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Outcamp/Trip Logistics Coordinator:

Open to men and women 21 years and older –with a clear driving record to be able to drive camp vehicles. This position is residential and involves a majority of your time organizing and packing food for camp trips. The rest of your time is spent in the camp program working with children. Prior Sanborn Western Camps experience is preferred.

General Responsibilities: Ordering, organized, packing and managing the food for all camp trips; being a responsible, dedicated role model to the campers; working with and managing counseling staff as they assist you in the food packing process; providing organized, punctual and intentional leadership, creativity, direction and supervision during activities, trips and around the camp; utilizing the Sanborn mission statement as a framework for your work as a Youth Development Professional; taking ownership for your personal attitude, behavior and knowledge building; working with other staff members to provide a quality experience for all members of the camp community; and adjusting one’s personal habits to the philosophy, policies and ideals of the camp including a comprehensive understanding of and respect for our time off/alcohol policies and procedures.

Outcamp/Trip Logistics Coordinator Specific Responsibilities:

  • Helping order food needed for trips; organizing and packing food for all-day and overnight trips
  • Maintaining a clean, orderly and organized environment for food packing and trip preparation
  • Receiving a ServSafe Food Handler Certification
  • Prepping the “Outcamp” area before and after trips (putting out necessary food stuffs, equipment, picking up trash and recycling, cleaning up after trips depart/return, managing cook-kit cleaning area, etc.)
  • Assisting counselors and trip leaders during their pre-trip departure times (distributing food, helping campers pack, etc.)
  • Making necessary shopping trips to purchase specialty or bulk foodstuffs (MUST HAVE A CLEAN DRIVING RECORD)
  • Assisting and/or leading on or off camp trips, activities, programs and special events
  • Being responsible for table supervision at meals
  • Providing tent or cabin coverage for other counselors and staff as needed–occasionally requiring you to spend the night in another cabin/tent
  • Participating in evening activities (walking ridges, organizing program…)
  • Being flexible in response to current and emergency situations and to shifts in responsibilities and assignments when camp is underway

Benefits: Competitive salary ranging between $3800-$4400/season plus stipends for pertinent certifications, lodging, meals, paid sick leave, laundry, and the opportunity to influence the lives of children in the out-of-doors

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