don’t think ND has a single hill on campus), I am so excited to be back in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! Some fun facts about me are that my family has chickens, I’m gluten free (Celiac), my favorite dog is a corgi, and I listen to the song ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor before any school exam. I cannot wait to meet everyone!


Julie Prestgiacomo (far left)

My name is Julie Prestigiacomo. I currently attend Gonzaga University and I am majoring in Criminology and Psychology. This is my first year on staff at Sanborn and I am SOOOO excited!! Here are some fun facts you should know about me: I am a sucker for adventure so I have traveled around the world a lot, including my two trans-Atlantic sailing trips and my upcoming semester abroad in Glasgow, Scotland. I once even went skydiving in Australia. I have never been to Colorado before, though, so I am sure my summer at Sanborn will be an exciting adventure, as well. I am most excited to get a chance to climb at least one fourteener while working at Sanborn.

Emily Herbut (second from left)

Hey folks! My name is Emily and this is my first year at Sanborn Camps! I’m originally from Virginia, but I went to school at Eckerd College in Florida and just graduated with a double major in Environmental Studies & Anthropology (the environment & people!!!) Some things that y’all should know about me are that I can recite a solid portion of the movie Surf’s Up, I love coffee, running, and SunButter, and I’m a punny gal. I’m super stoked to experience living in Colorado, learn more about its environment, and gain new outdoor skills. I can’t wait to go on backpacking trips, have deep conversations by the campfire, go rock climbing, dance around in my hot dog costume, and make so many new memories with new friends. :)

Catherine Doyle (second from right)

Hi, my name is Catherine and this will be my first summer working at Sanborn! I am a rising senior at Trinity College (Connecticut) studying English Literature and Educational Studies with a minor in Community Action. Some fun facts about me: I am originally from Wisconsin but moved around a lot growing up, I love storytelling and hearing about people’s lives, and I spent the last semester traveling and exploring Scotland while I studied abroad in Edinburgh. I love the outdoors and the tight-knit communities it creates, so I’m super excited to be in Colorado this summer and meet everyone!

Maria Batt (right)

My name is Maria Batt, and this is my first summer at Sanborn! This fall, I will be a senior at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee where I major in Creative Writing and double minor in Dance and Entertainment Journalism. Some fun facts about me are that I LOVE to crochet, I have a pet bunny who loves to sleep on my pillow beside my head at night, and I am actually a published author! This summer, I am absolutely STOKED to meet the campers and learn all about each other as we paddle down the river in canoes and eat s’mores by the camp fire.


Kate Middleton (Top left)


My name is Kate and I am so so excited to be coming back to Sanborn for the summer.

This will be my second summer on staff after seven summers as a camper at High Trials. I worked as an AC for Gold Hut in 2019, and I am returning as a ridge leader for the same age group that I was previously a counselor for.

I was born and raised in Montana, but I am currently going into my senior year at Bates College in Maine. It is pretty sweet to get to go to school close to the ocean, after spending most of my life in landlocked states. However, I have learned that I definitely perfer the mountains because they allow my favorite activities like hiking, skiing, kayaking, and biking.

It’s been a while since I have spent time in Colorado, and I am looking forward to finding my way back to all my favorite spots, on and off camp property. Mostly, I’m looking forward to the contagious joy that fills every vacant space at camp. I can’t wait to be a part of the best community on the planet again.

Liza Roe (top middle)

Hi everyone! My name is Liza, and this is my third summer at Sanborn! I am originally from Bozeman, Montana, and will hopefully make my way back to Montana to live in the distant future. I attended Colorado College and studied education and history but just graduated! However, next year I will be going back to Colorado College to get my Master of Arts in Teaching. So, I am happy I get some more camp time before that year starts. Some fun facts (1) even though I am currently a vegetarian, I use to LOVE cheeseburgers, and one spring break when I was ten, I had a cheeseburger every single day, (2) I grew up on a farm with sheep, goats, bees, and chickens, and the goats are still my favorite, and (3) my favorite overnight that I have done at camp was Quicks Homestead . Or Quandary peak. I am so excited to see everyone at camp this summer. I think I am the most excited to continue to explore more of Colorado with new and returning campers and continue to grow alongside all of you!

