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Staff Policies

Policy Statements

Camp is a community that stands for a lot of freedom in a wholesome, outdoor environment. Campers will depend on you to show the responsible way children and young adults live and think. Your actions will help set standards for their lives — for what kind of individuals they will be. It is no small responsibility.

Non-Discrimination Policy: COEC is committed to providing equal employment opportunities. All qualified applicants and employees will be considered for employment and advancement without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other status protected by applicable law.

The following camp policy statements should be clear and easily understood. Should you find it impossible to accept these policies, we ask you not to join our staff.

  • Drugs: Possession or use of Federally illegal drugs, including marijuana, or misuse of prescription drugs is prohibited for the entirety of employment (including time off) and is justification for immediate termination of employment. Staff will be subject to random drug testing during their employment and a positive result will result in immediate termination.
  • Alcohol: Use of alcohol is prohibited on camp property or on camp trips and will result in immediate termination of employment. Possession of alcoholic beverages or returning from time-off showing the effects of alcohol is justification for immediate termination.
  • Tobacco: Camp is a non-smoking, vapping or dipping environment. This includes all areas of the camp property and while out on off-camp property trips. Any tobacco products must be stored securely in your vehicle.
  • Saftey & Security: Creating and maintaining a physically and emotionally safe environment for campers and staff is essential for a successful summer.
  • Technology at Camp: Staff use of technology (cell phones, computers, mp3 players) is limited to specific places and times delineated during staff training. Under absolutely no circumstances should cell phones be used for calling, texting, or social media in living units or in spaces where campers are present. Being “unplugged” is an essential part of the camp experience and is a top expectation of parents- for both their own child and our staff. Staff Members will collect such items from campers and are expected to limit their own use of technology.
  • Staff Relationships: Dating among staff members is possible during time-off periods. While at camp, staff members are to maintain a professional relationship with other staff members and should not let their personal relationships be evident.
  • Offensive Language: There is no place for offensive language at camp. Staff members must be vigilant about their language choices and help campers with theirs.
  • Personal Appearance: As a camp, we are judged officially and unofficially on our collective and personal appearance. Living quarters, camp facilities and persons (campers and staff) are to be kept reasonably clean and maintained in an acceptable manner.
  • Separation of Camps: Big Spring Ranch for Boys and High Trails Ranch for Girls are separate camps by design. Mature staff leadership and judgment are necessary to support each camp in this. There are coed events scheduled occasionally during the week and regularly on the weekends. Apart from these scheduled activities it is important that the camps operate on their own. Developing and maintaining a respectful relationship between the camps is the responsibility of all staff members.
  • Time-Off & Other Policies: Time-off and other staff information is available in the staff newsletters mailed prior to camp and/or in the staff manual handed out during staff training week.
  • Photo Release: I understand the camps will be photographing and videotaping the campers, staff and activities for promotional purposes during their time at camp. If I do not want the camps to use my likeness for promotional purposes, I will notify the directors in writing prior to my arrival at camp.
  • Employment: Colorado is an ‘at-will’ state and employment at Sanborn Western Camps is ‘at-will’. If, for any reason, including unsatisfactory performance of duties, employment is terminated by the camps before the stated end of the employment period, the staff member will be paid for the amount of time worked on a scale which is proportional to the entire salary.
  • Camper Communication Guidelines: This complex topic will be discussed during staff training and all staff members are expected to use proper judgment in this area after camp ends.

Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability

Camp is an exciting and dynamic place that involves elements of risk and the possibility of personal injury. A separate RISK AND LIABILITY form will be mailed to you that will require your attention and signature. Please review it carefully and return it prior to your arrival to camp.