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Needs Based Travel Stipends Available

We would like to ensure that the opportunity to work at camp is accessible to individuals in an equitable manner. If the cost of travel will prohibit you from being here we will work with you to provide a travel stipend in order to ensure your arrival at camp.

In addition to the salary, staff members are also eligible to receive a certification stipend based on current, nationally-recognized certifications earned OUTSIDE of previous Sanborn training environments. These stipends will be awarded upon completion of the full summer season to hired staff once we:

  • Receive a copy of the current certification(s)
  • Determine if the accrediting body is aligned with our certification requirements
  • Discuss overall need/value of certification and/or experience for camp program

Previous certifications earned at Sanborn Western Camps will not be eligible for the additional stipend.

  • LNT $50
  • Teaching Certificate $200
  • WFA $100
  • WFR $150
  • WEMT/EMT $200
  • Lifeguard $150
  • Single Pitch Instructor $150
  • CHA Riding Instructor $150
  • ACA Canoe Instructor $150
  • IMBA (MTB) Instructor $150
  • High Ropes Level 1 $150
  • High Ropes Level 2 $200

If you have other certifications you feel will be valuable to the camp program, we would be happy to discuss those with you during the interview process.

SWC/COEC does pay for some, but not all, additional trainings our program staff need to safely operate our trips and activities (specifically Lifeguarding, Wilderness First Aid, and Archery certifications). Because these certifications are nationally recognized and transferrable, if a staff member participates in one or more of these paid trainings and does not complete their full contracted season, SWC/COEC reserves the right to withhold the cost of the certification from the staff member’s final paycheck.