Hana Hellmers (top right)

Hi! My name is Hana and I’m from Minnesota. This summer I’m the Ridge Leader for the Junior Campers. I am attending school for Special Education and Outdoor Education. I love hiking with my dog. My favorite trip and camp is hiking to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument and digging for our very own fossils at the Florissant Quarry! I’m excited to meet all the new Junior Campers this summer.

Fallon Warshauer (bottom left)

Hi! My name is Fallon Warshauer and I am a rising senior at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. I am studying elementary education and psychology, and I hope to become an elementary school teacher when I graduate next year! I am originally from Chicago, but for the past four months, I have been studying abroad in Madrid, Spain and traveling all over Europe. A few fun facts about me…I have never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I have played soccer for the past 16 years, and I won a frog in a raffle when I was 8 and he’s still alive!! I’m so excited to return to Sanborn for my second summer and spend many more days hiking, horseback riding, and tubing down the river. See you soon for another incredible summer!

Maddy Dietrich (bottom right)

Hi everyone, I’m Maddy from Winter Park, FL, and this is my second summer at Sanborn! I graduated from Princeton in 2020 and have spent the last 2-years-ish working on Covid research; this fall I’ll be starting my PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology at Columbia University! A few fun facts! I have 3 younger siblings, and we’re all almost exactly 2 years apart from each other. I love to travel - I spent the year after I graduated high school living in Dakar, Senegal, and I’ve lived for various amounts of time in Morocco, Panama, Mozambique, and the UK. I also just got a puppy – a lurcher named Jupiter! I’m so so so stoked to be returning to Sanborn this summer – reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones, hanging out on B-Bluff, and eating all the bagel sandwiches my heart desires. :)


Natalie Mongeau - Outcamp Coordinator (left)

Hello Hello! My name is Natalie Mongeau, and this will be my third summer at camp. It has been a few summers since I was last at Sanborn, but I am very excited to return as your Out Camp Coordinator! I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado with the Pikes Peak region as my backyard. I graduated from the University of Montana, Missoula with a degree in History and Wilderness Studies. I love to explore different places and have spent time working in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and Yellowstone National Park. I even spent a season working on a trail crew in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. When I am not off adventuring I love to spend time trying out new crafts, playing games with my friends, and exploring new stories. I truly believe there is a special sort of magic whenever we are playing outside. We find it in our wild laughter when climbing mountains; in the songs we sing to the sunset; in dancing under the starlight; and in the dirt that always somehow ends up in my pockets after a camping trip. High Trails has always been full of magic for me, and I simply can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Callie Donaldson - Kitchen Coordinator (top right)

Hi! My name is Callie and this will be my second summer at Sanborn. I went to Western Kentucky University (go Tops!) and studied Outdoor Recreation Administration. I have an aussie named Jack who was given up for adoption for being ‘too affectionate,’ yes he loves to cuddle! I love to play guitar and have a pink one that is also ready for its second summer at Sanborn. I’m excited to hit the trail and see campers be empowered and grow into themselves all while having a groovy good time.

Sydney Stoewer - Art Barn Coordinator (bottom right)

My name is Sydney Stoewer, and this is my second summer at High Trails! I was a counselor in Crystal Palace last year, and this year have taken on the position of the arts and crafts coordinator. I went to school at Millikin University and graduated in 2020 with my degree in Communication and Global Studies. Since graduating, I have been working seasonally in Colorado between camp and outdoor education at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. I love working with kids, teaching about the outdoors, and of course, doing arts and crafts! My specialty is in fabric arts, but love learning new crafts and art forms. I love living in new environments and have lived in many different places around the world. My favorite places I’ve lived are Ghent, Belgium and all over Costa Rica. I am so excited to make campers’ dream creations come alive in the art barn (or on the trail) this summer!


Sarah Bloom (far left)

bio coming soon

Brooke Pirkle (second from left)

Hi my name is Brooke Pirkle! I am from Georgia and this is my first time at camp. I graduated with a bachelors in psychology from the University of Arkansas, where I also played on the women’s soccer team. I just completed my certification in holistic health coaching and am currently working on my yoga certification. I love all things active and outdoors! I love animals, but my favorite are horses. I also love to spend my free time reading, painting, and listening to music. I am excited for a fun summer with all of you!

