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Kitchen Coordinator:

Open to men or women 21 years and older with kitchen and/or facilities management experience and a clean driving record. Prior Sanborn Western Camps experience is preferred.

General Responsibilities: Being a responsible role model to the campers; working with other staff members to provide a quality experience for all members of the camp community; daily punctuality; vision and organizational ability; varied communication skills; respect for and understanding of health codes; sense of humor; ability to safely lift 50 lbs; impeccable driving record; conducting oneself responsibly when not specifically assigned; utilizing the mission statement as a framework for your work as a Youth Development Professional; taking ownership for your personal attitude, behavior and knowledge building; and adjusting one’s personal habits to the philosophy, policies and ideals of the camp including a comprehensive understanding of and respect for our time off/alcohol policies and procedures.

Kitchen Coordinator Specific Responsibilities:

  • Working under the guidance of the cooks and the camp director to maintain a clean and sanitary lodge
  • Supervising counselors and assistant counselors in the kitchen
  • Receiving a ServSafe Food Handler Certification
  • Recognizing the ever-changing uses of the community facilities (lodge, performance center, science center, community building) and keeping them clean and ready for the next users
  • Being responsible for delegating cleaning tasks to others and/or personally accomplishing cleaning tasks in a prompt fashion
  • Coordinating camp Waste Removal efforts, including driving the trash truck and assisting other staff in collecting and removing trash to our central compactor
  • Working in conjunction with the Recycling Coordinator to manage and organize the recycling trailer
  • Taking pride in the overall appearance of the camp facilities, especially the dining area, kitchen, dishroom, bakery, trash and recycling areas, lodge bathrooms and office spaces
  • Ability to make Community Care Duty (kitchen duty) a fun, entertaining, rewarding and enjoyable experience through solid communication, hands-on participation, and the empowerment of all staff

Benefits: Competitive salary ranging between $3800-$4400/season plus stipends for pertinent certifications, lodging, meals, paid sick leave, laundry, and the opportunity to influence the lives of children in the out-of-doors

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