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Open to men and women 3 years out of high school — must be 21 years and older. This position is residential and encompasses a variety of roles: wrangler, counselor, peer supervisor, trip leader, and logistics coordinator. Wranglers are members of the Senior Leadership Team.

A highly qualified Wrangler candidate will:

  • Have a high degree of self-motivation and have experience with and be comfortable leading western-style horseback rides to all ages (grade one through staff)
  • Pack pack-horses for trips of up to 5 days; teaching basic horsemanship skills on the ground and while mounted
  • Complete daily chores around the barn
  • Act as a Counselor to children ages 7-16 in the residential camp setting
  • Work with and manage riding counselors to create a safe and fun experience at the barn
  • Model healthy choices and behaviors for all campers and staff
  • Lead safe, fun and enriching trips and activities
  • Mediate conflicts in the living units and on trips
  • Represent the goals and mission of the organization
  • Act with integrity and maintain impeccable judgment
  • Assist in creating a respectful community

Specific Wrangler Responsibilities Include:

  • Assisting the Riding Program Directors with preparing the horses for camp.
  • Planning, executing and leading on or off camp trips, activities, evening and weekend programs and special events.
  • Maintaining a gentle, professional and educational tone at all times when working with both animals and people.
  • Being responsible for management of all campers and staff while they are at the stables.
  • Keeping all equipment, the stables, arena, horse pens, and all out buildings clean, organized and in good repair.
  • Cultivating clear communication between riding program and other areas of the camp program.
  • Early morning horse round-up on a rotational schedule with staff and other wrangler assistance.
  • Assisting the Ranch Manager with movement of livestock, fence repair, and other projects as they arise.
  • Taking care of basic veterinary needs of horses.
  • Being responsible for table supervision at meals.
  • Taking over duties for Ridge Leaders when they are on time-off or on trips (including evening Ridge walks).
  • Being flexible in response to current and emergency situations and to shifts in responsibilities and assignments when camp is underway.

Benefits: Competitive salary ranging between $3800-$4500/season plus stipends for pertinent certifications, lodging, meals, paid sick leave, laundry, and the opportunity to influence the lives of children in the out-of-doors

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