Anna Gordon (center back)

Hello Everyone! My name is Anna and this will be my second summer on staff. Summer 2019 was my first summer on staff and one of the most magical experiences. I learned just how important the outdoors is for our development and the development of our youth. I always wanted to return to Sanborn and I’m grateful I will get to experience it once again!

Taylor Indrebo (second from right)

bio coming soon

Emma Greenberg (far right)

Hi all! My name is Emma and this will be my 2nd summer as a wrangler at High trails and 9th at Sanborn. I absolutely love this place and am so excited to spend my summer traveling long miles on horseback and camping under the stars with you all. I’ve spent the past year living and working in Lexington, KY, and love to spend my time making art (I recently learned how to quilt), finding new music, and taking care of animals. Can’t wait for an incredible summer!

Jenny Peck (front left)

bio coming soon

Cyreine Adams (front right)

Hello! My name is Cyreine, please allow me to introduce myself! This will be my seventh (?) summer at camp? I’ve recent graduated from University of California Santa Cruz (Go Slugs!) and I’ve been enjoying building community in my adopted home of Santa Cruz. For the past year I’ve worked at a Bookshop and an Ice Cream store, skated along the beach and gone to Yosemite for the first time! I am so happy to be returning to Sanborn and I can’t wait to meet campers and staff!


Suzanne Moser (left)

I will be coming from South Carolina as one of your new health center nurses. I have 15 years of experience as a primary care (and urgent care) Pediatric Nurse Practitioner - having graduated from Yale University in 2004. I have worked on the volcanic hillsides of Oahu, Hawaii supervising nurses and caring for children and teenagers far from home, who were learning about the Hawaiian values of aloha (compassion), kuleana (responsibility), ha’a ha’a (humility), and malama ‘aina (care of the land) in explorations camp, as well as in the alpine setting of Southern California where kids with family members diagnosed with cancer come to form community and explore the world together challenging themselves to laugh and learn, to create and care together. When I am not in a clinic seeing kids and their families for well and sick visits, I am hiking or running with my dog, Buck in the county, state and national park lands in and around Charleston, South Carolina. I am one of 8 children and have lived and worked in the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, South America and Pacific Islands. I love a good song and can’t wait to sing heartily but more times than not, out of tune with you all!

Stephney Ayres (center)

Hello All! My name is Stephney, I’m a first time camp nurse however I have been a RN since 2003. I have been a ICU Travel Nurse for the past 4 years, overall working in Critical Care/Trauma since 2006. I’m a Florida native and love the traditional FL experiences such as fishing, surfing, cycling, and most things water related, but in recent years have found a huge piece of my heart resonates with the Midwest. I spend my winters in the deepest of snow I can find to snowboard, and have traveled for work to NV, CO, NY, and WI where I dive deep into hiking, kayaking, exploration, and anything outdoors really. I’m super excited to embark on this new journey of camp nursing; to experience kids growing and enjoying outdoor activities much in the way I personally enjoy them. I hope to be that fun and silly yet dependable camp nurse that the kids can open up to, share joys with, and also foster their independence while away from home.

Julia Gulliver (right)

Hiya! I’m Julia and I am so stoked to be joining the High Trails team this season as a nurse! I grew up in sunny San Diego, California often frequenting the foothills of the Sangre de Christo mountains in Colorado to visit family. While completing an undergraduate degree in Neurobiology from UC Davis, my love for the outdoors blossomed working as a white water rafting guide and getting into camping, climbing, and backpacking. A few years after graduating, I decided to become a nurse which brought me across the country to Boston, Massachusetts where I completed a nursing degree and certification in Wilderness First Aid. I plan to one day work as a Family Nurse Practitioner where I hope to integrate the health benefits of the outdoors into preventative healthcare! I also love ice cream, tea in the mornings, the smell of a campfire, and puppies! I’m so looking forward to meeting everyone in the great outdoors!

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Jessie Spehar
About Jessie Spehar

Jessie began her career at camp as a counselor in 2006 and returned each subsequent summer, taking on more responsibilities each year, including those of Camp Photographer and Supervisor of Canoeing and River trips. She joined the year-round team in 2013 as Marketing Director for the camps. Jessie has a B.A. in Elementary Education and an M.A. in Special Education and taught for 4 years before joining the COEC full-time staff. Stuffing M&Ms into marshmallows prior to roasting them, sitting in a canoe or her SUP board on top of the water and photographing everything are some of Jessie’s biggest joys.